The last capital of Myanmar kings, Mandalay is always considered by Myanmar and foreigners alike as the cultural capital of Myanmar. In fact, there are more places to visit in and around Mandalay than in Yangon. Although in recent years, Mandalay saw influx of Chinese, Mandalay still retains the old ways of living to a certain extent.


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  1. My husband will be moving to Mandalay in late August for a 2 yr contract, and i hope to join him around Christmas time with our then to be 5 month old son. We will be lookiong for a 2 bedroom house and employing someone to help me out with the baby and the housework, any advice for findiong both accommodation and employees. With regards to the accommodation we would prefer to be a bit away from other expats with ideally a bit of a garden. Any advice as to location and prices?
    Anything will be greatly appreciated.
    Katie x

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