Yangon Winter coldest in 30 years

According to the report from the Government Meteorology Department, the temperature of Rangoon (Yangon) during this winter is coldest in 30 years. The average temperature of Yangon is 18 degree Celsius during the winter months. However, this year, the temperature dropped to 11.8 degree Celsius on 14 January and 12.2 degree Celsius on 15 January. According to the Meteorology department, the cause of this unusual drop in temperature is due to stronger North wind from China. The temperature of Yangon is expected to be below average until the end of January, and there might be strong winds in the coastal regions of Myanmar. Other regions in Myanmar also experience below average temperature during January: 5 degrees below average in Thaninthari region, 3 degree below average in Shan State, and 2 degree below average in Chin, Mon and Sagaing regions. Other temperatures of note were 1 degree in Loilin (Shan State), 2 degree in Hakha (Chin State), 3 degree in Pinglaung (Shan State) and 4 degree in Mogoke (Mandalay) on 15 January 2009.

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