Get married to a Myanmar man or lady

For a foreigner trying to get married to a Myanmar lady or man can be quite complicated. Here is the advice from my personal experience, and how we did it. This article give advice on getting married to a Myanmar man or lady. It is quite difficult, due to restrictions in Myanmar law, but entirely possible. (I am married to a Thai lady, and we did it successfully).

(Please see updated information for 2018 at the end of the article)

Many of our visitors asked us information on getting married to a Burmese. Apparently, they find it difficult to find information on getting married to a Burmese. There are no information available on  to a Burmese (guy or girl). I think it is time to give you some information on this issue for those Burmese guys and girls who found difficulty getting married to a foreigner, and those foreign men and ladies want to get married to a Burmese.

Burmese law allows Myanmar citizens to get married to a foreigner. In the past, it used to be easy to get it done. Just head to a local judge and he will marry you. However, since about 20 years ago, local judges refused to do it on the ground that it is difficult to distinguish between real marriage and the human trafficking. Today, no judge or local court would marry a Burmese and a foreigner.

Even after you get married, your marriage certificate (actually a marriage contract in Burma) is in Burmese language. It has to be translated into English. You can get a certified notary translation of your marriage certificate into English but the Foreign Office will refuse to certify that notary. You can still use it if your embassy accepts the notary without a certification by the Foreign Office, but some embassies would not.

The best way to get your marriage done is to do it in a foreign country. You can do it either in Thailand or in Singapore. If you are doing it is Thailand, you will need an affidavit of freedom to get married. This has to be endorsed by your embassy. For a Burmese, he can get an affidavit in a court in Myanmar, get it translated into English by a notary public, and then get a certification from the Foreign Office in Myanmar. This can then be endorsed by the Thai Embassy in Yangon or endorsed by the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok. Both of you will need this affidavit. Then, go to a nearest amphur (local district administrative office) and get your marriage done. However, please check with the district office you intend to get married before you do anything as the requirements by the office may vary from one office to another. (Currently, Myanmar Foreign Office refuses to endorse the translation of affidavit of being single. Myanmar embassy in Thailand will also refuse to counter endorse, so this option is off at this moment).

Easier one is to get married in Singapore. This is what we have done when we could not do it either in Myanmar or in Thailand. All you need is a valid passport. You can file your marriage application online. However, the applicant (either you or your fiancé) has to be in Singapore at the time of filing for at least 15 days. After the filing, you can leave Singapore as there is 21 days waiting period. You will need two witnesses (either Singaporean or foreigner of at least 21 years of age). You can choose to get married at the ROM (Registry of Marriage) or with a solemnizer in a hotel. However, getting a solemnizer is sometimes difficult. Most Solemnizers only offer their service through recommendation so if you do not have any one to recommend you, you won’t be able to use this option. We were very fortunate to have one who offered her service without recommendation from anyone else. I just phoned her and she agreed to offer her service. There was no charges for her, but we donated some money to her church. Your best bet would be to get married at the ROM. You can get the complete information at Registry of Marriage website.

Update (2018): Someone mentioned me that you can now get married to a Myanmar man/lady legally in Myanmar if you have contact to a correct agent/lawyer. He mentioned there are a few agents’ offices around Sule Pagoda in Yangon, who would arrange to have a legal marriage done with a judge. I am not sure about the authenticity of this claim, but you could probably ask around the lawyer offices around Sule Pagoda. The fees might be quite substantial though. In addition, the marriage contract will be in Burmese, which need to be translated, notarised and endorsed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Until recently, MOFA refused to endorse the marriage certificates with foreigner spouse. This may already have changed now. You should at least try to see if this is true or not. It would probably save both time and money.

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  1. Hi,

    Really thank you for the useful information you posted. I just want to check with you if you have any information on how the spouse who is the foreigner, to migrate/have a long term stay in Myanmar? Or vice versa, is it easy for the spouse(Burmese) to migrate to other countries such as Singapore?

    I truly appreciate if you can provide some information on this.

    Thank you for your time in advance!

    1. You can ask for social visa which can extend up to six month, with yearly extensions afterward. For migration to other countries, it depends on the other country’s policy.

