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Maymyo (Pyinoolwin) has a number of restaurants and cafes that cater for both locals and tourists alike. Recently, there are a few restaurants and cafes that aim at tourists. Most restaurants, however, are not expensive. They serve Chinese, Burmese, Indian, European and Shan food. In addition to these restaurants, there are a number of road side stalls that open early in the morning or in the evening. They sell cheap but delicious local food. Teashops are a popular choice of breakfast for locals and a good choice for the tourists as well. They are also meeting places for locals so teashops provide ideal places for tourists to meet and see the local way of life.

Café and Snack Bars

Golden Triangle Café and Bakery

This is not a normal café that you see in the streets of Myanmar (Burma). Friendly, cozy and comfortable, this high end café and confectionery serve good quality bread, pizza, hamburger, snacks, cold drinks and excellent locally grown, roasted and brewed coffee. You can also buy back home this famous local brand of coffee here – Café Fino and Misty Mountain coffee. Phone 085-24288.

Day and night cafe

This small café, situated on Zewa Road, is a clean and friendly café that serves nice tea, café and snacks as well as nice hamburger. Phone – 085-21945.

Vanilla Ice Cream

This little ice cream shop can be found Mandalay Lashio Road, near Sham Sweet. A good selection of ice cream and snacks available.

Hi café

On Mandalay Lashio Road. Serves tea, coffee, drinks and snacks.


San Francisco Restaurant

Situated on 91 B Club Road, this restaurant serves a nice selection of Shan and Chinese cuisine. Phone 085-21534.

Club Terrace Food Lounge

This recently opened restaurant is a smartest place to eat in Maymyo (Pyinoolwin). Open in a newly renovated colonial bungalow, the restaurant serves a good selection of Chinese and European food. See the “Today Special” section of the menu for the best food. If in doubt, ask for the recommended menu from the waiters. Address is at 25 Club Road, Maymyo.

Lay Ngoon

This Chinese restaurant serves a good selection of Chinese cuisine at an affordable price. The restaurant is situated on Mandalay Lashio Road, at the end of the Station Road.

Aung Padamyar Restaurant

This Indian restaurant serves a delicious southern Indian cuisine at an affordable price. Ask for chicken or mutton curry here, which is popular among travelers. The address is at No. 44 Zay Thit Road, near the Shan Market, 28th Block, Thumingalar Quarter.

Hlaing Café

This café serves not only tea and coffee but also authentic and delicious Nepali cuisine. Hlaing café is located on the Gurkha Road.

If you want to try local Shan food, the best place is the Maymyo Market. There are a number of stalls that serve Shan cuisine and Shan noodle. If in doubt, ask for advice from your hotel or guest house. They will advice you for the best place to eat.


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for these wonderful travel info pages on Travel around Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle etc. It’s a great source of information since we’ll be travelling there very shortly. Eating places information is also very good but can I please request if you can also provide information on if any of the places are Halal (Muslims meals) or if there are any Halal places. It is very easy to find Halal food places in other Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand etc. but I’m finding it very difficult to find any Halal food places in Burma at all (been searching everywhere on the internet with no avail). We’ll be travelling to Burma very shortly so if you can get some information for us especially in Mandalay, Maymyo, Bagan, and Nyaung Shwe, it would be great.

    Thank you.

    1. Halal food in Myanmar can be found in most cities and towns in Myanmar. There are Muslims in most towns in Myanmar. However, the halal or Muslim restaurants or food stalls, with the exception of some high end Muslim restaurants in tourist spots, in Myanmar usually do not put the Arabic Halal sign in front of their shops. Instead, they put the sign “786” (in Burmese) in front of their shops. It is a universally accepted sign in Myanmar to tell the customers that this is a Muslim shop. Usually, you can easily find Muslim food stalls around the mosques.

  2. I’m going for short ho;idays on hari raya next month.will be staying at grand park royal hotel.would like to know the halal restaurant or near by the hotel.

    1. There are a few (around 2 of 3) restaurants along Rangoon river. The price also is not expensive as they cater for the local population. All of them are in downtown Yangon.

  3. There are some restaurants along the Yangon river. But none of them is specialty sea food restaurants. One famous restaurant is Shwe Be at Nan Thida port, Pan So Dan. But it’s decoration is just so so.
    I would recommend Tstwe Lon Hin Restaurant in the compound of Kyaw Karaoke, Shwe Gone Dine.

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