Myanmar tourist arrival drop in 2008

According to the official figure from Myanmar Hotel and Tourism Ministry, the arrival of foreign tourists to Myanmar drop by 25 percent compared to 2007. The foreign tourist arrival to Myanmar in 2007 was 248,076 while the arrival in 2008 was only 193,319, down by about 50,000 visitors.

“Major port of arrival to Myanmar is through Yangon Airport. During and after the Cyclone Nargis, the airport had to be closed down. Recently, the Suwannabumi Airport in Bangkok was also closed due to demonstrations read more

Consultation fee hike causing dismay among the patients

In recent months, some of the consultants and specialists in Myanmar increase their consultation fees in the private hospitals in Myanmar. This causes some dismay among their patients who find it more and more difficult to find money to pay for the increasing health care cost.

Last year, in tandem with the increase in general consumer prices, consultation fees of doctors, consultants and specialist also increased. Although some of the prices of commodities and food already fall down a little, the read more

Myanmar Central Bank warns financial institutions of fake kyat notes

In a secretly circulated document, Myanmar’s Central Bank in Naypyitaw has acknowledged that fake 500 kyat currency notes were circulating in the market and it has sent an eight-point guideline to all financial institutes to check for fake notes.

The document, a copy of which is in Mizzima’ possession, said a study in the wake of the seizure of fake 500 kyat notes in Nam Hkam township in Northern Shan State in November 2008 reveals that the fake notes are waxed and it is extra-smooth to the read more

Chin National Day 2009

Chin National Day 2009 will be held on 20th of February 2009 at U Wummathumaung Stadium in Hakha. As in previous years, there will be Chin traditional dances of various Chin ethnic races living in Chin Hills State, Chin traditional costume show, Chin traditional wrestling and other Chin traditional ceremonies. Visitors should prepare their trip in advanced and book the room at the only guest house in Hakha, the Zwe Guest House in advanced as rooms are very limited. Unfortunately, foreign tourists read more

Shwedagon donation box rumour

The following is the translation from the blog by Ma Ma written in Burmese. The original article can be found at On Shwedagon.

“…… I was quite inquisitive about everything. One day while I was going to Shwedagon as usual, I happened to know about the donation boxes in Shwedagon Pagoda. I was at Chanthargyi Shrine when I saw a young short thin guy  carrying the locked donation boxes every night at around 9 PM. He carried all the donation boxes on Shwedagon, not a single night, read more

Good time for Myanmar astrologers

While the economy is in turmoil, Myanmar astrologers and astrological book publishers are finding it a good time for their business, according to the Democratic Voice of Burma.

While rice exports are not earning good price, while sea food industry is in big trouble, while business are finding it difficult to maintain their business activity, more and more people are resorting to the traditional Myanmar way of belief – Myanmar astrology!

According to a Myanmar astrologer Zinyawni, more customers read more

Democratic Voice of Burma: Shan leader to contest 2010 election

Shan State leader Shwe Ohn has said he will stand for election in 2010, despite his opposition to the State Peace and Development Council’s national convention and 2008 Myanmar constitution.

Shwe Ohn, 87, said he had written to the chair of the State Peace and Development Council, the Internal Affairs Ministry and the Electoral Commission on 26 January to register his party, the Union Democracy League, for the 2010 election.

“It’s a bit new for people who have only just heard about the formation read more