Myanmar Thingyan 2010

Celebrating Myanmar Thingyan
Celebrating Myanmar Thingyan

People all over Myanmar (Burma) will be celebrating New Year Thingyan water festival next week. The traditional Myanmar Thingyan water festival is a similar event to a much well known Thai Songkran. However, it is more widely and fiercely participated by all class of Myanmar (Burmese) society all over the country. This year’s 2010 Myanmar New Year Thingyan water festival will take place from 14 April to 16 April all over the country. Myanmar (Burmese) people all over the world will also read more

New Myanmar kyat note

New Myanmar 5000 kyat
New Myanmar 5000 Kyat
Myanmar kyat notes
Myanmar kyat notes

Myanmar (Burmese) state media on September 24 announced the distribution of new currency notes from the central bank of Myanmar. The new notes are in 5000 kyat denomination, and will be started distribution on first October. The new note will be the same size as other notes currently in use in Myanmar. Currently, the largest currency note in Myanmar is 1000 kyat, which is approximately US$ 0.90. Rumors of new 5000 kyat notes had been circulating in Myanmar since 2006. Due to massive inflation read more

Myanmar Today News brief

Myanmar State television reported that 7,114 convicted prisoners across the country will be released from prison. However, it was not clear how many of then will be political prisoners. The amnesty was granted for good behaviour and humanitarian ground. The amnesty comes just ahead of the opening of this year’s U.N. General Assembly session, which will be attended by Prime Minister Gen. Thein Sein, the highest-ranking government leader in recent years to participate.

In another breaking news, read more

Improvement to Myanmar Today

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We at Myanmar Today (Today in Myanmar) are alwasy trying to provide valuable information to our visitors about Myanmar. At the same time, we are constantly trying to improve user experience on our website. As a new improvement, we have changed the header area a bit. Instead of small category menu bar, we have put a new image menu for categories. The new image menu bar is a sliding menu, which means, when a user places a mouse cursor, the image will slides open. Please try it now.

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Myanmar earthquake

An earthquake of 7.6 Richter scale struck in the Indian Ocean early this morning, prompting US Government to issue Tsunami warning for the region. An earth quake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale was reported by the USGS today. The earthquake struck near Andaman Island, in Indian Ocean, at 19:55:39 GMT (1:55:39 local time), 260 km (190 miles) north of Andaman Island and 365 km (225 miles) south of Bassein (Pathein) in Myanmar.

Tsunami warning

The earthquake prompted US government to issue Tsunami watch for the read more

15 H1N1 in Myanmar

Myanmar ministry of health, on 7 August, announced the fifteenth A/H1N1 novel influenza patient in Myanmar, according to a news report from RFA (Radio Free Asia).

According to Dr. Saw Lwin, Deputy Director of Myanmar ministry of health, the 15th H1N1 influenza victim was a three year old child who got influenza from his cousin, who was coming back from Singapore on 1st August. This is the first reported case of local spread of H1N1 in Myanmar.

According to Dr. Saw Lwin, ten of the 15 patients were read more

Update on Myanmar arrival visa

The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism has informed the travel and tour companies in Myanmar of the new regulations concerning Myanmar visa on arrival. Those tour and travel companies taking care of the Myanmar arrival visa were instructed to report to the Ministry of hotel and tourism as well as Ministry of immigration. The announcement, dated July 30, from the Ministry of hotel and tourism stated that tour companies must inform the two ministries at least six days in advanced before the arrival of read more