Weekly update of US Dollars exchange rate in Yangon

Starts from this week, we will be updating the latest US dollars exchange rate in the black market of Yangon. We will be providing our visitors with exchange rate between US dollars and Myanmar kyats as well as FEC and Myanmar Kyats. The rate will be updated weekly, unless there is a sharp fulctuation in the black market rate of US dollars. In such case, will will try to update the rate as soon as possible. You can see the current exchange rate of US dollars in the side bar of our webpage.

42 thoughts on “Weekly update of US Dollars exchange rate in Yangon”

  1. Thank u all for running this site ’cause it is easy for us, seamen, to know the present status of exchange rate from usd to burmese currency. I wanna know if there is any chance that the rate will be up again and if, when it may be up in this year. wishing u all out there have good luck!

  2. Dear Myanmar2day,

    I think you’re US$ exchange rate is a little lower than the current price. If you don’t mind, I would like to point out of the other site that is http://www.naungmon.co.cc/. They show daily exchange rate of US$, S$, Malay Ringgit, Gold price and other goods prices.

    Best Regards,
    Wise Guy

  3. Wise Guy,
    What is the current rate? I cannot read Burmese and your site is all in Burmese, and I only saw the official exchange rate of $1 = 6 kyats, which is not the unofficial rate. Or, if Myanmar2day can update their rate that’ll be simpler.

  4. Dear Today in Myanmar,
    I owe alot of thanks to your site. I can easily know how much the current usd rate to burmese currency as well as all other popular exchange rates too.
    Sincerely in health,

  5. It is very convienent for us , but you should update this news by daily because we need fast information about this . If you have any other website faster than this and if possible , please inform us.

  6. Hi there,
    I would like to know about the new telephone line in Yangon that start with 01 730 000 11 .
    I couldn’t ring from oversea to this number. I tried many times but couldn’t though.
    Pls let me know if someone can explan about that before i become crazy.
    Many thanks,

  7. that CDMA phone number has been changed to start with 09( area code) just like GSM. supposing you want to call from other country +95 9 730 000 11. that is it. i think it was changed on 20th feb 2011 if my guess was not wrong.

  8. Hi, unofficial exchange rate of kyat and us$ in present, I’ve noted that gradually us$ has been gone down. Although it is seemly to get the hopping for colorful future to us, but, indeed, it is not that I sincerely guess. Cos I don’t understand that why the other prices such as vehicle, electronic item and basic consumer price and so and so are still strongly holding the highest position! If said matters are price down simultaneously, how we do happy is every body know and we are really excepted that. Am I dream! please advice me. Thanks.

  9. Hi there,

    I would very much appreciate if you could forward me the time series historical data you have collected on the black market exchange rate.

    Thanking you in advance,


  10. if i buy 5000myanmar kyat,how much i get if i change to usd or rm..anyone plese tell me,i’m compius..because,i look at forex,1 kyat = 0.155 usd ( 19.9.2011 ).

    1. Forget about that Forex. It is only showing the official rate. The actual rate (used to be called black market rate, but now government calls it market rate) is around 750-800 kyats now. The government is in a plan to change official rate to be in line with the actual market rate and to float the value of Kyat in a near future, but the preparations are still on going. The Myanmar government seek assistance from International Monetary Fund for the floating of kyat.

  11. Hello:

    I am trying to find anywhere in Yangon that will give me 800 Kyet for $100 USD? Why is it so tough. I am in Yangoon and I have money that is not brand new. Its folded not brand new.

    1. Yes you are right. Most, if not all, money exchange in Myanmar will accept new or nearly new US dollar notes only. They will not also accept certain serial numbers.

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