Living in Yangon (Rangoon) as an expatriate

Jeff B left a guest book entry in our guest book asking about living in Yangon (Rangoon) as a foreigner. We believe this is a question many foreigners coming and living to work in Yangon want to know. The following is a brief advice for living in Yangon as an expatriate.


This will usually be provided by your organization so there is no need to worry. However, if you need to hire a serviced apartment, there are only a few options. It is better to ask your organization to arrange the accommodation, as the serviced apartments are usually fully booked.


Public transportation is very poor in Yangon. Your organization should provide you a car for your personal use. Otherwise, you will have to rely on taxis. Try to know the usual taxi fares as taxis in Myanmar are not metered and the price can be high especially for visitors and foreigners. Most of the taxis do not open air-condition. If your organization provides you a car, you can get a local driving license if you could show the license authority your international driving license.


You can buy some imported products at City Mart Supermarket which has around 10+ outlets in Yangon. You can find many imported products that are adequate for most of your daily needs, but the products available are not as extensive as in other countries. And the prices of the imported products are about 50 percent more expensive than that in neighboring Thailand.


It is difficult to get a fixed land line phone in Myanmar unless it is already pre-installed in the house you rent. If you want to be connected, you need to buy a prepaid SIM card at US$ 20 a card. The calling rate is quite expensive and currently, there is no mean of topping up the credit or air time. That means after one month, you will have to buy a new SIM card and a new number. If you want the same number, you have to buy a post paid SIM card which is difficult to get, and at a cost of US$ 1500 per card. The price of GSM and CDMA mobile SIM cards has dropping down since the new government take power in 2011. Currently, the GSM SIM cards are sold at 200,000 kyats per card while CDMA cards are sold at 1,500 Kyats per card. However, 1,500 kyats per card CDMA cards are sold in a lottery system where applicants are chosen in a lottery. It is now fairly easy to buy a SIM card in Myanmar, and mobile coverage has also been much improved with most towns along Yangon and Mandalay highway are covered by mobile network. In addition, several large and small towns in states and regions are also covered by mobile network. You can also use internet with the mobile phone, although the speed is painfully slow. International calling rates remain high in Myanmar.

For latest update on getting a mobile GSM SIM card, voice and data charges and voice/data packages on offer, please refer to our article Getting a GSM SIM card in Myanmar.

GSM mobile phones (SIM Cards) can be hired at a rate of 45,000 kyat (US$ 40 – 45) per month. This is from someone who is lucky enough to get a subscriber line. The rent is paid in advanced for 6 months to one year, with a deposit of 200,000 kyat (US$ 190). The above fee is only for hiring the SIM card. You will have to pay for the phone bills by yourself.

Update: Now CDMA 800MHz hand phones can be available with around 520,000ks only. It use prepaid card system just like in other countries. This is new system developed by the colloboration of Elite Tech(a member of Htoo Group) and MPT.

They have issued more than 100,000 mobiles already and more 150,000 will be issued. However, the catch is, it can be used only in the city it is ment for. However, there are some news that they are going to open up for roaming around relevant cities.

And now mobile phone prices are falling down that GSM price is only around 1.3 million kyats.

As CDMA hand phones are abundant, a year’s hiring costs can cover for buying a new CDMA mobile; many people are returning their hired phones and buying new CDMA phones.

And phone hiring price is coming down that a GSM phone cost around 30000~35000 ks/month(previously 40000~45000ks) and CDMA800 costs around 25000ks/month. (Thanks Myo for this information update)

Update 2011: Government announced plan for 200,000 additional GSM SIM cards at 500,000 kyat per SIM (about US$ 500) in 2011. However, it is not clear there will be appropriate upgrade to already congested current GSM network. If there is no upgrade of current GSM network, expect congestion, poor signal and difficulty connecting and making calls with the GSM phones.

Government has called tender from foreign and local private companies to submit application for mobile operator license and it is expected that within a few year’s time, the mobile coverage and network would improved dramatically.


Forget about getting a broadband internet access at your home. It is quite difficult expensive and rather slow. Maximum is 2.5 Mbps, which is hilariously slow for an ADSL line. However, it is easy to find an internet cafe around you. The cost is usually between 400 to 600 kyat an hour. To use Gmail and Yahoo mail in Myanmar, you need to use a proxy. 


There are a number of good Burmese restaurants in Yangon. And the price is cheap also. There are also quite a large number of good Chinese restaurants in Yangon. For western food, you can head to a few restaurants at the hotels and around Inya Lake. Search in the local directory for the listing and also ask your colleagues for a good restaurant. Don’t expect much from the western food in Yangon.

Night life

Night life in Yangon is nearly non-existence. There are a few pubs and half a dozen night clubs in Yangon.


There are a few cinema halls in Yangon that show local, western and Indian movies. Usually, western movies are old movies (one or two years ago). Not much to expect. However, you can buy pirated VCDs and DVDs at very cheap prices on the streets of Yangon.

There are two TV channels in Burma, both of them own and run by the government. In Yangon, you can subscribe to the local paid TV channel which also airs some of the foreign channels such as CNN, Discovery, MTV and other movie and sports channels. If you are willing to pay more, you can install a UBC satellite dish and subscribe monthly.


Most of the time, electricity is cut off, unless you happen to live in a VIP area. Always have candle and flash lights as well as emergency lights at your home. People in Yangon usually have either electric generators or battery inverters to use during the electricity outage.


Water is provided by the municipality of Yangon. This is ok for general use and cooking as it is quiet clean and safe. For drinking purpose, it is better to use bottled water. You can also install water purifiers at your house.

House Maid

It is difficult to get a good and reliable maid nowadays in Myanmar. Most of them don’t want o stay with the foreigners and they tend to change house within a few months. You can contact the Christian Missions as they run service for Karen maids.

Health Care

Government hospitals in Myanmar have a very poor service. Most of the time, people rely on private hospitals and clinics. You can contact one of these private hospitals for book for the appointment. Most of the time, you will be charged in US dollar. The two most famous clinics in Yangon are Asia Royal Clinic (01-538055), Bahosi Medical Centre (01-212933) and Shwegondaing Specialist Center (01-542400).

Money Exchange

You can change US dollar to Myanmar kyat easily at underground black market dealers. Read in Money Exchange in Yangon for details.

You can now exchange freely at the market price at any money exchange counter all over Yangon at major tourist sites. The reference rate is announced daily by the Central Bank of Myanmar. Beware of using unauthorised black market money exchangers, as there are several incidents where customers are cheated. Always use authorised money exchange, which can be found at the airport, banks or at major tourists destinations.

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    1. Hi, would appreciate your advice. How much US$ needed PER MONTH to sponsor a 8 years old child living in the village for her education. How many years of schooling is needed for this 8 years old girl. Are foreigner allow to buy apartment in yangoon? How much is the cost of a low end apartment in yangoon.

      1. In Myanmar, basic education starts at Kintergarden (KG) until 10th standard (total 11 years). If the child is living in a village, it would not cost much – 100 Singapore dollar would be enough to cover all expenses – schooling, books, clothes and food, everything. If the child is living with the parents/grand parents, would cost less than that, but it depends on whether the child needs to work (or help in the field) to earn some money for the family (if the guardians do not earn enough money for the family, the child will need to work for the family also).
        Foreigners are not legally allowed to own land or condominium, but I know many foreigners who bought apartments in Yangon. Legally speaking, foreigners cannot own land, condos or apartments, or cars. They can only rent or hire.

      2. Thanks Bamarlay for your reply. plse help with this question too. How much Singapore Dollars needed for a Myanmar citizen to apply for an international passport? How long does it takes and is it very difficult for its citizen to apply for one? Appreciate your assistance.

