Update on foreign currency exchange rate

Myanmar kyat exchange rateWe at Myanmar Today are always striving to help our visitors fulfill their need. We realize that many of our visitors come to our website to see the current foreign currency exchange rate. For those Burmese as well as foreign visitors, it is difficult to find the current up to date exchange rate between Myanmar kyat and other foreign currencies. Start from this month, we will update not only US dollar and Thai baht but also FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificate) and Singapore dollar. The exchange rate will be updated every 2 or 3 days. If there is large fluctuation in exchange rate, we will try to pudate it daily. Hope our Myanmar Today site will be of use to our visitors.

Myanmar Today Team

20 thoughts on “Update on foreign currency exchange rate”

    1. Kyat is not low. The value of us dollar falls, that is low and Kyat value increase. That means you get less Kyat when you change your dollars.

    1. There are many Myanmar money transfer services in Singapore and Malaysia. Many are at Peninsula Plaza in downtown Singapore. You can contact them.

    1. You will first need to change into US dollar. Most currencies are not accepted at money exchange counters in Myanmar. US dollar is the only widely accepted currency. Even euro is not universally accepted in Myanmar.

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