15 H1N1 in Myanmar

Myanmar ministry of health, on 7 August, announced the fifteenth A/H1N1 novel influenza patient in Myanmar, according to a news report from RFA (Radio Free Asia).

According to Dr. Saw Lwin, Deputy Director of Myanmar ministry of health, the 15th H1N1 influenza victim was a three year old child who got influenza from his cousin, who was coming back from Singapore on 1st August. This is the first reported case of local spread of H1N1 in Myanmar.

According to Dr. Saw Lwin, ten of the 15 patients were read more

9 H1N1 in Myanmar

Myanmar health officials have confirmed the country’s ninth H1N1 patient. The last two H1N1 infected patients were coming back from abroad. One is coming back from India while the other is coming back from Malaysia. All of the H1N1 patients are doing well. Three H1N1 patients had already discharged from the hospital while six are still in the hospital. The close contacts of the patients are closely monitored. There is currently no news or announcement of community spread of H1N1 in Myanmar read more

Two more H1N1 in Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) Ministry of public health has announced that there are two more confirmed cases of H1N1 influenza in Myanmar, raising the total H1N1 infection in Myanmar to six. The two new patients are 42 year old man and his three year old daughter coming back from Australia on 16 July by Thai Airway. According to doctor Win Myint, Director General of Department of Health, all patients are doing well, and the previous four confirmed patients had been discharged from the hospital.

“All or read more

4 H1N1 in Myanmar

Myanmar official media has announced that there are now four H1N1 infected patients in Myanmar. The official media announcement stressed that all of them are coming back from abroad.

A 22 year old woman who came back from on July 12 from abroad by Thai Airways TG 305 was the latest patient to be confirmed H1N1 infected. She was referred to Infectious Disease Hospital in Waibargi (North of Yangon). All her family members are observed at her home.

In addition to the above information, the news paper read more

Latest H1N1 influenza news from Myanmar (Burma)

The first H1N1 influenza infected patient, a 13 year old girl, is recovering and is going to be discharged from the hospital within a few days, according to a report from RFA (Radio Free Asia).

In an interview with Dr. Win Mying, Director General of the Department of Health of Myanmar, he said other 30 contacts who are under isolation and surveillance were also discharged on 6 July.

“The patient is getting better. Temperature is also normal. We are just waiting for the treatment to be complete. read more

News: Face mask price rocketing in Yangon

After the announcement of the country’s first H1N1 influenza by the state media on Sunday, face mask price in Yangon suddenly increases dramatically. According to one of my friends who wrote “Face mask price skyrocketing in Yangon and even shortage. You will not find it easily as almost all clinics, hospitals and drug stors are out of stocks.

This is usual as public became suddenly panic. However, there is no need for panic as H1N1 is a mild influenza and there is no evidence read more

First H1N1 influenza in Myanmar

Myanmar’s State media announced the country’s first swine flu case on 28 June 2009. The patient is a 13 year old school girl who came back from Singapore after a short visit. She arrived without showing signs and symptoms of influenza.

Her private tutorial teacher noticed she was not well, and sent her to hospital on Friday. She was treated as a suspect case of H1N1 and put in the isolation ward at Rangoon General Hospital. Later, the National Lab of Myanmar confirmed she had H1N1.

“The Ministry read more