      1. I a, foreigner willing to marry Myanmar Girl, what the produclar, how to have a long term stay in Myanmar?

        I truly appreciate if you can provide some information

        1. hello
          every one..who can help me for marriage with my bf ..i am hellen my bf is from french..we want to marriage but we dont know how should we do for marriage sign bec i here about my myanmar country lawyer is not allow to marriage local and foreigner that why now we are diffcult for marriage sign..we love each other so much and we want to be good generation and want to stay together long life that why ..
          who can give me good idea…

        2. In fact, most human trafficking were occured from borders of China, Thiland and Golden Triangle Areas. So, they deny the marriage of Asian Man especially Chinese to Myanmar Woman. But according to 1923 Constitution, no judge can refuse to register to the marriage of Foreigner and Myanmar Man/Woman. But they can withhold the registeration by appealing to Chief Justice.

  2. Who cares? Who in their right mind would marry a Burmese? They have been outside the world for the last 50 years. That said I do plan to visit that backwater 3 months from now to check on opportunity. Some people understand Asia well. Some don’t. I’ll give it a shot. It is a long shot, but so be it.

    1. Hi Jack, sound like u r racist person, how can u left such a stupid comment, I think u might probably be moron or suffer frm congenital mental disorders due to the gene of ur parents. I would advice u to trace out the history of ur family (ancestors) background n consult with a psychologist. I m wondering which country u r frm, which race u belong to n what religion do u practice, knowing those I can avoid the idiot person in my life. Hope u r doing great in ur little world…..I would appreciate if u would reply my comment…..

      1. he probably end up breaking up with her burmese girl lol, anyway how does it feel? burmese women cannot hangout with u during weekends, because they have to work 2-3 jobs, because they have to pay their bills, how does it feel when they cannot sleepover to your house? lol it hurts tho! and how does it feels like when they chooses their family instead of you because they don’t like their daughter to marry a foreigner who do not know how to speak chin or burmese, lol i know that feeling dude! but you don’t have to be stupid acting like that, you have to respect theses people, like you i have been through with that situation, i have been dating with chin/burmese girl, she choose her family and end up breaking me up, it’s so stupid but, i do really understand her, because i love her

        1. empathy75 – a place where there are lots of beaches and waterfalls in South East Asia – I am a woman who likes to do small little things for others as well as for myself. I love forests and beaches. I spent a lot of my time sitting beside a beach. I worship imperfection and I am quite good at it. You will see it instantly when you start to read my blog. I am crazy and proud of it. I believe serious people have some sort of delusion. I was born and bred in Burma and being in a troubled country taught me how to be resilient. I worked in Malaysia for 12 years as a doctor. I still think it is one of the most beautiful country . Apart from that, I am broken and flawed.But I am always in the process of fixing myself. I love writing so much and it takes away the pain I feel for my country and the world ocasionally.

          Thank you for a sensible answer.

        2. The girl i choose she is chin. I have same story of you. Her family don’t allow her to marry me. Anyway she end up with her family and choose me 🙂

    2. the great reason i want to marry a Burmese girl is that ” burmesehave been outside of your SICK WORLD ” that is what make the girls so cute.

    3. Hey Ignorant and shallow Jack, as a matter of fact you are not worthy of my comment. I married to Myanmar man and live in Myanmar. This is beautiful country. They are way better human beings than YOU -rude, sick, ignorant , no manner, don’t your parents teach you to be a human? Anyway, You don’t have any business here, you simply ruin this information page.and I hope you don’t even put your dirty feet in this country.

      1. hi, may i ask your nationality? i am filipina and me and my burmese boyfriend are planning to get married, so, i want to know the process on how and where did you get married. if you got married in myanmar. thank you. i am hoping for your reliable response.

        1. Hi Rhein,did you get married with your myanmar bf?please do let me know too what things you did to get married…thank you..i also same you…

      1. Hi there..I need help..! i am an Indian working in is possible to marry a San girl from migok,Shan state legally?please give me some useful information..thanks a lot

  3. hi, very informitive web site, could you tell me where on this internetor elsewhere i can meet a good honest lady living in burma / outside burma to marry ? it is near impossable to find any dating sites regarding burma, thanks.

    1. Hello
      My name is stela murrey i am seeking for honest and trusted partnership if you don’t mind can you mail me back so i can send you my beautiful picture and tell you more about my self. thanks am stela, please this is my privata email box ( )
      i wait to hear from you soon

      1. you kinda right Tia, but it’s tougher being African-American and dating a Burmese woman especially when it’s against your law.