        1. It is now quite easy for a Burmese citizen without any criminal or political record to get a passport. The steps are also much easier than the first time I had my passport (that was in 2003 and it was extremely difficult then. I needed to pay a hefty sum to the “agent”). Now, you don’t need to pay any agent fees. It cost around 50 Singapore dollar to get a passport valid for 3 years. And you usually get it in around one month’s time.

        2. would appreciate your advice. My Myanmar domestic helper wish to buy a small piece of land to build a house. she is thinking to buy near hlaing thar yar, thar kay ta or tong ta gon. which place is more convenient and price wise which place is cheaper. Do citizens buy direct from government or private corporation. Is the land sold freehold or has limited life span like 99 years or 66 years or 10 years? she has no knowledge has she is from the province far far away from yangoon. thanks.

    2. neo,

      basically, the price difference is not so much. but thar kay ta should be highest and hlaing thar yar & tong ta gon is lower. hwvr it depends on how far the land is within each place. all places are accessible with buses but u should check how far the land is frm main road and bus terminals. for sure she has to buy it frm private owners. the ownership of the land depend on the land type. sometimes low cost land doesn’t hv limitation of ownership or even the evidence of ownership(possibly there will be a small piece of paper). so make sure seller is real owner of the land before she buy it.

      1. Thanks Myo for the information you so kindly shared. Is there any reputable property developer or agent company you could kindly recommend to my Myanmar housmaid for her to liaise with. I do not wish to see her lost her hard earned salary to unscruptous fake land owner or agents.

  1. Thanks so much for this information.

    May I just as a few questions, as I have a job offer in Yangon, and I’m still considering it.

    International calls: are there cheap phone cards available where you can dial up, enter in pin# and make cheaper international calls?

    Travel: are there budget airlines for weekend trips to destinations around South East Asia?

    How is life for an expatriate there? I assume it will be a very lonely place for a single foreigner who doesn’t know the local language.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Currently, there is no cheap international calling cards. The international call rates are quite expensive (US$ 1.70 per minute to Thailand, and all the rest of the world are more expensive than to call to Thailand). However, if you go to one of the internet cafes in Yangon, you can use skype to call to your friends outside Myanmar. You should have some money put in the skype account before you come as I am not sure whether you can use your credit card/paypal from Myanmar (whether the receiving merchant will accept the payment made from Myanmar).

      There are some budget airlines. Air Asia is running between Yangon – Singapore and Yangon – Bangkok. However, the ticket fare is not that budget.

      You can get access to foreign countries by internet (through many government restrictions) if you are in Yangon or Mandalay. You can install UBC satellite or normal satellite. There are a few night clubs and bars in Yangon. But you are right, it must be a lonely place. However, many Burmese people can speak English (better than in Thailand), so don’t worry much about language. They will understand. Myanmar people are quite friendly and helpful so you will make friends easily.

      My advice is, if you like to have new experience, you should take the job. Burma might change dramatically in the near future, so before that time comes, you better come to Burma to see the old way of living (in the 19th century).

    2. Alan N,

      Don’t worry, you wouldn’t feel lonely.
      Here in Yangon, there are hang-out places for foreigners and we hv western community(though not much), Chinese, Korea and Japanese communities.
      There are bars and clubs at famous hotels where foreigners enjoy their time.
      I saw a bar at Savoy Hotel where you can make friends with those jokey guys(foreigners).
      Besides, if you are not so particular, you will be well acquaint with Myanmar people within a short time.
      The biggest incentive for expatriates here is the costs different. You will be taking most part of yr salary back home at the end of the term.

  2. Hi guys,

    Just stumbled upon this website and reading some of the post relating to Burma. I am from India,state of Nagaland. Nagaland is bordered to Burma but not well connected by road except some few trade points. Just curious… What is the cost of living in Burma per month or year for someone to live a decent life there.

    1. Well! Ankash,

      That’s a tough question to answer.
      It depends on how you interpret “decent life”. It will not be same even for the people living in same social class. Anyway, I will try to answer in most practical way.
      Suppose you are a single and salary man, and you:

      Hire a 1 bed room apartment at suburban area.
      Mostly use bus and sometime taxi.
      Eat out yr lunch and dinner at road side stalls.
      Hang-out with friends 2 times a week.
      Several times you sit at tea/coffee shops.
      Travel once a year.
      Make some donation.
      Go to clinic for minor sickness.

      Then, you will need about 120USD/Month.
      Hope this will make sense for you.

      1. Just about to move to Yangon, with wife and two young children to work. Will need to rent a 3 bed house, is this possible and how much can I expect to pay? Are there many options on location?

        Many thanks


        1. John! would be curious to know when you are going to move, and if you can share with us similar information, if you now got.

          We are now considering a job there, and we have two small kids (2 and 4). Are medical services decent? Are there any international school options? We would most likely arrive at the end of the summer, beginning of school year.



          1. Hi Isabelle !

            Didi you finally moved to Yangon ? Amy I ask you your feedback as I will perhaps move too with 2 young children, 3 and 5 years old.


          2. Hi Isabelle,

            me and my partner are moving there too in August, he is going earlier, as employed by a big company. I am trying to find out which is a good area to rent a nice house. Can not find any information here. Any ideas?

        2. Hi John,

          Did you moved to Yangon ?
          I will perhaps moove too and I really woul dlike to get feedback from expat´: Is it safe now ? What are the difficulties ? Is it OK for a family with 2 young children ?
          Thanks for your help !

          1. Hi,
            I have recently been offered a job in Yangon. I had a few questions:1. How much is education for a 8year old and can I get British education system? 2. How much would it cost to rent a 2 bedroom house?

          2. Hi Isabelle, Davin & John,

            What is the status on your move to Yangon? I’m also planning to move to yangon with two kids. How is life in Yangon/ How much do I require to live in a two bedroom apartment and have my kids educated in International School. I’ll be getting house plus car with a drive. M. Sudhakar.

      2. Hello Myo,

        I am planning to seek employment in Myanma (Transportation/Logistics are my background).

        Anh tips for this?

        Thank you Myo

  3. Thanks Myo for the reply. It would be same here in Dimapur, Nagaland for a single person to live on that budget provided he has job that pays around $200 a month. Mobile connection is dirt cheap here $ 2 and monthly Broadband around $ 5.20 and cable $ 4.25 Housing depends on his choice can go any where from $10.63 to $ 53.19 and food and clothing $50- $65.

  4. Hi
    I too am thinking of applying for a job in Yangon and I have a couple of questions.
    Banking – Can I access Visa facilities easily (ATM’s) in the city?
    Transport – The job comes with a vehicle Do we need to consider another one for my wife or is this all too difficult and public transport will suffice for her?Can she travel safely alone?
    Safety – What are the issues for expats to be aware of. I am not frightened and have been in ‘negative’ places before, but would like to be aware of the issues, if there are any, up front

    1. Thanks for visiting our blog. Here are the answers to your questions.
      Banking – no ATM, no credit card, no Visa or Master card accepted. Burma is an outdated country.
      Transport – public transport is so so crowded and dirty. It is not a convenient way for a foreign expatriate to travel this way in Yangon. She can travel safely alone (Yangon is a very safe place) but it is not convenient. However, she can use taxi in Yangon, and it is quite safe.
      Safety – don’t worry about it. Yangon is a very safe place, probably one of the safest places in Asia. There are very few major crimes in Yangon, and most of the crimes are just petty theft. It even safer for foreigners as the government make sure that foreigners are safe from any criminals. You don’t need to worry about the safety of you or your family in Yangon (and most parts of Myanmar).

  5. Hi,
    I’m staying in Yangon from last four months. I’m from India, came here for some work. I can say its the safest place I’ve ever visited, peoples are good they’ll admire you, they’ll give you respect but they won’t befriend you. Communication is a big problem here, I don’t agree to the earlier post that most of the peoples understand English here. In my experience even the salesgirl in shopping mall couldn’t speak english, its a tough task hiring a taxi here as most of the taxi drivers don’t understand English. I prefer to ask somebody to write all the important places which I have to visit frequently in Myanmar language on a paper, so I could show this to taxi driver.
    And yes, it is definitely a very lonely and boring life in Yangon for a foreigner.

