Myanmar Restaurant in Bangkok

There is one Myanmar restaurant near Bumrungrad International Hospital near Sukumvit Soi 1. The restaurant does not have a special name – simply called “Myanmar Cuisine”, and serve authentic and delicious Myanmar food to customers. Each set meal consists of one serving of rice and one dish and cost around

Muslim (Islamic) Halal food in Myanmar

One of our visitors to our site asked whether it is easy to find a Muslim Halal food stall or restaurant in Myanmar. Although Myanmar is not a Muslim majority country, it is a multi cultural, multi religious country. Thus it is fairly easy, especially in large cities and towns, to find a Muslim Halal restaurant or food stall that caters not only the Muslim population, but also caters for the local non-Muslim population. Actually, contrary to outsiders’ believe, Muslim food is quite popular read more

Maymyo eating – restaurant and cafes

Maymyo (Pyinoolwin) has a number of restaurants and cafes that cater for both locals and tourists alike. Recently, there are a few restaurants and cafes that aim at tourists. Most restaurants, however, are not expensive. They serve Chinese, Burmese, Indian, European and Shan food. In addition to these restaurants, there are a number of road side stalls that open early in the morning or in the evening. They sell cheap but delicious local food. Teashops are a popular choice of breakfast for locals read more

Mandalay – Indian Restaurants

Mandalay has a number of good Indian restaurants which sell delicious chapati, puri, dhals, roti, chicken curry, mutton curry, potato curry and various vegetable curries. Most of these Indian restaurants are clusttered around 27th Street, between 80th and 81st streets. Most Indian restaurants that sell delicious but cheap Indian food are either open air restaurants or opened in old buildings. But don’t judge the quality of the food by the appearance of the restaurant. They sell very nice read more

Restaurants in Mandalay – Burmese and Shan

Mandalay is well known for the variety and good quality of food in Myanmar. A number of good restaurants that sell nice dishes can be found in Mandalay at a cheaper price than in Yangon. Mandalay is especially well known for Burmese, Shan and Chinese food, as there are many Shan and Chinese people in Mandalay. The following is a list of well known restaurants in Mandalay that serve good food at a reasonable price.

Burmese Food

Aye Myit Tar Restaurant

This restaurant is in a lively and crowded place. It serves read more

New Mutton Barbecue Restaurant opened in Yangon

First in Myanmar, a new restaurant that serves whole goat barbecue was opened in Yangon on 31 January 2009. The restaurant serves various menus of barbecue, Chinese dishes, beer and alcoholic drinks as well as their specialty menu, whole goat barbecue. However, customers have to order one day in advanced for the whole goat barbecue. The restaurant is open in a large and airy compound, and served by more than 40 waiters.

The restaurant, Sain Li, is open at 108, Natmauk Street, at read more

Beer culture in Myanmar

Last 20 years saw the establishment of beer culture in Myanmar. Before 1988, beer is a rare commodity in Myanmar. The government produced Mandalay beer was always in short supply. It was available only in a very few hotels and restaurants. Foreign brands like Heineken and Tiger beer were available in black markets at a high price. Most Myanmar people cannot afford to buy a can of beer then. With the opening of economy in 1988 saw the introduction of a number of locally produced beer brands in read more

Season’s Bakery in Yangon

If you want to buy good quality bread and cake in Yangon at a reasonable price, go no further than Season’s Bakery. Opened together with every City Mart supermarkets, the bakery has a wide selection of bread and cake. The quality of food is very good, and the price quite reasonable. Particular outlet I would like to mention is the one at the Yankin read more

Good Shan Noodle Shops in Yangon

If you want to have good Shan noodle in Yangon, go no other than “999” Shan Noodle on 34th Street, Mid Bloc (where the City Hall is situated). The restaurant is quite clean and tidy, and sells good quality food. They also provide English language menu so it is quite convenient to bring foreigner friends there. The noodle is less oily, thus quite palatable to the foreigners. Shan Sour Rice here is quite excellent.

999 Shan Noodle Shop in Yangon
999 Shan Noodle Shop in Yangon
Photo: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Another Shan noodle shop worth mentioning is “Shwe Ne Sat”, read more