Myanmar Breakfast

Breakfast for many people in Myanmar is fried rice. Usually it is a mixture of cooked rice and other leftovers from the evening before. One or two egg is often stirred into the fried rice. Sometimes, some slices of fried Chinese pork sausage is added to it. Most usually, a kind of steamed beans sold by vendors in the early morning is added. This makes a cheap but tasty and nutritious breakfast for most families.

Another popular breakfast for Myanmar people is mohinga (monhinga). This is a peppery fish broth eaten with rice vermicelli. This is eaten steaming hot. Vegetable fritters, slices of fish cake or hardboiled egg are usually added to give extra nutrition. This is further enhanced with the addition of chopped coriander leaves, morsels of crispy fried garlic, fish sauce, a squeeze of lime and chili. This is the most popular dish for Myanmar people, not only for breakfast but also for the whole day.

Usually, Myanmar people prepare their breakfast themselves at home. However, last few years saw more and more people from towns and cities across the country choosing to have their breakfast outside. They usually have their breakfast at one of the vendors selling various kinds of food. Many people have their breakfast at one of many tea shops in the streets of every town and city. For most Myanmar people, breakfast without a cup of tea is not considered complete. However significant these changes may be, fried rice and mohinga remains all time most favorite dishes for the first meal of the day for Myanmar people.

Photo courtesy by A Whip of Lemongrass and Real Thai.

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