Myanmar’s second H1N1 Influenza

Myanmar official news television announced on 9 July of the country’s second confirmed H1N1 influenza patient. The patient is a 20 year old man, arriving from Thailand on 6 July. He did not have any signs or symptoms on the day of his arrival to Yangon International Airport. On 7 July, he became seriously ill and was admitted and sent to Wai Bar Gi Infectious Disease Hospital in North Okkalapa, in Yangon. He was later diagnosed as H1N1. The official media announced that his condition is improving.

In another news, the 13 year old girl, Myanmar’s first H1N1 flu patient, was discharged from hospital. None of her contacts and family members show any sign of influenza.

In Yangon, people are wearing face masks to protect themselves from H1N1 influenza. The price of face masks in Yangon had suddenly gone up in recent days, with shortages in some pharmacies.

Pig death in Yangon

In another news, nine pigs were found dead within hours in North Okkalapa Township in Yangon (Rangoon). Out of 23 pigs in a pig farm, nine pigs were found dead. Investigation by the livestock department found that the cause of death is not related to H1N1 influenza virus. Instead, they were died of food poison after feeding with littered rotten food.

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