Myanmar Today new site design launched

Myanmar Today has just launched our new site design yesterday. Although the old site design serve our purpose as bloggin tool, it serves our site’s purpose as an information website. We have extensively redesigned our site with a new wordpress template. The following are some important changes to our site.

Myanmar Today new site design
Myanmar Today new site design
  • Improved color scheme
  • Improved menu bar with pull down menus
  • Improved Category menu bar
  • New: individual pages for places and destinations of Myanmar
  • New: Magazine style home page with Latest post at the top and previous posts in 2 and 3 column layout.
  • Improved search box
  • Improved popular articles in sidebar
  • Improved featured articles in sidebar
  • Easy navigation bar at the foot

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Improvement to Myanmar Today

Dear vistors,

We at Myanmar Today (Today in Myanmar) are alwasy trying to provide valuable information to our visitors about Myanmar. At the same time, we are constantly trying to improve user experience on our website. As a new improvement, we have changed the header area a bit. Instead of small category menu bar, we have put a new image menu for categories. The new image menu bar is a sliding menu, which means, when a user places a mouse cursor, the image will slides open. Please try it now.

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Update on foreign currency exchange rate

Myanmar kyat exchange rateWe at Myanmar Today are always striving to help our visitors fulfill their need. We realize that many of our visitors come to our website to see the current foreign currency exchange rate. For those Burmese as well as foreign visitors, it is difficult to find the current up to date exchange rate between Myanmar kyat and other foreign currencies. Start from this month, we will update not only US dollar and Thai baht but also FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificate) and Singapore dollar. The exchange read more

Weekly update of US Dollars exchange rate in Yangon

Starts from this week, we will be updating the latest US dollars exchange rate in the black market of Yangon. We will be providing our visitors with exchange rate between US dollars and Myanmar kyats as well as FEC and Myanmar Kyats. The rate will be updated weekly, unless there is a sharp fulctuation in the black market rate of US dollars. In such case, will will try to update the rate as soon as possible. You can see the current exchange rate of US dollars in the side bar of our webpage.

A New Blogger Joins Today in Myanmar

Today, we are proud to announce our new member at Today in Myanmar. The blogger Thet Naing is the new member of “Today in Myanmar”. He will be writing about atricles and stories about Myanmar, Myanmar culture, Myanmar custom, Myanmar tradition, Myanmar life, Myanmar travel informaiton and Myanmar travel advice. He will also translate some of the interesting articles from Myanmar books, journals read more