Myanmar lottery

There are a number of lotteries in Myanmar (Burma), both legal and illegal ones. The legal lottery in Myanmar is the famous, nearly century old Aung-bar-lay Government lottery. The Aung-bar-lay lottery is open once every month. Tickets are priced at 100 kyats each. The grand prize is thirty million kyats while there are a number of first prizes, each awarding five million kyat. Apart from the first prizes, there are a number of second prizes, third prizes and smaller prizes. Total amount paid to all winners is 60 percent of the total revenue.

Myanmar lottery seller
Myanmar lottery seller

How Aung-bar-lay numbers are chosen

Every month, the winning numbers are chosen at the Government Lottery department. The numbers are chosen by human. Usually, students from one of the primary schools in Yangon are invited for the event. Wooden balls representing the alphabets and digits were put in eight wooden drums. Eight students draw a ball from each drum, and put the balls on display. All the winning numbers are chosen on a single day.

Underground lottery

Apart from the official government Aung-bar-lay lottery, there are a number of underground lotteries running illegally in Myanmar. The most famous of them is the thone-lone (three digit) underground lottery. It is based on the Thai government lottery which opens twice a week. The last three digits of the first prize in the Thai government lottery is used as the winning number. Another illegal underground lottery is the nhit-lone (two digit) lottery. This two digit lottery is based on the Thai SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand) index. The last two digits of the closing SET index is used as the winning number for that day. The lottery is open every day that Thai stock exchange is open, that is, from Monday to Friday.

Myanmar online lottery

There is no official website or service that sells government Aung-bar-lay online. However, I saw a number of online vendors that claim to sell the Myanmar government lottery online. I am not sure about the authenticity of these vendors. Even if you win, I don’t know how a foreigner can cache the winning money from Myanmar (there is absolutely no way withdraw that winning money if you are a foreigner).

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