  4. Hi, I m Indonesian and going to marry with Burmese men in Indonesia. I would like to ask how to get the affadevit letter from Myanmar for my bf? Looking forward for your answer.

  5. i wanna know Thailand baht rate change to myanmar kyat …
    and i wanna job in Bangkok i can speak english and myanmar language
    which can do. I wanna job at Bangkok

  6. hi! I really thank you for your useful information you posted,I wanted to marry with malaysian guy,so where I can make the marriage certificate at myanmar.

    I truly appreciate if you can give some information,than you

    1. If U are staying in Penang state, just head over to Mettananda vihara at Paya Terubong. There always a burmese wedding ceremony in the weekend.You can get a lot of information, and a place for your wedding ceremony too. Good luck.

  7. who instresting about myanamar or burmese people history your never want to lives gernal like see oction to see forest see the island all are alot of things did you deepply know when your know or will your see deep in side your never see all those are value real value so who or any country visit to our country we would like to say to day your BBQ was been in mayanamar drammar are big dog that was start in 2012 they start to come to our country and they found or they know indeep could be more respect tham another country because Buddha was growed in our myanamar .

  8. Thank you for your information. Is this still accurate? I see it is a reprint from several years ago. I am an American girl living in Thailand planning on marrying a Burmese man.

    1. Hey everybody here im Myanmar and my husband from Turkey.we both had had alots of problem cus i couldnt get Certificate of mine that im Single. its too difficult to marry in other countries either. …without that certificate.But luckly we maried in Thailand(bangkok) court by myanmar Broker we gave 60,000 B apox.2000 US D to broker. And you can always find them at myanmar embassy Bangkok.They will always rise the price if you are from rich country. 🙂 İf thai citizen its about 30,000b apox 1000 usd it takes about a week or 10 days.They will give you Two marry certificates in thai and in english transtated.if they dont give you in english you can ask them to make it up,

      1. Sorry to hear that it cost you so much to get it registered in Thailand. Here in Malaysia, I married to a myanmar lady in 2003 when there is not much myanmar people here. It cost me about RM100/=. to get it registered and done. The letter translated to english is important but the court declaration (cost RM10/=/document) will do. I will list out the step here once I re-confirm the latest info from them. As my is already about 10 years old.

        1. Thanks for yr sharing!

          I also got a same problem…
          I am Malaysian work at Singapore(PR),going to Marry Myanmar girl.I planning bring her come back SG to register.It’s possible get it done by 1st visit? how long she can stay at SG with out LTVP?

          may i know what the procedure and certificate required?

          Sorry for my poor English…

          1. Angel mar, did get to marry ur burmese bf ? If you did can you please share me how to process everything so i can also do….please share me…thank you

        2. Hi, Weng , i m desmond stay in Singapore , i wish to learn your experience , i want to marry a myanmar lady that we know eah other abt 10 years , prooblem is i had divorce in singapore before. so is defficule to get approve .
          Can i have your advise and idea how to get a broker in malaysia to do it.

          Many thanks

      2. Hi Seng ,
        My name is Yarzar and I’m plan to have married in this 2 months . How could you done and what do I need to prepar and how can I contact to them .. I’m trying to contact by mail and phone but Myanmar Embessy in Bongkok wasn’t response . My I get your phone number or email if you don’t mind .. Let me hear about your experience ..

      3. Hi Seng, I am interested the way you got. We went to Bangkok for marriage registration in DEC 2012 , but failed to register as Myanmar embassy did not endorsed on the letter. May I get the contact of the broker?

        1. hi gloria what kind of info do u need to know?Hi emily myanmar embassy did not endorsed my marriage certificate.But the Turkish embassy accept it the only i need is that.So its ok with me i can get the visa for Turkey 🙂 but i lost the broker contact.Im sorry but one u get in the embassy they were inside of the embassy and u can ask the people infront of the counter not the embassy’s staffs 🙂

  9. I am an Australian and got married to a Myanmar woman last year. Too difficult to do it in Myanmar so I arranged to do it at the registry office in Melbourne Australia. You need to go there have an interview with all documents and proof and submit your forms at least 31 days ahead. I went to Australia for 3 months and managed to get it finished in that time. You just have to make sure you have all the documents because in my wifes case she had been married before and her husband had died so had to have those documents from Myanmar translated to show in Australia. So great patience needed and study of the details.