    1. Hi Ankush,
      Since you have been living in burma for 4 months just wanted to know what are the chances of starting up a business there.Are the legal matters like (registration of company)and other formalities easier?Pls do let me know.appreciate yr help.

  6. Hi, Ankush

    Nice to hear that u were in Burma for the last four months.I heard that there is small population of Indian Nationals living in Burma. Any details how active they are in the current Burmese soceity.

  7. Hi everyone…

    I am contemplating of getting a job in Yangon where I can live and work there… just to give myself a different exposure and life experience…

    I’m not sure if its quite difficult finding a job there for foreigners but I’ll just like to try… Does anyone has any recommendation and or has any idea as to where i can look up to any job postings website in Yangon? My skill profession is in purchasing & supply chain management.. and my language proficiency is in english, chinese & malay… and I’m IT savvy too….

    I do have some local friends in Myanmar and I don’t think i have a problem blending in there….


    1. Myanmar is quite an out dated country and jobs for foreigners are extremely rare. Most jobs opening to foreign expatriates are in the NGO sectors in humanitarian aids. Few jobs in foreign companies working in Myanmar but mostly, they are sent from HQ or other country offices. For your skill, I think you might be able to find in logistic department of some foreign NGOs.

  8. HI GUYS,



  9. Hi There,

    How are you? Would there be any 1/1bedrm/bath,living rm and kitchen apartment for rent in the range of between US$300-400monthly?

    Best regards

  10. Hi Hub,

    With that money you can get a nice apartment with 24 hrs electricity. As you may know Myanmar is famous for insufficient power supply. So, you would want yr apartment with electrical power most of the time. Low end (~60usd/mnth) and mid range(~150usd/mnth) apartments don’t offer generators while there’s no power. So you may hv to use yr own portable generator if you hire mid range which the apartment itself is quite good with a Master bed with bath and one or two extra bed rooms. For some condominiums offer 24hr electricity hwvr you may need to pay for generator costs as extra. Otherwise, jst look for some VIP areas where power is supplied most of the time. So, if you are spending 300~400usd, you can even get an apartment either at a condominium or at a VIP area with electricity, 2 or 3 bed rooms, living room, kitchen, etc. Some of the popular apartments among foreigners are Blazon shopping mall, Ocean super center, Dagon Center, Yankin center which all those places are shopping centers on the ground floor and upper stories are living areas. So, don’t forget to ask abt power supply first if you are hiring an apartment or house or office unless if you really like to stay in nature with a candle.

    1. Hi Myo,

      How are you? Many thanks for your kind information, very much helpful to me…

      Wishing you well…

      You have a good day ahead!

      Best regards

  11. Hi Myo,

    I understand that there is a restriction on taking out foreign currencies when we depart Myanmar…

    My question is how do we transfer money out and what is your recommendation…


    1. Hi Hub,

      Yes, it will be difficult to taking out a lot of foreign currency(USD).
      I think there will not be a problem if you take out under 10,000 USD cos it’s naturally the amount of personal use for traveling.
      But the lesser you take out the safer cos there are strict policy abt money laundering.
      The best way to take out is by using hondi service though it is illegal.
      You will hv to find a good contact while you stay in Myanmar.

  12. Hi Myo,

    I am contemplating a job offer in Myeik. Do you have any information about this place? I would like to know about accomodation/apartment,internet,telephone, food, water, health care, public transport/taxi, supermarket/grocery store,and genral way of life.

    Help me please…. thanks


  13. Hi Cee,

    As I asked through my friends, Myeik is a harbor town as you can see in the maps.
    There are hotels where you can negotiate for long stay.
    If you want to save costs you better hire a house but you will need to arrange yr own facilities.
    Mostly, companies provide accommodations for their foreigner staffs.
    Electrical power supply is like other towns “NO” and you will need a generator of yr own.
    For food, there are only one or two famous restaurants but there are many small local restaurants. You can hv Myanmar foods and Chinese foods as well as Indian food.
    For the water, you can buy purified water for drinking purpose while depend on tube wells for bathing, washing purpose.
    As for communication, there are internet cafes as well as land lines and you can also hire GSM and CDMA mobile phones there.
    You can commute by motorcycle taxi or you can hire some cars/motorcycle in monthly or yearly basis. Buses and trains are not available there.
    But it’s jst a small town, motorcycle will be good enough.
    And there is an airport where they hv daily flights.
    Health care is jst local standard, you will find several clinics and a government general hospital.
    There is no supermarket but grocery stores and there is one main bigger local market.
    You will find plenty of made in Thailand products as Myeik is quite near to Thailand.
    Regarding the living costs, you can refer my previous comment abt living costs in Yangon while that of Myeik is lower.(much lower in some aspects)
    General way of life is quite typical & boring that there are no entertainments except beer pubs and karaokes.
    But if you love the sea and islands, there’s no other place better than Myeik that there are many many beautiful virgin islands and untouched nature.
    Hope this help you.

  14. I am planning to go to Yangon next monthand will be there for the next six months. I am trying to find cheap accommodation but no luck so far, everything looks very expensive. Would it be possible to give me some contacts or details of accomodation 300-400$ in VIP area?
    Do you know how much will cost to hire driver with his own vehicle per month?

    Best regards,

  15. hi,

    u will be able to find once u get there.
    u can search through contacts(colleagues frm yr work) or through agents and brokers.
    call some housing agents that appear in Yangon Directory.
    for the car hiring, u can get arnd 1986-90 Toyota Saloon, or Nissan Saloon with arnd 600-400 usd/mnth(without gasoline).You will costs arnd 100usd/mnth for the driver.

  16. Hey,
    thank you for useful information! Maybe you could help me…
    I have tried to use Skype to call my friend in Burma but it is not working. We can send Skype chat messages but they arrive even days later and calls last only 20 seconds. Have you heard of this kind of problem? He is using Internet cafees.

    Other thing: have you heard how difficult it is for Myanmar citizens to get passport?

    1. Please try Pfingo which is VOIP service from Singapore. Skype has poor reception in Myanmar as internet connection speed is very slow.
      It is not difficult to get a passport for a Myanmar citizen. In the past, yes, but not anymore. However, it takes at least one month to get the passport after your submission. Moreover, you need to submmit many official forms which takes a lot of time, and a bit complicated.

  17. And one more question: what would you recommend to bring as souvenier/gift from Europe for a large but rather poor family living in a small village. What is hard to get or shortage of? Drugs, clothes, toys, baby stuff etc. ? Are there some restictions?

    1. If it is poor family, better to bring some clothes for the family. Clothes are not that expensive but new and modern styles are difficult to find and expensive. And some snacks too.

  18. Hi all, I’m considering taking a job at the International School of Myanmar. I was wondering if you have heard much about the school. Does it have a good reputation? Can you tell me if I can bring my cats with me to live in Yangon?

    Thank you for your help

    1. If it is American International School, it is the most famous school. And most difficult to get in for the students. All US embassy staffs’ children attend that school. But I am not sure of other International schools which do not really have any accreditation. Make sure it is the American International School (there is only one school with the name International School). I am not sure about the cat issue. Have to ask custom, but Burmese custom is not very helpful to answer your questions. However, I used to see a room in Yangon International Airport for Animal Quarantine. May be you can bring, but I do not know the procedure.

      1. Thank you very much for the information. The school I will be teaching at is the International School of Myanmar, located in the Hlaing Township. Have you heard of this school? It has about 900 students and is American credited.

        The school houses it employess at two hotels, Grand MeeYaHta and the Dusit Inya Lake Hotel. I found where I can fly in my cats. I tried calling both hotels to see if they would accept cats. I don’t think they fully understood my question.

