Latest H1N1 influenza news from Myanmar (Burma)

The first H1N1 influenza infected patient, a 13 year old girl, is recovering and is going to be discharged from the hospital within a few days, according to a report from RFA (Radio Free Asia).

In an interview with Dr. Win Mying, Director General of the Department of Health of Myanmar, he said other 30 contacts who are under isolation and surveillance were also discharged on 6 July.

“The patient is getting better. Temperature is also normal. We are just waiting for the treatment to be complete. All her contacts were also discharged from the hospital”, Dr. Win Myint told RFA.

The first H1N1 patient was a 13 year old girl, coming back from a visit from Singapore. Myanmar health authorities have started the surveillance on H1N1 to 170,000 individuals at airports and border check points, but only one confirmed case reported. 34 close contacts, including a reporter who tried to take her photo, were under surveillance and all of them were discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Meanwhile, people in Yangon are wearing face masks to prevent them from H1N1 influenza, resulting in dramatic rise in the price of face masks with shortage in some drug stores. Rumours of more H1N1 cases are also spreading in the streets of Yangon but there is no other official confirmation of new H1N1 cases.

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