News: Face mask price rocketing in Yangon

After the announcement of the country’s first H1N1 influenza by the state media on Sunday, face mask price in Yangon suddenly increases dramatically. According to one of my friends who wrote “Face mask price skyrocketing in Yangon and even shortage. You will not find it easily as almost all clinics, hospitals and drug stors are out of stocks.

This is usual as public became suddenly panic. However, there is no need for panic as H1N1 is a mild influenza and there is no evidence to suggest normal face mask use prevent an individual from contracting the H1N1 influenza.

1 thought on “News: Face mask price rocketing in Yangon”

  1. Currently, face mask prices in Yangon (Rangoon) are as high as 500 kyats per piece! That is very expensive for a country where many people are poor and earn very little money. Most poor people cannot afford one to protect themselves from h1n1 influenza. And in some pharmacy, face masks already run out.

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