More tourists using bicycles in Bagan

Bagan in Myanmar is a major tourist destination in Myanmar. Perhaps the reason most foreign tourists come and visit Myanmar is to visit Bagan. Traditionally, Bagan is a town for horse carts. It is a very nice experience for anyone visiting Bagan to travel around in a horse cart. Each horse cart driver used to earn around 20,000 to 30,000 kyats (US$ 15 to 25) a day, quite a decent income in Myanmar. However, in recent years, these horse cart drivers see the decline of their popularity among tourists coming to Bagan. Nowadays, most tourists coming to Bagan hire a bicycle to travel around the town instead of hiring a horse cart. Most of the customers who use horse carts are now local tourists. Nowadays, these horse cart drivers find it difficult to earn even 10,000 kyats (around US$ 8). Some foreigners even brought their own bicycles to Bagan!

One foreign tourist to Bagan said using bicycle is cheaper and also faster. Bicycle is more useful for me. It is faster compared to horse cart which is quite slow. Bicycle can also provide an exercise. I think it is the reason more and more tourists use bicycles.”

Source: Popular Myanmar Journal

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