        When I lived in Saudi Arabia the customs there would search our bags to the extreme, and even taking everything out of it. Is the customs in Myanmar that strict?

        Again, thank you for all the help.

        1. Myanmar custom at the airport is very lenient and flexible. If you are a foreigner, they will not search much. Even a local like me was never properly searched at the airport. Many times, they never opened my bag. However, if you carry large luggages, they might ask you to see inside. But rarely search thoroughly.

    2. I too am going to be teaching at the International School of Myanmar (NOT Int’l School of Yangon, which is more of the embassy school). Does anyone know about ISM? Things such as the quality of education, quality of students, living conditions for teachers? My wife will also be teaching and my two boys (ages 9 & 10) will be attending the school. I understand it is accredited through Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

      1. oshenborne – I am a teacher in Saipan, testing out new ways to teach students to be forward thinkers.

        We are husband and wife teachers from Oregon and looking at the school you spoke of, ISM. What do you think about the school? You can reach us at Thanks

    3. Hi Goosieboo, are u still working in Yangon? Well Iam an Indian and my husband got a good job offer from Yangon. I am an Internet Savvy so my first concern is facebook usage. Is Facebook blocked at yangon? I also came to know that you cannot access your yahoo and gmail accounts. Please advise.

  19. Myanmar custom officers are not that strict. Most of the time, they will never search you unless you carry large luggages. For foreigners, they will not probably search at all as they just assume foreigners will not bring any taxable goods.

  20. Are items like Advil, Benadryl, and multivitamins easily available? Does the government censor what web site I get on? Would I be able to get on the web to watch my favorite TV shows from the US?

  21. I am getting job in myanmar in fmcg co.and i want to know how much USD or myanmar kyat per month i should ask my company for good would be kind of you to give me reply .

    1. Dear Sandeep, congratulation that you re getting a job in Myanmar. by the way which part?. You can read my comments on top. If you have any suitable for me at Yangon, pl do contact me at ( dgkr4u(at) Reg USD exchange, that vary day to day some time even hrs to hrs.

  22. I am considering accepting a teaching position at Myanmar International of Yangon and would like to ask a few questions that will help me make a descision on moving to Myanmar: In some of the nicer apartments, is it possible to have internet with a decent speed? Fast enough to use Skype? This may be a stupid question and I think I know the answer….but despite the lack of modern luxuries, is it possible to get wifi or at least find wifi in any western style pubs or restaurants? One more question….can I bring my cat with me?

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      It is still difficult to get an internet subscriber line in Yangon, mainly because of lack of available telephone lines. However, some private businesses are setting up wifi services in some apartments and residential areas, although it is not very widespread. You might be able to get one in some apartments, so ask before hiring the room. The speed is slow compared to other countries, but still enough to make skype calls. I can easily make skype calls with my family. However, expect slow speed sometimes. As far as I know, there is no pub or restaurant that offers wifi service, but it might change in the near future.

      About cat, it will be difficult to bring, but you can ask the Myanmar embassy about it.

    2. There are now around 10 cafes/bars that offer free wifi access for the customers. I do not have the address but will update once i know the address of these cafes.

  23. Wow, loads of great information here. I am considering a job offer offer in Rangoon that would pay about 40000 Thai Bhat a month. What kind of standard of living can I have with this, considering I want to save if I can. I also like to get out and have a few beers at the weekend . . . is a night out expensive in Burma, is the local beer good ? 🙂 I know there isn’t a thriving night-life, and I’m more interested in going to places with locals rather than loads of other expats. Thanks for the advice!

    1. Dear Daz,

      With that money, you can be living as a middle class here and you gonna bring back some money back home.
      You can hire an apartment.
      You can eat out every meal at common restaurants(not road side)
      You can take a taxi every time you go around.
      You can hang out with frens once a week to Bars, Karaoke, etc…
      Ah..sorry you may be able to hire a mobile phone too!
      For night out expense, if you go for a beer pub and drink until you hung-over, it will not cost you more than 15usd.
      Well, local beer, Myanmar Beer is very famous among foreigners.
      I think living expense here is a bit less than in Thailand in most cases.
      I am sure you will hv a good time in Myanmar!

  24. Dear Myo,
    Thanks for the information! I decided to take the job and will go there in 2 weeks. Really looking forward to it!

  25. Hi,

    I am an Indian C.A. and getting an job offer from Yangon. Company is wiling to provide expatriates benefit alongwith child education & chefaur Driver car, & furnished accomodation. With all this what should be an average local salary to live an average decent life at Yangon.

    1. Manoj,

      The salary ought to be in the region of $2000 to lead a decent middle class life. No savings with that money. Mind you the luxuries you get in India are way too expensive [toiletries, home care products etc.]. The travel expenses to/from India is exorbitant in comparison to similar route distances.

      Factor those in and you would looking at a figure of $3000 – 4000.

  26. Does anyone know what is the hospitals like in Yangon? I am possibly moving there and will be working at an embassy. I am not sure what the clinics and hospitals are like.

    ALSO, How about traveling for foreigners? Is there a lot to see in the country for excursions? What about U.S. and Western expat community, is it small?

    1. First, hospitals: avoid government hospitals at all cost. The service is not up to international standard. Private hospitals are better, but still far from international standard. In Yangon, there are a few private hospitals that have high standard (compared to local standard) but there is usually a long waiting list to get rooms if you need to be admitted.

      There are a lot to see in Myanmar – most of the country is little explored. Rich in culture and tradition as well as varied cultural tradition among various ethnic groups.

      Very very small western expat community, except French Total gas company.

  27. Hi,

    I just came back from Myanmar for the vacation, its very beautiful and lovely country, i love the peoples over there and i’ve fallen in love with a chinese guy who lives in Rangoon, so i would like to find a job there. Right now i m working in shanghai, i can speak French,english and chinese and i have a master degree in management. could you give me some suggestions to find a job in Rangoon? Thank You very much, it would be kind of you to give me reply.

    1. If you are not an expat, it will be difficult for you to get a good salary job.
      But with yr multi language capability, I think you are fit for some international schools, hotels and tour companies.
      Hotels mostly looking for marketing managers with multi language scales.

    2. bonjour
      je suis actuellement a shanghai chez des amis pour creation d ecoles maternel et halte garderie,
      je serai a yangoon debut fevrier et recherche des contacts pour monter un commerce
      merci de prendre contact
      forissier antoine

      1. Salut Antoine,

        J’espere que tu vas bien et ton passage a Rangoon s’est bien passe. J’ai l’intention de venir a Rangoon mi octobre dans le but de sonder le terrain afin d’investir dans un ou plussieurs commerce. As-tu reussi ton projet de monter un commerce?

        Merci d’avance pour ton feedback!

        A bientot


  28. Manoj,

    The salary ought to be in the region of $2000 to lead a decent middle class life. No savings with that money. Mind you the luxuries you get in India are way too expensive [toiletries, home care products etc.]. The travel expenses to/from India is exorbitant in comparison to similar route distances.

    Factor those in and you would looking at a figure of $3000 – 4000.

  29. Hi! I’m coming to Yangon, and plan to stay there for a year, or at least 6 months. The company I will be associated with has arranged a hotel for me to stay in, but I’m really very keen to study the Myanmar language, including reading and writing. I fell in love with the sounds of the language when I met some Myanmar people in northern Thailand, and I would love to be able to communicate with local people while I’m in Yangon. My questiom is, is it possible to rent a room as homestay, i.e. with a family or even just an elderly person who could use the extra income and who wouldn’t mind tutoring me in the evenings? I don’t want to create any trouble or attract unwanted attention from the authorities, but I’m worried that an arrangement like this would do just that. I know this is an especially sensitive time in the country, too.

    Any thoughts you could share on this topic would be most appreciated–thank you for creating such a great site!

