Mindat – A Beautiful Town in Southern Chin Land

If you ever want to visit Chin Hills, Mindat is the most convenient and easiest to reach town in Chin Hills. Situated in Southern part of Chin Hills, Mindat is a small but peaceful, beautiful and tranquil town. With a total population of nearly 10,000 people, it is considered a sizable town in Chin Hills. The town is built along the top of a mountain range that runs east and west. So practically, Mindat is a long line of houses built along the main road with some small side roads fanning out here and there.

Situated at 4,860 feet above the sea level, it is cool in summer and very cold in winter. And a lot of rain falls during the rainy season. The best season to visit Mindat is during summer where the weather is cool but not cold, and the roads are dry.

As soon as you reach Mindat, you will notice immediately how beautiful the town is. Tall pine trees line the approaching road while distant mountains shadows the town. It is a scenery that will definitely impress the first time visitors. Then you see the small, beautiful wooden houses with scenic backdrop along the main road. Curious faces of locals will pop through the windows of these houses while the smiling faces of their children will follow you. Welcome to Mindat.

You can see many aspect of Chin life in Mindat. Local people still wear Chin dress and carry Chin buskets and knives while some men carry locally made shot guns on the streets of Mindat. Many women dress beautiful Chin necklaces while some old women still wear enormous Chin traditional earrings. Many people carry woods or rice in Chin head baskets, the one that they carry with a string hung over their head. If you are lucky, you can even observe a Chin wedding or funeral rite. You can also observe the way they make famous Chin Khaung (Chin Beer).

Walk around the town along the small dart roads the run around the road. There are many Chin traditional huts that were built of pine wood and roofed with thatch. See the way real Chin village people live and work over the harsh terrains of Chin land.

If you are a Buddhist, go and visit the Taung Pu Lu (Taungpulu) Buddhist monastery in Mindat. The head abbot is the famous Ashin Pyinnyar Thiri. You can make donation for the monastic school for the local poor children opened at the monastery and operated by the abbot. These children really need your help.

If your guide can arrange for you to stay in a Chin village for a night, ask him. If he cannot, you can still take a walk to a near by village. One thing to be careful is that this area is a malaria area so take a malaria precaution and prophylaxis.

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14 thoughts on “Mindat – A Beautiful Town in Southern Chin Land”

  1. The scenery in Mindat is spectacular..I remember someone in our group could not reach the toilets a minute after drinking millet beer… he realised he has purged while looking for a place to defecate….Foreigners! better watch out for toilets before drinking this millet beer.

    Other interesting things about Chin state is facial tatoos of middle and old aged women and Mithuns’ heads hanging infront of houses…Everything there is unforgettable…Oh also the bumpy road from Bagan to Mindat…Great for digestion…

    1. Toilet is always a problem for visitors to Myanmar. There are very few public toilets in Yangon and outside Yangon, public toilets are non-existence. Public toilets in Yangon are mostly extremely dirty even for the local people. Only in handful of shopping centers you can find toilets that is usable. If you are traveling in Myanmar, be very careful of what you eat and what you drink. If you have diarrhea while traveling in Myanmar, you are in big trouble.

    1. Yes , mindat people also dn’t know u wunmathu maung street, but they can guide u , mindat have four main quaters
      athaphan-east par myoopy,anaut-west part, sanpya ,bawathit, and two main road only, sub roads,lanes are no name

  2. did u wammathu maung street include of mindat town?? may somebdy explain to me how u wammathu maung street have?i meant,that place is a small town or a village..what kind of language used by there..what kind of populatin there..can u describe to me clearly??

  3. if u wammathu maung street is exist,why i can’t found that place in my computer,,,??
    i only can found bawathit,mindat,chin state only..but there no explanation about u wammathu maung street…my web say cant fond that place..

  4. Is this the best place you find in Mindat?

    Why do you do like this? Even Myanmar actor….. who the hell is that… oops! Lwin Moe,,,did the same thing..

    I strongly suggest you guy to find more beautiful houses, views in Mindat.

  5. I am Mindat tha and I know about mindat even a few things. It is very beautiful town and peaceful a small town but it was a great for me because it is my place and it’s my home . I’m stil missing and remembering about when i was from young to now, yes it was cool (great) even i was crazy. The one thing i can tell you to my friend’s and my brothers and sister’s now is I won’t be forget Mindat and i will be get there sooner or later because now we all knowed who are the real chin people or we are Kcho . But just let us keep what we have stories or keep loving each other and thouching for we are how beautiful place or what lovely town to Mindat.

    Hman Thang Om.

  6. I’m Mindat thar too! But I haven’t been there for a long time but I still missing my home town Mindat! It’s my heart, my life and everything of my life. I’m glad to meet you guys here! Let’s stand together wherever we are, let’s work hard for ourselves, for our Kcho people!

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