New Myanmar Visa on Arrival

New system of visa on arrival was started in both Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay. Start from 1st May, visitors to Myanmar can apply for the new arrival visa at Yangon (Rangoon) International Airport and Mandalay International Airport.

Myanmar has previously issued arrival visa in the past. However, these were not real arrival visa. Visitors had to apply through travel agents a few days in advanced before coming to Myanmar (Burma). The visitor needed to bring the approval letter together with them and showed them to the immigration officer at the airport.

Under the new system, visitors no longer need to apply in advanced. They can apply at the airport for the 28 days tourist arrival visa, which cannot be extended. Visa fees will be US$ 30 per person. All nationalities except those in the government black list will be issued arrival visa.

There are some formalities for the application process. The immigration officer will check whether the applicant has the return ticket, have enough money and the address in Myanmar while he is in the country. The immigration officer might also ask for the purpose of the visit.

Apart from 28 days tourist visa, business visa on arrival can also be applied. This visa cost US$40 and can stay up to 70 days. Visitors can extend the visa at the expiration for this type of visa.

If you are married to a Myanmar citizen or you have been a Myanmar citizen in the past, you can apply for the social visit visa. The cost for this type of visa is US$40, allowed to stay up to 28 days and is extensible.

Tour companies and agents in Myanmar are hoping that issue of new arrival visa will boast the foreign tourist arrival in Myanmar.

Attention: Visa on Arrival is currently suspended until further notice!

20 thoughts on “New Myanmar Visa on Arrival”

  1. Does anyone know what the countries are on the government blacklist? If so, can you please email me at
    I am about to move to Rangoon for a year and would like to invite some friends, but am not sure if they can all got the VOA.
    Thanks a mil, and a thanks for traveling,

    1. At the border, you can get one day visa to enter Myanmar. But it is limited only to the area around the border. As far as I know, foreign visitors are not allowed to travel beyond the border towns inside Burma (Myanmar).

  2. Not so … in mai sai north thailand you can enter burma – the shan state and tour quite a large area – 10$ visa on arrival.
    forgot how long but i was there 2 weeks touring hill tribe villages.
    would like to know if this is possible from ranong or still just day visas…

  3. I am on medication for high blod-pressure after a bypass in 2000.
    Can I bring my prescription medicine without any problems???

    I read about somebody going to Cambodia ending up in jail for bring in headache medicine.

    1. There is no problem with the medicine. You do not need to declare. To be on the safe side, bring along your prescription together with you, or your doctor’s letter. Make sure they are in packs (not loose medicine tablets).

      1. Thanks for your answer Bamerlay.
        I get no prescription from my hospital. It`s like electronic air-tickets, I just pick up my medicine (free of charge.. I live in Greenland) The prescription is in the hospitals computer.
        Anyway I will stay one week in Bangkok to have a visa in Myanmar embassy, where I can declare my tablets, so I hope that`ll be OK.

  4. Any news on the visa on arrival? There’s been reports that it will be suspended from 1st September. Can anyone confirm this? And if so, is it possible to get a pre-arranged visa on arrival through a travel agent?

  5. According to TWITTER tody it is pronounced: “Myanmar to suspend arrival visa during election”.
    Do anybody have more info, Date and month.?? I will go there in october.

    1. This news about suspension of arrival visa is still a rumour. Please check before you go. However, base on past experiences, it is likely that it might be difficult to obtain Myanmar visa around the time of the election.

  6. Dear Sir iam indian passport holder rediding at Dubai UAE for the uae invester visa we need bussiness trip to Myanmar what about visa prossigure at airport pls sned feedback to me soon as possible

  7. Iam Indonesian and plan to go to Myanmar end Dec 2010. I will apply tourist visa through Myanmar Embassy in Indonesia. But is it save for woman travelling alone one month after the election?
    Many thanks.

    1. In respond to Arunia’s msg, it should be ok for solo female in myanmar in general and i think if you are going in December, you would have lots of news on the situation after the Nov 7th election. So, if the situation is not ideal, then I guess you would know what to do.

      I’d like to know if anyone has any ideas of the politic scene in Myanmar during the election. My plan so happen fall on November and smack right in during the election. So, contemplating now to change destination for my short break.

  8. we 2 adults, 1 child want to go to myammar. what is the procedure for visa on arrval. what is the total fee. we indian passport , residing in singapore.

  9. have planett icket and paid for the trip to go to Myanmar on nov 23, applied for visa end of Oct, no visa yet, would like to go and visitlthe country but what are my chances to get a visa on arrival now?
    Please answer me ASAP, thanks a lot

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      Currently, visa on arrival to Myanmar is suspended. Myanmar minister of tourism explained officially explained that Myanmar currently does not have sufficient infrastructures to handle influx of tourists.

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