    1. Hi Greg – Congrats on getting married smoothly! I live in Brisbane and my brother is in a relationship with a Myanmar girl living in Bangkok. May I ask what visa you were able to get your then fiance into Australia on? We have applied for a Tourist Visa and it was knocked back. It’s a tricky maze to navigate and would appreciate any advice you can offer. Happy to give you my email if that’s easier. I’d be so, so thankful for any advice you can offer my brother.

    2. Hello Greg … can I have your personal email address so that I can ask a few questions regarding this topic. I live in Australia and my Bf is in Yangon. I am in the planning stage of getting married and I would like to know a few things. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  10. Hi, Thanks For ur information but i still need to know deeply regarding the malaysian guy married with myanmar girl, so what document do i need when we married in singapore or in thailand? Which
    country is most easier to geeting married?

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      For info on marriage in Singapore, please see Registry of Marriage Singapore website. For Thailand, you can contact one of the immigration lawers in Thailand for up to date details.

      1. helo
        Bamarlay ..i hope u also know marriage about myanmar and foreigner if u known more pls help me ,and give me information ,i am from myanmar i want to b marriage with my bf ..

      2. Hi , Bamarlay , looking your message on the reply ready is very helping to those need to marry , so i m the one also get problem to marrry a myanmar girl , as we know each other abt 10 year . i had work very hard in myanmar n singapore. may know how to get a broker to do on it.
        many thanks

  11. Hi everyone , I’m Joe

    if anyone need of assistance of marrying a foreigner in Malaysia , please contact me for Hassle free marriage ,

    No need of single letter,
    No need of Embassy Approvals
    Don’t need judge or local court approval

    Email :
    Phone : 0123805547

    Note: Getting Married LEGALLY in MALAYSIA

    1. I don’t believe you Joe, Are U a foreigner in Malaysia? Don’t mislead people with your claim. Did U ever visit to the JPN – to registered your marriage and the immigration visa for spouse stay? Without letter, you won’t go anywhere. Going to the court for stamping on the letter will cost you just RM5/=. You will need all those document from the Registrar of Marriage and the English version of the say certificate (for easy dealing with the embassy later on). All those can be requested during the marriage registration then off you go to immigration office with plenty of form to fill in. That only one part – after a few year, head to myanmar embassy for your passport extension and income tax payment.

      1. Can anyone share their knowledge and experience about marrying foreigner in Thailand. I am myanmar citizen(lady) planning to marry a foreigner. I would like to know what procedure I need to follow.

        1. Hi , Annie.
          You cannot do Marriage Registration in Thailand.Thai law need ” Affirmation of Free to Marry Certificate ” for both man and lady.Myanmar Embassy didn’t provide ” affirmation certificate for Myanmar Citizen”.

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  13. hey , i have long relation with a Myanmar girl ,I am Bangladeshi , you know we both country have some problems about Rohinja issu . What can we do in this situation ? We dnt wanna lost our love

    1. Same here bro, I am also in love with Myanmar lady. I wanna live my life with her also. But I am worrying how to marry Myanmar lady. Because the rule is so hard! Have ya find anyway?

  14. why are there so many people on here trying to find marriages with random people or like alison who just wants to get laid? either way i hope everyone who wants to get married does, marriage is a beautiful thing haha <3 (:

  15. Hi, I am a Malaysian but I working in Singapore, actually now I am planning to marry my girlfriend (burmese), depend on the cost of married in bangkok or married in Singapore which 1 is more cheaper and more faster to do it?

    1. It will be much cheaper to registered the married in Malaysia, just go to the JPN office and fill in the form. It will be up in the board for two weeks and come back again to get the paper if there is no objection. So, her visa of one month – you must do it the first week, then get your paper done on the 3 weeks. Go to immigration to get her spouse visa for her to stay in Malaysia. It will be first time – one month, second time, 3 month, third time. 6 month visa. That will continue for about a two years before you get her the one year visa. Then, her passport will about to expired, time to do it at Myanmar embassy in KL.

