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We at Myanmar Today run a small poll a few months ago to our visitors asking about their idea of travelling or visiting to Myanmar (Burma). Under all those bad news coverage about Myanmar, and call for travel ban to Myanmar, we would like to know the idea of our visitors about this issue. Therefore, we run a small poll whether they have ever visited Myanmar in the past and whther they plan to visit Myanmar. The poll was conducted over two months period. A total of 132 visitors cast their vote. We would like to say thank you to all those who have voted in our poll. The following is the result of our poll.

[poll id=”2″]

42 percent of the voters said they have already visited at least once to Myanmar. 31 percent of the voters said they plan to visit Myanmar in a near future while another 14 percent visited showed interest in visiting Myanmar but don’t have any immediate plan to do so. 11 percent showed no interest in visiting Myanmar while a minority 2 percent have visited Myanmar in the past but don’t have any intention to visit the country again.

This poll sheds light into the opinion of our visitors about visiting a country with a bad image in the international media. This poll is not complete and it might be biased as most of our visitors may be those who are planning to visit Myanmar or have an interest in Myanmar. Many of those who said they have visited more than once might be the former or current Myanmar citizens. Anyway, we believe this show the percentage of our visitors who are interested in visiting Myanmar.

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  1. If you don’t currently hv concern of H1N1 and you are not a politically motivated person, hv a visit to Myanmar. Myanmar is safe for tourists. Ah..forget one thing… if you can bear inconveniences of transport, power shortage, internet, etc…….. …………. ……… ……… ………. ………

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