Supermarkets in Yangon

If you are coming from neighboring countries of Myanmar, like Thailand, you would be really disappointed with the available supermarkets in Yangon (Rangoon). There are very few supermarkets in Yangon, compared to other Asian capitals. Moreover, most of these supermarkets in Myanmar quite small, and the available items are also very much limited.

The largest supermarket chain in Yangon and in Myanmar is the City Mart Supermarkets. It has more than ten centers in Yangon, including the larger Ocean Supermarkets. Apart from Yangon, there is only one City Mart Supermarket in Mandalay, and another newly opened one in Pyinmanar (Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar).

You would be able to find a fairly good collection of imported and local products – food, drinks, dairy products, toiletries, cosmetics, liquor and wine in these supermarkets. Indeed, the range of items available at City Mart Supermarket is much more than at any other supermarket in Myanmar. The staffs at City Mart are also friendly and helpful. Open together with almost all City Mart Supermarkets is the Season’s Bakery which sells tasty bread and bakery at an affordable price. In addition, City Mart has the largest collection of wine and liquor in Myanmar.

Apart from City Mart Supermarkets, there are very few supermarkets in Yangon. Super One is a hybrid of Supermarket and Department Store. It has more variety of local products than at City Mart, but the choice of imported products is very much limited. Brand and quality of imported products are also not as good as in City Mart. However, if you are looking for a quality Myanmar product, this is a good place for you.

Asia Light used to be quite famous among Yangon residents in the past. However, its popularity has declined steadily in recent years. I used to shop here 10 years ago, but haven’t set foot in this supermarket for quite a long time.

There are a number of smaller store chains in Yangon but most of them are limited in the range of products they sell. Most of these also sell mainly cheap Chinese products. One such convenient store was Sein Gay Har Stores.

Here is the website link for City Mart Supermarket. According to their website, you can buy things online (I don’t know how you can pay for your purchase in a country where you cannot use credit or debit card), and they will deliver your purchase free of charge if you buy more than 100,000 kyats (within Yangon area).

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    1. It depends on how many items you want to import. If it is a big amount, you might need to contact one of the import/export companies in Myanmar (Burma). Please remember, import license in Myanmar are tightly controlled by the government, and only a few companies can get hold of the license. This is especially true if the item in question is the profitable one.

    1. Vision, Mission of City Mart Holding Co.,Ltd
      Our Vision : To be the benchmark of Excellence in the supply chain delivery.
      Our Mission: To be the leading retail market chain in Myanamar with the highest market share in each retail format.To pioneer breakthrough concepts in retailing relevant to Myanmar.

  1. Not like business entities in other country, those in Myanmar are less transparent…we cannot see much information of organizational structures and history of them on CityMart’s website

  2. Can I have city Mart supermarket email address also?
    I intend to ask their intention to import foodstuffs, packaing material from Malaysia. Thanks

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  4. Actually a visit to the office of supermarket would yield answers for all your questions, they are a friendly and professional bunch.

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  5. Dear Moe;

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  6. Pls contact to City Mart Holding incorporated in Singapore for your purpose of contact.
    I don’t HV their contact info at my hand but you can Google.


  7. Pls contact to City Mart Holding incorporated in Singapore for your purpose of contact.
    I don’t have their contact info at my hand but you can Google.


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  9. I find this article very misleading. While City Mart has many supermarket chains across the city, Sein Gay Har is NOT, I repeat, NOT, a convenient store. In fact, Sein Gay Har is one of the few major department stores in Yangon, alongside Gamone Pwint or Capital Hypermarket. Asia Light and Super One are less of a competition for City Mart than Sein Gay Har or Gamone Pwint would be.

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