Improvement to Myanmar Today

Dear vistors,

We at Myanmar Today (Today in Myanmar) are alwasy trying to provide valuable information to our visitors about Myanmar. At the same time, we are constantly trying to improve user experience on our website. As a new improvement, we have changed the header area a bit. Instead of small category menu bar, we have put a new image menu for categories. The new image menu bar is a sliding menu, which means, when a user places a mouse cursor, the image will slides open. Please try it now.

Hope you will like our new sliding image menu.

Myanmar Today Team

2 thoughts on “Improvement to Myanmar Today”

  1. thank for trying to get the latest news in myanmar you are candidly requested to be brought more information than this if not it is really boring to be opened and read in your website if you can obtain more than this i will grateful to be doing this……….. all this is cordially being disclosed to you . your

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