  30. I am soon coming to visit Yangon. I’ve heard the best nightclub is Emperor, because the girls are young and cheap. Is that the best place? What hotels do not ask for the girls id?
    What about ganja? Is it available to competitive prices? Can i get in trouble for small amounts (about 50-100gr) weed, or is it better to buy 10 gr every day? Can i get by on a budget of about 300$/day or should i take more cash? The youngest and sweetest girls go for around 100$ long-time, and streetwalkers for 5-20$, right? Are there a lot of street-dealers if you wanna try some local horse? Any news on VoA after the elections?


  31. Hi
    I’m considering to accept a job offer in Yangoon. Honestly I have no idea about the living cost. what i wonder is how is the situation for decent houses or modern apartments. are there any? if so, what should i calculate for one with 24hr electricity/aircon (generator?). housing for me is very important as i’m going to have a very tough and demanding job. i will have a salary of approx usd4000 and i wonder how well i can live there (no kids, no family). do you suggest to rent a house or a flat?

    thanks a lot

  32. Hi,

    Some advice needed.
    I am a Singaporean living in Bangkok, and I have a domestic helper who is from Myanmar.
    As I will be going back to my home country in 1 month’s time, I had offered my helper a job in Singapore and she had agreed. But the problem is, she only has a passport that allows her to travel to and work in Thailand, not to Singapore.
    We went to the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, and they told her that it would cost her around 1500 Singapore dollars to apply for a passport to go Singapore. Is this true?
    Can you give us any advice on this issue?

    Thank you.

    1. It seems your housemaid is a migrant worker who is working in Thailand with a temporary passport. They are not real passports, but a temporary one issued with the agreement with the Thai government so that they can work legally without being arrested. As such, they cannot be used outside Thailand. For her, the best way is to go back to Burma, and apply for a proper passport, which is now quite easy. It will cost her not more than 200 Singapore dollar. But be careful, as some people try to cheat them by telling them it is very difficult. It takes around one month to get the passport. The difficult part would be to get a Singapore visa. That might be quite difficult.

      1. Dear Bamarlay,

        Thank you so much for your reply.
        You are so right, from the staff the the embassy, to her friends and acquaintance, they keep telling her that to apply for the passport, it will cost her USD 1000!
        I am willing to sponsor her trip back to Myanmar to apply for her passport, but I’m afraid that she’ll get cheated as she’s still young and gullible.
        As for her visa to work in Singapore, I will try my best to have them sorted out.
        Once again, thank you for your advice.

  33. Hello myo,
    I am coming to Yangon in about 6 you have a guide service that can walk me thru setting up in The city to live for a while,Cheers.

  34. Hi I am an Australian who has recently married a burmese man. I have not been to Burma yet but would like to spend several years living there with my husband. I am considering getting a certificate to teach English to foreigners but do not have a university degree. I am told it would be easy for me to get work teaching students privately. is this true? With the political situation even more unstable now, how easy is it for a foreigner to live in the community. How large is the expat community. And how safe are foreigners? Thank you for a great site.

    1. The first step would be to get a marriage visa. You can get one month marriage visa (called social media), which you can extent to 3 months, then 6 months and afterwards one year (not sure about one year extension). The catch is, once you get out of the country, you have to start the whole process again, from one month. Once you are in the country, there is no problem giving private English tutorials. Shouldn’t have any problem. But better if you have experience teaching English as you need good word of mouth advertising. It is very safe for a foreigner to stay in Myanmar; no body would harm you.

      1. Hi Bamarlay,

        I am Indonesian girl who fall in love with Burmese guy who stay in Hpa-an. We plan to get married. And my boyfriend ask me to stay in Myanmar together with him. What is the best way for us to getting married seems I heard that is difficult to do that in Myanmar, some article advise to get married in Thailand or Singapore only? What is the procedure and how much the cost to apply marriage visa? Thanks.

        1. I think the best way is to get married in Singapore. No question ask. No document to submit. Very easy. In Thailand, you need to submit a letter from the embassy which states that you are single. Well, Myanmar embassy will not issue that document. That is a problem, unless you know some channel. For getting married in Singapore, please see Registry of Marriage Singapore.

          1. Thanks Bamarlay for your quick reply.

            This week is my flight to Yangon. I think I will go to Myanmar embassy first and my embassy there to get some details information and advices. If cannot make it to getting married in Myanmar or my own country, I have no choice to get married in Singapore only. Is it possible for me to stay in Myanmar after get married and spent my life there with my future husband? And what is the procedure and how much the cost? Please give me some advices. Thanks!

  35. hi, i am from Delhi(India), have got an offer for Yangon for 3 yrs. I have some queries –

    1. Is mobile phone communication and internet is a big problem in Yangon? Can i check my Gmail,Rediffmail acount and what is cost of net surfing in USD?

    2. Official rate of 1 USD ~ 6.7 MMK (kyat)and in local market 1 USD ~ 1200 or 1300 MMK, what is this confusion.

    3. I am a simple guy and having a moderate lifestyle have got the offer of 1000 USD per month excluding company provided accommodation, How much maximum i can save from this?
    expecting answer from experienced person.
    thanks and regards

    1. 1. If you are in Yangon, you can easily hire a mobile phone. The signal is a lot better recently. Internet is also fast most of the time, but as a foreigner, you cannot officially rent an internet line. For gmail, use https protocol instead of http. http is blocked but strangely, https is not. If you find difficulty, ask the internet cafe for help. They have secret ways to connect to gmail. 🙂
      2. There is no confusion, official rate is a joke. Everybody use the black market (REAL) rate.

      3. I cannot exactly tell you how much you will be able to save. But I believe a minimum of 500 US dollar, depending on how you spend the rest. Try to negotiate with the company to get a a mobile phone and pay for the bills.

  36. hi, i am from Delhi(India), have got an offer for Yangon for 3 yrs. I have some queries –

    1. Is mobile phone communication and internet is a big problem in Yangon? Can i check my Gmail,Rediffmail acount and what is cost of net surfing in USD?

    2. Official rate of 1 USD ~ 6.7 MMK (kyat)and in local market 1 USD ~ 1200 or 1300 MMK, what is this confusion.

    3. I am a simple guy and having a moderate lifestyle have got the offer of 1000 USD per month excluding company provided accommodation, How much maximum i can save from this?
    expecting answer from experienced person.
    thanks and regards

  37. Sorry for my late comment,

    1) There are occasional line trouble or intentional break down of internet connections but most of the time you will be connected.
    Surfing rate is arnd 0.35$ to 0.59$ per hour.
    2) As you know USD is weakening, so today rate is 820ks/usd. That means you will get lesser Myanmar Kyats, 🙁
    3) Like Bamalay said, it depends on how you spend but I also think you can save at least 500usd/mnth. Try to nego with yr company for accommodation, transport and communication as they are major parts of yr expense.


  38. Dear Mr. Myo, Mr. Bamarlay,
    Thanks for your answer. If Gmail, Rediffmail or Yahoomail are easily accessible it solves a lot of my worry. My another query is –
    1. Apart for my mother-tongue Hindi, I speak and write English well. Is it sufficient for communication woth Business Class?
    2. I use net-banking (self Banking transaction through internet websites) for banking transaction in all my saving and current account with Indian Banks like State Bank of India, ICICI or Standard Chartered. Am i able to open all these banks website and is it safe to do net-banking in Yongon Cyber Cafe?
    3. I have a seasonal breathing problem like Asthma, Is good medical facility available in Yongon or I should carry my medicines from India?
    4. I am 100% vegetarian till now do i need to change it to survive in Yongon?
    5. Pls guide me about shopping, I must do from India before coming to Yongon.
    Hope you will answer soon.

