Memorial stones from Chin Hills

Memorial stone from Chin HillsIf you travel in Chin Hills, you will see many stone slabs erected on the side of the road. They are all written in Chin language so you won’t know what the meaning is. They are actually the memorial stones erected in the memory of the deceased. Usually, they give a brief description of the person who passed away, with achievements while they were alive. They include the awards, possessions, wives and children, animals killed, enemies killed in battles, positions held in the government service, etc. Usually, these memorials are erected by the children of the deceased. There usually is a grand feast to those who come the the stone erection ceremony. It is indeed an expensive ceremony with many cows and pigs killed to serve the guests. Although the expense is quite huge, this is considered a great honor to the deceased and the family so the family will try their best to continue this honorable tradition.

In my opinion, these memorials are the written history of Chin State and Chin people. Before the old and neglected memorials are destroyed, we should do something to protect and restore them, and record the contents of the memorials.

A point to note here is that they are not tomb stones, but the real memorials.

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