Pork on Stick (Wet-thar-dote-htoe)

Wet Thar Dote Htoe (Roasted Pork Intestine)This is a favorite Burmese food. Originally from Chinese community in Myanmar, it has become a popular food in cities. Called “Wet-Thar-Dote-Htoe”, it literally means “Pork on Stick”. Various parts of the pig are cooked with soy-bean sauce and seasoning. The parts include carious internal organs like intestine, liver, kidney, spleen, heart, lungs, tongue as well as meat, skin and cartilage. They are then cut into small pieces, and put on tiny bamboo sticks and served. The vendor usually sells on the road side, with all the food served on a large metal pan with charcoal stove underneath. Customers sit around the pan and eat the food dipped in sauce. The meat is really delicious. If you want to try one, just walk in the streets of downtown Yangon. There are many shops there.

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