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Maymyo accommodation

Maymyo (Pyinoolwin) has a number of cheap budget hotels as well as mid range to high end hotels. Usually, all hotels inside the town are budget hotels while those higher end hotels are usually found in the residential areas around the ring road. Some of the hotels in Maymyo, especially government run hotels have long standing history running back to British colonial time. Hotel staffs are usually very friendly and helpful; typical of hotels in Myanmar. They can usually speak English and will provide you information about your travel.

Government hotels – A taste of Burma’s past

There are three government run hotels in Maymyo (Pyinoolwin). They are large and grand old colonial era hotels. Many foreign tourists avoid these hotels because of government affiliate.

Nan Myaing Hotel (Craddock Court)

Nan Myaing Hotel Maymyo (Pyinoolwin)

This hotel is the old colonial era hotel, situated in the south west of the town, near the Mandalay-Maymyo-Lashio Road. Situated on a ground of 15 acres, this hotel was a colonial rest house during British occupation of Burma. This hotel is reputed (among locals) to be haunted by a ghost (although no complaint of any kind from foreign visitors). Contact phone is 085-22117, 22118. Room rate starts from US$ 40 per night.

Thiri Myaing Hotel (Candacraig Hotel)

Candacraig Hotel Maymyo Pyinoolwin

Photo courtesy of Bobolansin.

This old colonial era hotel is situated in the east of the south east of the town. This hotel was immortalized in Paul Theroux’s The Great Railway Bazaar, which makes a stop here. Situated on a 7 acres ground, Candacraig was built in 1904 as a recreation facility for Bombay Burma logging company. Contact phone number is 085-22047.

The following is an excerpt from one of the visitors who lived here for a few nights.

Excellent. Pleasant Service. They do a great Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, as they have for nearly a century.

Originally built as Bachelor’s quarters for an English logging company in the 1920s it has survived the years as a government owned hotel. The charm of an English Manor is immediate, from the expansive yard to the curved carriageway to the Edwardian teakwood grand staircase. Utter relaxation for under $40/night. This is the sort of Bread & Breakfast experience that would cost you $150 a night anywhere else. You won’t have all the toadying 5 star services, but the legendary Candacraig is all the better for that.

Take one of Maymyo’s pony-drawn carriages for dinner. If you are not staying there, they will be happy to serve up a fantastic meal, provided you put in your order in the afternoon.

In short, another unspoilt example of English colonial architecture in Asia. Hurry, before the dictatorship ends and the property is purchased and ruined.”

Gandamar Myaing Hotel (Croxton Hotel)

This is another colonial era hotel located in the south of the town, near the Kandawgyi Lake. Built in 1903, the Croxton was used as a guest house for the staff of the Bombay Burma Trading Company in British era. Price starts at US$ 35 per night. Contact phone is 085-22007.

Editor’s Note: Many of the above information has been obtained from our reference book Lonely Planet Guide to Myanmar (Burma). This is a very good guide book on Myanmar, and essential book that you must bring on your trip to Myanmar. The book can be obtained from Amazon store.

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