    1. 1. English is enough to communicate with business community. Many educated people in Myanmar can speak English.
      2. I am not sure as many US banks block transaction from Myanmar. Never do online banking from an internet cafe. If you need to do, negotiate with the internet cafe to let you use your laptop.
      3. For a chronic disease like Asthma, there is no problem. You can easily buy drugs in Yangon.
      4. You can find some vegetarian restaurants in Yangon. Ask your colleagues for guide. Many Hindi restaurants are vegetarian.
      5. For Indian food and food ingredient, there us a big Indian community in Yangon. You can buy many Indian products here. Electronics are also easy to buy. If you prefer top western packed food, you should bring with you as the selection is poor here.
      If you can speak fluent Hindi, you can find many Indian friends here.

  39. Dear Mr.BamarLay & Mr. Myo,

    Pls also guide me about vaccination requirement like Hepatitis B, Yellow fever, malaria etc before coming to Yongoon.
    for your information i am resident of India lives in New Delhi.

    thanks in advance.


    1. There is no regulation about vaccination to enter Myanmar. Some advice is given below.
      1. Hepatitis A and B (very common in Myanmar)
      2. Typhoid
      3. Rabies (lots of street dogs, none of them vaccinated against rabies)

      There is no vaccine against malaria and drug prophylaxis against malaria is ineffective and not recommended. Myanmar is not a Yellow Fever country.

      Be careful of what you eat and what you drink. Watery diarrhea and dysentery are very common in Myanmar and there are frequent small scale outbreaks of Cholera in Myanmar.

  40. Hi!

    I’m starting an internship next month in Myanmar and I have one main problem: money!
    I know that they are no atms, no western union, apparently nothing to get cash out in myanmar. The thing is I’m gonna stay 4 months and I don’t think 2000 dollars us (limit allowed I presume?) will be enough. Will it be possible/easy/worth opening a bank account in Yangon? Otherwise, what are my possibilities? I was thinking about crossing border back to Thailand once in my trip to get some cash if really needed but I would rather not because then I should take a very expensive mutliple entry visa.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!


    1. Do not open a bank account. It is useless. You cannot accept money easily from other country, and there are many rules and regulations. Have somebody outside who would send money to you, either from Thai, Singapore or Malaysia. There are tons of money transfer services. When you are in Myanmar, ask your Myanmar colleagues to find one for you; they know where are the services are. Then, ask your friend to contact the other party outside Myanmar.
      Otherwise, just bring enough US dollar for you. As long as it is not too much, there is no problem to bring US dollar into Myanmar. The custom never check the pockets of foreigners. If you are worried, put half of the money in your wallet and the other half in a bag (don’t put it in the luggage, no airline would guarantee the things you put in your luggage.

  41. oshenborne – I am a teacher in Saipan, testing out new ways to teach students to be forward thinkers.

    Can anyone tell me about the International School of Myanmar? I am hearing some troubling comments about it not having resources for teachers and such. Has anyone heard anything about ISM that might shed some light on it?

  42. Dear Sir,

    Am Rev.Father Fabson Smith, am making a plan to have a private hospital or Private School in your country base on the information’s i acquired that Private School Project is one of the lucrative Business in your country now after Real Estate which every professional business owners knows from time.

    With due respect Sir if i may ask you what are the procedure of getting land and necessary step to be taking before this Project can be allow in your country and the best location for this Project when we talk about land and i think you can provide me details for these information’s i ask ?.
    Hope to hear from you as soon as possible thanks so much for your assistance to be render.


  43. Hello! I have been offered a job at the International School of Myanmar and I need to make a decision very quickly. I would like to go for it but I do have some concerns. I am mainly worried that I will get bored. Will there be plenty to do in the evenings and on weekends? What about bars or clubs? Are there any malls in Yangon? How cheap are the flights to Bangkok (if I wantd to go for a long weekend). Any info on the city would be appreciated.

    1. To tell you the truth, there is not much in Yangon to do at night time. There are a few bars and night clubs in Yangon, and a few malls. But they are nothing compared to other neighbouring countries. Flight to Bangkok usually cost US$ 200 – 250 two way return.

  44. Hi,
    I am from Mumbai & been offered a job in Yangon. I will be relocating with my wife & a kid (1yr old). Company is providing me chauffeur, car, fully furnished appt & once a year return fair to my home country (India).
    I would like to know:
    Whats tax structure in Yangon ?
    Which cars are available in Yangon (I am a car freak 😉 )
    How much should I earn over & above the offered benefits to save approx 2000 USD/month. (Would dine outside 3-4 times/month)
    What are the working hours & working days in Yangon 😉
    Which are the good locations for expats to stay

    1. Tax for foreigners and Myanmar citizens who earn their salary in foriegn currency – all earnings are taxed at 10% in foreign currency. This applies whether earn inside Myanmar or outside for Myanmar citizens.
      Cars? If you are a car freak, you will be really disappointed. Most cars in Myanmar are out dated, cheap, worn out Japanese cars selling at more than ten times their actual price. Forget about it!
      For a moderate spemder, the cost of living would not exceed US$ 500. Don’t forget the tax 10% plus tax you might have to pay to your government.
      Working hours are usually from 8 to 4 or 8 to 5. Officially, both Saturday and Sunday are holidays, but some private companies open half day Saturday (or every alternate Saturday, full day). Some private companies close both Saturday and Sunday.
      For expats to stay in Yangon, there are service apartments/service residents around Inya Lake and in downtown Yangon (but very few). Better option is to rent a house, but I am not sure your company will pay for renting a house. All service apartments/resodemts in Yangon are in good locations.

  45. Hi!

    My husband is considering a job being offered to him there in Yangon. We are also asians from the Southeast Asia. We have a 3 year old child. I know that living conditions there in Yangon is ok and security is also good based from the forums I have read.

    However, I would just like to know the following and hoping for somebody to shed a light on each concerns I have.

    1. How are the hospitals there (private). Are these private hospitals can attend efficiently to health concerns esp to a child ie emergency case?

    2. How are the food being served in the restaurants? Are they really clean and are the workers do observe proper hygiene in handling food? This is very important to know as my child has contracted amoebiasis when he was 2 and the amoeba cells will forever be in his tummy and if there are some bad bacteria that will be present in his tummy through food that are not well properly handled, this might cause health problem to him. That’s why I am also concerned about the food in the restaurants.

    3. How far is the international airport from Inka Lake hotel? from Grand Mee ya hta?

    4. Is internet connection doing good at this point in time?

    5. How is the International School of Myanmar? Any idea about this school?

    Thanks so much for the information that will be given in the abovementioned concerns.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Here are the answers.
      1. Private hospitals in Myanmar are definitely better than public hospitals but they are no where near hospitals in neighbouring countries like Thailand. This is especially true for children with emergency situation as most private hospitals are not equip up to the standard of treating childhood medical emergencies. However, in this case, you can bring to the public Children’s Hospital (two hospitals in Yangon).
      2. Food served in most high end restaurants are clean up to a certain level but I do not know whethr they really enforce hygiene practice in the kitchen or how much. If you are worried, you can prepare food at home for the baby. For outings, you can bring him to high end restaurants served at the international hotels.
      3. It will take not more than 30 minutes from Inya Lake Hotel to airport (if you drive fast and no need to stop at traffic lights, you can reach to the Airport within 15 minutes). From Grand Mee Ya Hta Residents, it will normally take around 45 minutes.
      4. Internet connection is slow at most of the time (they are faster than dial up but not as fast as real broadband). However, you can still use Gtalk and Skype.
      5. I have no idea about this school.

  46. Hello,
    This is a great site – thank you for the great information!

    I have accepted a job in Mandalay and was wondering if you provide me with some information about the city.

    I would like to rent a serviced apartment any recommendations?

    What about internet, telephone, food, water, health care, public transport/taxi, supermarket/grocery store,and genral way of life.