        1. Hi , Joe , i had buy a unit of property , i can’t register my name , even i buy their office also can’t put my name in . may know which department to connet.
          i also had a GF in yangon want to marry also a problem.
          Wish to get some inform from you .

          many thanks

  16. im a malaysia girl and i wan to married with my myanmar boyfriend. and the only thing is my dad is not allow! cause if the married thing. i wish to get more information that will make my dad change his mind.. i really love my maynmar boy, and he love me so so much…

    1. You need to have a notarial translation of his status stating he is single and never been married before. He may had a Myanmar version, just get a English version with any chop from their side. He need a passport and his income tax form (for Myanmar embassy later on).
      Malaysia side:
      1. First, get two of each document with photocopy and passport photo of both of you.
      2. Go to registrar of marrieage and fill in the marriage form and paste the photo on it. They will ask you to find a suitable date from the calendar for the married ceremony to collect the certitficate usually two week from the date you fill-in.
      3. They will requested from you – your IC. Birthday cert. and his passport and notarial note. You may need to go to court to take a oath on the originality of the form (RM10/=. only) or get it done at the same place for (RM20/=.) if the commisionar of oath is there.
      4. After two week, go back there to have a simple ceremony, you need to bring two witness, one from each side or both can be from Malaysia (they need to bring their ic). In 15 min, all will be done.
      5. You will be issue with a malay version of the marriage cert. You need to request for a English version of it. Need to pay another RM10/=. This English version will be use for registration at the Myanmar embassy saving you lot of trouble in getting a Myanmar version.

      6. After all done, you need to make a visa for staying in the country. Copy 4 set, go to immigration office to collect visa form. Form is free. fill it up, paste the photo on it.If the magistrate court is nearby, head over it and ask for certification. (RM10/=). they will fill up your detail and print out a receipt. Chop on the immigration form with both your photo on it. You make a Photostat copy. head to immigration to complete your visa application. If you find it hard to travel around, use the service of commisionar of oath, they charge a little more RM20/=. but save you the time of running around but I stay nearby the court and I must pass throught them before reaching the immigration office so I usually do it in the court. The first time when you do it. You will need to get it stamp your bond with income tax department. You will need to go to their office. Myanmar citizen bond is RM1,800/=. It is a bond, no need to pay that amount yet.

      Photostat the completed form for your future reference when filling in the form again. The detail like their home address in their home country etc. Keep it ready as you need to fill it again and again.

      Malaysia spouse visa with multiply entry will cost you around RM360/=. So, you need to bring around RM500/=, in your pocket to save yourself a trip to the bank.

      After all the thing done and your spouse get the Malaysia visa to stay in Malaysia. Next, you will need to register with Myanmar embassy when you want to travel back to Myanmar. Myanmar embassy will ask from you RM1,600/= for the return ticket (must pay). for it citizen to stay aboard and renew the passport. Keep the receipt. You can now apply for social visit visa to stay in her house or with tourist visa, you can only stay in hotel/motel registered with the tourist ministry there. It can cost you a lot. Social visit visa or business visa will required her to fill up a separate form to support your application. It all in Myanmar language. Once back in Myanmar, nothing to worry about as she will handle it from their end.

      1. Weng,
        Kindly may I know if you handle matters concerning to marriage of malaysians with foreigners(especially myanmar people).Kindly can I contact you for your kind help for my own problem.
        I am now stuck with getting documents from myanmar side,as per our JPN requirements.My e-mail is
        Thank You.

        1. Sorry, long time never stop by to visit here. Please read my reply to other early about step to getting marriage certification done. Malaysia marriage registration is for Malaysian (anyone as long as one partner is Malaysian) as it main function is to record and allow one to obtain visa for long term stay and for the children to obtain citizenship which is important paper for them to live in malaysia. If you are a foreigner want to married to Myanmar citizen. Malaysia government won’t do any thing for you or have any business on this matter as it between your government and your partner country. If you can’t get any paper endorsed by Myanmar embassy, it ok as one can still obtain a court paper stating that paper is correct and you are single and haven’t married before or if divorce, all paper is settle and in order – I think it will cost you RM10/=. If one are too lazy to get this paper drafted, just pay the many petition writer/commisiener of oath to do it. Just stand by RM50/= to RM100/=. for their service. After getting all that paper. Just check it out at JPN, bring along two photo for filling up the form. Hope this clear up any question on paper as the main reason is for legal record, example when you married a divorcee with children from previous marriage. That paper will allow you to obtain visa for the children who will stay with you. Reminded for Malaysian only. Don’t skip the JPN registration by doing a traditional wedding at temple/church etc. You need that paper for your children future and for going back to Myanmar. I hear Myanmar government now have facility for PR application and long term visa stay for spouse.

