Thalat Om Yim Thai Farmers Market in Ratchaburi

This is a travel story written by our guest writer from Thailand.

Entrance to Thalat Om Yin, Thai farmer's market
Entrance to Thalat Om Yim, Thai farmer’s market

Last Saturday, we happened to visit this largely unknown traditional farmers’ market in Ratchaburi while traveling to Suan Phueng. We were just driving from our hometown to Suan Phueng through Chom Bueng District when we saw this roadside advert of the Thalad Om Yim Thai Farmer’s Market. We were quite early so decided to drop at the market for a while. The market was not on the main road and had to drive a few kilometres off the main highway, but with the assistance of Google map, we finally arrived there without incident.

First thing we noticed is the market was just next to the Buddhist temple. It is likely the market is actually on the premise of the temple. It was built along the bank of the small lake full of lotus flowers. All the shops were built in the traditional way using only bamboo and a few woods. Roofs were made of thatched leaves. The sellers usually wear traditional Thai dress (or traditional Chinese dress in case of an elderly in the picture below).

Seller in traditional Chinese dress

Most of the shops sell traditional Thai food and Thai deserts, but there are also a few shops that sell modern snacks and drinks, Luke Coke and espresso coffee. There are also some shops that sell locally made products such as beautiful Karen dress and hats. I also saw one or two shops selling plastic children toys but these are exceptions rather than norm.

Colourful children’s shoes at Thalat Om Yim

We bought some Thai traditional food for lunch. Snacks were wrapped in banana leaves and put in paper bags. Plastic use was minimal. Our main lunch menu was Thai shrimp paste rice served with sweet pork. Our meal was wrapped in lotus leave which is the traditional way of wrapping food in the past.

Our shrimp paste rice was beautifully wrapped in lotus leave

All the shoppers were polite and shops were clean. The market was very clean and well maintained. You can also walk along the lake filled with lotus flowers and enjoy the surrounding rural scenery. There are enough tables and benches to have your meal while enjoying the scenery. The market was also famous among local people and local university students. Price is also reasonable. On our way back, we found a Thai traditional orchestra played by a group of high school students from Ratchaburi. The students can play their traditional musical instruments quite well.

Thai traditional musical troupe from Ratchaburi High SchoolsThere was also a traditional musical troupe performed by elderlies from local community of Chom Beung District. They performed every weekends, and also prepared and sell traditional foods and other items. I would encourage visitors to buy some food and merchandises from these elderlies in order to help the local community elders.

If you are visiting Suan Phueng, the market is just on the way, and I strongly recommend visiting the market. You will definitely feel a difference from usual urban life of Bangkok or other artificial markets purpose built for tourists. See the map below for the direction to the market.

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