    Thank you, Roley

    1. I do not have much information about Mandalay for expatriates. Most of the knowledge about Mandalay are concerning tourism aspect of the city. However, here are a few points for your questions.
      – I do not know of any serviced apartments in Mandalay. May be they have one now but as far as I know, there is no serviced apartments in Mandalay. You might need to rent a house (but Mandalay is not a usual city for foreign expatriates).
      – Internet is good, with many internet cafes. Fees is also cheap. You can use both GSM and CDMA in Mandalay. Good food – Myanmar, Chinese, Indian, Shan and western food. Health care is more or less the same as in Yangon but not as good as in neighbouring Thailand. Your company should insure you with international health care services like SOS.
      – water s from Irrawaddy (Ayeyarwaddy) River. Not bad for domestic use but not suitable for drinking.
      – Public transport is very poor in Mandalay. Very few taxi. You can hire trishaw for short distance travel. Buses are very few, very slow and do not cover the whole town. Get a motorcycle (or ask your employer to get you a car). You should bring your international licence and get a local licence here.
      – There are a few super markets in Mandalay but they mostly sell Chinese products and a few products from Thailand. They are not as convenient as in Yangon.
      – General way of life? Well … Mandalay is an old Burmese town with dying Burmese population and growing Chinese population and influence. The down town Mandalay starts to look like a chinese city.

      For tourist information on Mandalay, please see the posts listed on the following page: Myanmar Places and destinations.

  47. Than you so much Bamarlay for answering each of my concerns. Follow up question though, for an emergency case for example and we need to fly to Thailand on an emergency case, is the flight readily available like 24/7?

    And are there clothings for everday wear that are allowable and notvallowable. I know if you are gping to visit temples one should dress properly and decently. Is wearing shorts acceptable?

    Thanks do much once again!

    1. Around 5 or 6 flights are currently running between Bangkok and Yangon. The earliest flight leaves around 7 in the morning and the last flight leaves at around 8 PM. Tickets can be purchased through travel agencies, but cannot be purchased at the airport. Thai airways tickets can be purchased online but due to embargo from Visa and Master cards, both of which are US institutions, paying online using Myanmar ip address might not be possible.

      For clothing for visiting a Pagoda, shorts are strictly prohibited. However, for general outdoor activities, shorts are permissible and generally well tolerated, apart from some turning eyes from guys.

      1. [quote=Bamarlay]Thai airways tickets can be purchased online but due to embargo from Visa and Master cards, both of which are US institutions, paying online using Myanmar ip address might not be possible.[/quote]

        Just to put my experience in since I’m former Myanmar living in US, I was visiting Myanmar a couple months ago ( April 2011 ) and needed to reserve a hotel in Hong Kong. I reserved and paid for it with American Express and there was no problem there. So I think they don’t filter you with your IP address. I think if you are paying foreign companies with foreign based currencies, that should post no problem. If you were to pay Myanmar based companies such as Myanmar Air International or BaganAir or the likes with foreign based cards such as American Express or Visa, then it would be the problem, I believed.

        1. Hey,

          I am an INDIAN and My wife and I (both in our early 30s and we have 5 month baby girl) will be moving to Myanmar for a year to work for telecom company. Before we fully commit to moving, I have a few questions about the lifestyle there.

          #1) How are the accommodations? Are there houses to rent, or is it mainly apartment blocks?

          #2) What is approximately the price range to expect? Do you know any internet links of any residences to we can have an idea? ie: Sakura I have found… anyone know of any others?

          #3) Are the blocks the easiest way to go? Is there any sense of life in the blocks at all? We would ideally like to live near walking distance to the center… is that possible or no chance?

          #4) When choosing a house, what should we absolutely be looking for?

          #5) What will be costing of hospital and medical facility as i have 5 months baby.

          #6) I am pure vegetarian and where i will get the Indian food stuffs?

          #7) What will be transportation cost or what will be cost of used vehicle?

          #8) What will be cost of international calling and is there any other services from where we can buy cheap international calling cards?

          #9) How is the night life as i am crazy party animal.

          #10) Last one…what will be approx budget to leave in Myanmar.

  48. Thank you so much for the answers and for additional informations! You helped me a lot Bamarlay!

    Pardon me if I will ask again. I read somewhere about malaria case in Myanmar. Is malaria rampant in the city or just in those areas where there are more greens i.e trees bushes grasses? I am planning to bring many insect repellants for the whole family.

    Thank you once again!

    1. [quote= yamej]I read somewhere about malaria case in Myanmar. Is malaria rampant in the city or just in those areas where there are more greens i.e trees bushes grasses? I am planning to bring many insect repellants for the whole family.[/quote]

      As I’ve said above, I just came back from Myanmar. I have 4 years old son and 2 1/2 years old daughter with us. I have my kids’ pediatrician checked against WHO/US HealthCheck list and was told that so long as we’re staying in Yangon, we do not need to put kids through Malaria preventive regiment. But when we went to Upper Myanmar ( Mandalay and PyinOoLwin area ), we had to give them pills two days before travel through 7 days after departure. For adults, just careful not to get bitten too much mosquitoes. 🙂 Stay in good reputable air-coned hotels, avoid dark places, etc…

  49. Hi

    Im thinking about applying for a teaching job with the Total Learning Academy in Yangon (or possibly one of 5 other locations within Myanmar). Does anyone know anything about this school? It advertises as being a holistic school for kids which would be interesting if true.


    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      Sorry that I don’t know about that (or most private schools) as I don’t have a school going age children. I will ask others about it.

  50. thinking moving to burma,thailand to restrictive on expats.would proablt teach english through privteintroductions.i am on social security ,have about 1,ooo us dollars per month.question how can i receive this in burma without atms or opening bank account.also how to gain long term visa.thanks seattleguy

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      Legally, it would be difficult. Even if you are allowed, it is difficult to bring it out. And long term visa is more difficult in Myanmar than in Thailand. There is only work visa in Myanmar.

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      Ask your bank. Probably, they will say they cannot do it. There is no Western Union in Myanmar. Probably, the only way is to use underground money transfers. All Myanmar people outside the country use this way to send money back home.

      1. Due to economic embargo from US and EU, currently there is no wire transfer service to Myanmar ( at least legally ). Do as Bamarlay suggested, very realistic approach.

  51. It is possible to buy motorcycles or motorbikes in Yangon and are these an economic form of transport. How much should I expect to pay for a bike compared with what is availbale in Bangkok >

    Thanks in advnace for your reply

  52. Greetings again

    I noticed that the Myanmar government is keen to attract foreign investment to stimulate economic growth. With this in mind, is it possible for foreigners to directly invest in tourism by either buying tourist hotels or by becoming actively involved in the development of tourist sites and facilities ?

    Many thanks again


  53. Hi Barmalay, I have gone through all the Q&A and thanks a lot for useful information. It means a lot to all of us who are considering a job opportunity in Yangon.
    I am an Indian. My main concern is Internet usage..Is Facebook banned in Yangon?( honestly speaking i can not live without facebook) Is it possible to use gmail and yahoo a/cs? Is Skype phone call available at Yangon?
    My son will have to take admission in Year 10 in international school? Would he get admission easily? I want him to put in IB curriculum ( International Baccalaureate, which school would you recommend out of 3 International school at yangon?
    Please reply asap. Many thanks!

    1. 1. Facebook is available in Myanmar. It is not banned yet until now.
      2. Gmail can be used using https protocol. For yahoo, you need proxy.
      3. For school, I am not sure. The American international school has the highest standard, most difficult to enter and most expensive.

  54. Hi Barmalay, i have read all Q&A listed in this website and really thank you for useful information. My husband is also considering a job opportunity at Yangon. My main concern is internet facility. Can one use Facebook at Yangon? ( i have heard from someone that its banned at yangon) Can we use our gmail and yahoo mail a/c as well as google talk and yahoo messenger?
    What about Skype to Skype calling?
    My son would have to take admission in Year 10 in International school? Which one is best among all the schools in Town if i want to put my son in IB curriculum. (International Baccalaureate)
    Please reply asap as your timely help would help me to take the decision. Best Regards.