  17. The issue is getting married in Australia. Get the marriage certificate endorsed by your MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and then your embassy in Myanmar and you can apply for the long stay visa, if your plan is to stay in Myanmar.

  18. hello everyone , I will be highly appreciated if anyone can give me some opinion or suggestion. My gf is chiese lady who was staying in main land. we are trying to get marry legally either China or Myanmar. I was trying to get my single certificate Myanmar but MOFA did give a stamp without any reason. Can somebody help me give ways.. thanks to all…

    1. Hi Zinbo . I’m Joe De Cruz from above comment.

      you can’t i mean CAN’T get a stamp from the local court or judge. single letter its easy . but not the stamp. u need the stamp in order to get married.

      1. Hi Joe de Cruz, i need help on how to get married to a myanmar man im from you know what to do so can get married ? Please do help me.. please share me what you know… thank you

  19. hi i am a Singapore girl and want to marry a Burma guy and become a citizen in Burma .Does it mean that i need to marry in Singapore instead in Burma? Please advise

  20. Hi I’m nice n honesty single Myanmar girl.I would like to have serious affair with the honest gentalman between 40 to 50 from abroad .Pls contact me

  21. Hi I am Myanmar boy and want to marry Myanmar Nationality girl holding PR from Australia. Shen went there since 8 from Refugee Camp called ” Bell Kalow”. Now i am having difficulties how to make Myanmar citizenship for her. Please advice and do me a favor.

  22. I want to marry with my boyfriend but he is Sri Lankan.So how can i marry him in Myanmar and can he get dependent visa or long stay visa in myanmar?If you reply, that is really helpful for me.Coz he wants to stay in Myanmar forever.

  23. There are ways..
    In fact is : there is a book registry in the courts on Strand road full of foreign and local marriages that have been registered. And yes they can get notarized and translated.
    The thing is that The laws governing marriage here are disputable and it’s not sure if they can be applied to foreigners. Be careful marrying a local woman, the laws are extremely biased towards them. You could end up with a woman that is jealous, attack you, abuse you and have absolutely no rights as a foreigner here. Do not take marriage with a Myanmar woman lightly..

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  25. Hi everyone on here ..
    I just want to have someone who can give me advice..I’m ฺBurmese by the blood but used to live in Thailand and all my Parent they are past away ..

    I never think about love ..but now I have problem ..I was born in Thailand but my parents were form Myanmar and now they are passed away since I was very young…

    What my problem I don’t have Citizenship from both country .I’m stateless ..and will be hard for us to be me I’m from Myanmar ..Household registration .but now this house don’t have


  26. Hello everyone here,
    I would like somebody here advice me about my problem, My name is Nuch I was born in Thaialnd but my blood is Burmise .. My parents were form Myanmar and now they are passed away since I was very young.

    What my problem? I don’t have Citizenship from both country .I’m stateless ..and will be hard for me now. because I have no any paper that show who am or show that I’m a human in this world ..

    I just have some document have my name and my parent it’s Household registration
    I never think about one day I will have love but now its happening in me and hard situation because he from USA .we love together but I don’t know how we can stay together in the future …

    I hope and wish somebody here can advice me

    regards from me

    1. Hi Ms Nuch,

      I have seen Ur post since sometime ago n since no 1 reply let me give u my small idea n suggestion.

      I do understand u, I have no right idea about how u need to deal with the situation of u right now but I would advice you to following 2 ways to tried out

      1) approach the local immigration officer together with the household registration documents and some supporting document (saying that u have been living at Thailand together with Ur parents since long time ago) from local people or if possible get from local police station (if possible) and then apply for Ur citizenship

      2) another thing is u can contact the UNHCR camp at Thailand and see whether they allow u to register as Myanmar refugee

      I do hope my advice would be helpful. I wish u all the best.

      Best Regards


    2. Hi Ms Nuch ,

      John here n I understand u. Here is my little thoughts

      1) try to contact the local relevant office and ask what option they can offer or perhaps u can submitfollowing documents to the relevant office and apply for Ur citizenship ,
      a) household registration letter
      b) some support document or witness frm local ppl who use to know u for a long time

      2) alternatively u can contact to UNHCR office at Thailand and register as Burmese refugees

      Hope u will get some idea.

