A New Blogger Joins Today in Myanmar

Today, we are proud to announce our new member at Today in Myanmar. The blogger Thet Naing is the new member of “Today in Myanmar”. He will be writing about atricles and stories about Myanmar, Myanmar culture, Myanmar custom, Myanmar tradition, Myanmar life, Myanmar travel informaiton and Myanmar travel advice. He will also translate some of the interesting articles from Myanmar books, journals and magazines into English. Please join us in welcoming our newest member Thet Naing to our Today in Myanmar group.

10 thoughts on “A New Blogger Joins Today in Myanmar”

  1. We do not open membership to Today in Myanmar yet. The reason is, the blog is open to everyone to read and make comments. However, if you are interested in becoming a contributor of the site, you are welcome. However, the articles submitted will have to be moderated before being published. The reason for this is mainly for the political reason. We are not willing to publish any article which might offend the government of Myanmar. I hope you will understand this inconvenience. If you would like to become a contributor to “Today in Myanmar”, please write Three sample articles (original ones) for review, and send to bamarlay(at)gmail.com for review. If we like your articles, you will be accepted as our contributor and your articles will be published. Thank you for your interest.

  2. I suspected that this site was a government site or a pro-junta one. Now, I have the confirmation. This website describes a postcard, not the reality in Myanmar. Burma is a beautiful country but, above all, it’s a human tragedy. This site looks like a touristic advertisement sponsored by Burmese generals. There’s no information, just propaganda.
    It would be more honest to clearly acknowledge it, unless you don’t want to deceive your readers and offend Burmese people with their painful lifes.


    1. Our Today in Myanmar blog is not a tourist advertisement blog. However, it intends to introduce foreigners the Myanmar culture, custom, tradition and life while at the same time, gives as much impartial information about Myanmar to our readers as possible. We are not proxy of Myanmar government, and we do not intend to promote Myanmar government. However, we also do not wish to offend the government in anyway, and I believe you will understand the reason for this. If you read the articles on this site, you will find a lot of impartial information about Myanmar. Anyway, thank you for your visit and your comment.

  3. Dear Bamarlay,

    you cannot talk about Burma as if it were a “normal” travel destination. Myanmar is first of all a failed state where people live in very hard conditions (and you should know very well), one of the worst dictatorships in the world.
    If you are not able or not willing to explain it between an advertisement and another, if your purpose is to hide this reality, you’re not giving your readers “impartial information”, you’re just helping government propaganda. I believe you can understand this point and hope you won’t censor the comment. It’s important the readers know what they’re reading without being deceived.

    1. If you read my articles carefully, you will see that I try to provide as much information as possible, while at the same time try to be impartial as much as possible without offending anyone. If you read the following article To All the visitors who would travel by train to Bagan, you will see that I translated an article from a local Myanmar journal about the condition of the train services in Myanmar. Myanmar Underground Lottary is another article discussing about the current problems of illegal underground lottery in Myanmar. In an article about Yaw Region, you will know how beautiful but undeveloped the Yaw region is. Articles about Chin Hills are to introduce the foreigners about this relative unknown but very beautiful region of Myanmar, which I really love. Even in Myanmar, Chin Hills is like Siberia. Although it is not easily assessable for foreigners to Chin Hills, I just want everybody to know about this beautiful place and its people. In An Interesting Travel Story from Myanmar, you will read about some of the misfortunes faced by a foreign tourist to Myanmar. Please read these articles carefully and you will realize what this blog is about. Please don’t judge somebody or something by appearance. Thank you for showing interest in our blog, and posting useful comments. I hope you will come and visit our blog again.

  4. Hi Bamarlay!
    I was researching online about Myanmar since I am travelling there soon. I heard that the best rubies are in Myanmar. Would you know where the Jewelry district is or where I could buy top quality jewelry? I am looking online; but it’s hard to tell whether these companies are reliable or not.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. You could buy jewellery at the Bogyoke Aung San Market, or at the Gem Museum in Yangon. Nowadays, top quality jewellery are difficult to find. If you buy a jewellery in Myanmar, ask for the certificate from the seller. Without the certificate, you cannot bring it out of the country.

      Most Myanmar rubies eventually find their way to Thailand. You might be able to find some rubies in Thailand but the price will be more expensive than in Burma.

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