      I wish u all the best

      Best Regards


  27. Hi Sir/Mdm,

    Im Kannan & interested to married burmese lady. Need your assistant.
    Can i have contact number so that i can call & talk to you personaly.

  28. Dear Sir Bamalay,

    Need your assistan to how to married Mynmar ladies in Malaysia.
    Need you contact number so that i can call & get your advice..

  29. Does anyone have the contact details of a reputable lawyer/marriage agent/broker in Malaysia that could guide my partner and I through the process, particularly the document side of things? She is Myanmar and I am from the UK. We are both working and resident in Yangon and have been together over a year. I keep getting conflicting information about what can and can’t be done and which embassies will/won’t issue the required documents …. any help would be much appreciated. I know this could be done in Singapore but we are keen to get married in Malaysia if possible.

    1. hi Davie. you could always contact me i;m from malaysia . +60123805547 . marriage for myanmar citizen is not a issue . no documents needed . just need a valid passport

  30. hi to all… just to share my experience.
    I’m a westerner that got married with a burmese girl in Yangon march this year. We went to a judge with a third burmese person that guaranteed for me (specifically my wife’s uncle) and after I declared officially to be buddist. that’s the trick, then translated the act in english, got the stamp from the foreign affair minister and regularly registered the marriage to my country embassy. good luck to everyone!

    1. Hello, Mr. Aung Sun Could you give more detail please. I am having really trouble with my marry plan and I can’t find any other way. Your response very important for me please.
      Thank in advance.

    2. Hi Aung San, I am pretty interested after reading your post. I am a Muslim guy from Bangladesh and fall in love deeply with a beautiful Myanmar lady (single mother). I already visited Myanmar and met her for few days. We are planning to get marry. I can do whatever it takes to marry her.

      IhI have read all the comments in this forum and frustrated, but after reading your post I see some hope. My question is, if I change my religion, will it be easy to getting marry in Myanmar? I wanna live my rest of life with her in Myanmar. Please advice.

  31. Hello.
    I’m Russian ,I want to marry a woman of Myanmar, but to do it in my country require the document that he is not married in Myanmar. What is this and where we can get ? Can it be obtained at the Embassy of Myanmar in Russia or any other Embassy ? The second question: so she could live in Russia for more than 3 months in Russia still require the document that she had no criminal record ? Where this document can be borrowed, preferably at the Embassy in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam.
    Thank you.
    Sorry for my poor English.

  32. Hello.
    I’m Russian ,I want to marry a woman of Myanmar, but to do it in my country require the document that he is not married in Myanmar. What is this and where we can get ? Can it be obtained at the Embassy of Myanmar in Russia or any other Embassy ? The second question: so she could live in Russia for more than 3 months in Russia still require the document that she had no criminal record ? Where this document can be borrowed, preferably at the Embassy in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam.
    Thank you.
    Sorry for my poor English.

  33. Hello.
    I’m Russian ,I want to marry a woman of Myanmar, but to do it in my country require the document that he is not married in Myanmar. What is this and where we can get ? Can it be obtained at the Embassy of Myanmar in Russia or any other Embassy ? The second question: so she could live in Russia for more than 3 months in Russia still require the document that she had no criminal record ? Where this document can be borrowed, preferably at the Embassy in Russia, Thailand, Vietnam.
    Thank you.
    Sorry for my poor English.

    Why are you without giving always delete my post, for me this topic is extremely important ?

  34. I have read all of comments and post, now I got hopes of getting married. Thanks to all for the comments and post.

    I still have a question and hope I get an answer very soon. I am an Indian guy and living in Thailand and want to marry a Burmese girl who is also working and living in Thailand. Reading through the Burmese law it’s highly impossible to be legally married. So please give me some advise or suggestions that I can use and get married and live happily with my family…

  35. My name is Ei. I am a Myanmar. My bf is from Sri Lanka. We want to marry. My parents took away my passport. When I tell to police they said they dont work for a family issues. Same with Human Right Commission. How can I marry him? We both are looking for the way. Pls help us.

    1. I have the same issue please update me if u find a solution Ei and I will update u also I’m talking with some Lawyers so if I find any information I will update u and please do the same favour for me. Thx

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