  55. Hi Bamarlay..iam not able to post my query here as every time it appears that ur comment waiting for moderation and few minutes i saw my message being washed out. can u pass your email id asap? thankx

  56. One more question, Is you tube blocked in Yangon?
    Good to know that Facebook works well at Yangon. My Facebook a/c is attached to rediffmail ( india website) and my husband’s facebook is attached to hotmail id. Would it be easy to open FB? If you will recommend then i can open new Gmail a/c and will connect my FB to it. Thanx!

    1. Is you tube blocked in Yangon? How can one listen to indian music at yangon? Can we use Google search to find information?My Facebook a/c is attached to rediffmail and my husband’s facebook is attached to hotmail id. Would it be easy to open FB? If you will recommend then i can open new Gmail a/c and will connect my FB to it. Thanx!

  57. Hi Bamarlay,
    I have a job as a Sales Manager in Yangon I am not familiar with Myanmar and my contract is 2 years just would like to ask the working environment and the do i need to bring my cell phone in yangon .Do i need to declare it when entering myanmar airport from thailand ? What do i need to declare? Are they strict to foreigners ? Thanks a lot

    1. Working environment for foreigners is quite pleasant in Myanmar. Your colleagues will be very supportive to you. You can bring your cell phone but you will need a Myanmar SIM card which is quite expensive. There are two network types gsm and cdma. Cdma is cheaper. Usually you don’t need to declare your cell phone and custom is not strict for foreigners.

  58. To anyone… in Myanmar I’m a British citizen and would like
    to work and live in Myanmar.. I am a Graphics pro but any job
    I’m capable of will be ok ……

    If anybody is able to Help me Please reply to
    Many Thanks. Jimmy..

  59. Thanks a lot for the wonderful information you are availing. I am considering moving to Yangon for a job with an international organization. I would like to know whether international organization employees are taxed? What is the current rental rates in the VIP area?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. All NGO employees are taxed at 10% flat rate. The rental depends on type of building and location. It will be a few hundred dollars a month at serviced apartments to a few thousands for single house in a good location.

  60. I am indonesia and married with myanmar lady. we would like to stay in yangon. is there any good indonesian school in yangon? what kind of nationality attending that school?
    What kind of visa we need to apply for my 4 yeras old son inorder to stay in yangon. is it expesive to stay there as an expats.

    1. There is no Indonesian school in Yangon but there are international school and diplomatic school for children from diplomatic and expatriates community. You can apply for social visa and get extension when you arrive to Yangon. For an expatriate, living cost is quite cheap but with current exchange rate, the prices when converted to US dollar is more expensive than in the past.

    1. Dear sir,

      what a great website 🙂 i would like to ask, how easy is it to get a passport if you live in Mon state. i am goin with my boyfriend to get one but i would like to know what documents i need, application form? how do i start the process and what all do i need? how much? any information i appreciate. Thank YOu

      1. You will need to bring:
        – ID card
        – Household registration card (form 10)
        – Educational clearance if you are university graduate
        – certificate of good standing from township police station

        I think that is all. One thing, don’t go to passport agents. It is now very easy to get a passport. Do everything yourself.

        1. Hi Bamarlay,
          Thank you for all of the good information.
          We are considering a donation to the Yangon Children’s Hospital. We arrive nov 6 until 13.
          I need the email address where I can reach The Minister of Health directly and The Director of The Yangon Children’s Hospital.
          It would be a great help if you could please send these two email addresses and any other contact details such as names to my email address.
          thank you very much
          ed wayne

  61. Dear Sir,
    Am an Indian living in Pondicherry/South India. I am very much interested about Yangon/Myanmar and would love to contact middle
    class family to know more about culture, people and family life.
    Could you help me find like minded people for interaction and so on.

  62. Hi Everyone,
    First congrats to Bamarlay for a great blog/website.
    I have extensive experience in the Education (international schools) teaching, applying for Biz visa, visa runs, accommodation arrangements, company incorporation, land and real estate purchase (legally) and other aspects of biz and society in Myanmar, please feel free to write to me at
    Right now I need one expat teacher (with/without Drama background), thanks.
    Together with Bamarlay I wish to welcome everyone to visit Myanmar.
    I saw a lot of comments regarding safety in Myanmar, look at it this way, “When I go home at 2am in the morning in Yangon and very vulnerable the only thing I am afraid of is what my wife is going to say!.

  63. We are pleased to announce that China Union Pay services are now available in Yangon.
    Your Chinese guests are now able to use their back debit/credit CUP cards to make purchases in Yangon.
    We will soon expand the services to include Mandalay and NayPyitaw, and also other services such as hotels and restaurants.
    Please feel free to contact me at, for information about using China Union Pay for payment of your services.

    Currently we have the first two locations where the CUP cards can be used, they are;

    Eastern Star Jade and Jewellery
    No. 156, West Wing,
    Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon

    Lin Yaung Chi
    Jade, Gems Art and Jewellery Production Co., Ltd
    No. 6-99, Front Wing, Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon

    The banks that issue CUP cards are;
    There are all three Banks in Singapore issuing the CUP Cards.
    1. UOB
    2. Bank Of China ( Singapore Branch )
    3. ICBC ( Singapore Branch )

    For more details u can Google.

    In addition, ten foreign banks have the right to issue UnionPay debit cards in China:

    Standard Chartered Bank
    Bank of East Asia
    Hang Seng Bank
    Woori Bank (as of May 2009)
    Development Bank of Singapore (as of July 2009)
    Hana Bank (as of November 2009)
    Wing Hang Bank (as of 2010)
    OCBC Bank (as of 2010)

    Please ask your bank to see if they issue CUP cards.

  64. Hi there, I was wondering what the gay scene is like in Rangoon (if there is one) and if there any laws regarding homosexuality in Burma?
    Any information would be great. Many thanks!

    1. Homosexuality is punishable by law in Myanmar. Gay culture is also still a taboo in Myanmar although there are prominent gays in beauty and entertainment industry.

  65. Hi Everyone,

    Excellent forum Bamarlay, very informative. A quick question – are there currently any financial services companies in Myanmar helping expats with their money held offshore? I’ve done extensive internet searches and not found any, but presumably expats in Myanmar still need assistance with investments and insurance?!?

    If anyone has any information/feedback/thoughts on the existence of such companies, the demand for such services, the legal position regarding them, or how expats look after their finances at the moment, it’d be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


  66. am from india working as 3/er in cargo ships holding indian certificates,is it possible to enter to myanmar shipping and any websites r contacts to apply,b’coz had been to myanmar many times ,i love the country and love a girl thre too,thanks

  67. does anyone know a good safe reliable place to rent a good dual purpose type motocycle in myanmar/burma really need help on this one! ;9)


  68. United Karate-Aikido Combat Dojo
    No. 267, 5th Floor Pyay Road (front of Dagon Center II)
    Myaynigone, Sanchaung Tsp
    Tel: 095077634, 095670442
    Monday, Wednesday, 18:00 to 20:00 – Sports Karate
    Friday, 18:00 to 20:00 – Combat Karate (Sayargyi U Thaung Din Style)

    Member fees – 15,000 Kyats Registration
    Monthly – 10,000 Kyats

    United Club old members: FOC Registration
    Monthly – 50% off

    All are welcome

  69. Hello.
    I am thinking of opening a restaurant/cafe, possibly with accomodation, in Myanmar. I am from the UK and my business partner is from Myanmar. Is there somewhere I can find out regulations etc? What sort of financial outlay would be required for a reasonably simple restuarant, probably not in Yangon, but somewhere likely to pick up some tourist traffic? What sort of rental cost would I expect to pay for this sort of business? Would I be better off looking at buying a property even if this was in my business partner’s name?
    My business partner is the chef and has 11 years experience in catering and tourist accomodation and my involvement would be to provide the finance.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Dear Adrian,

      If you are thinking about investing, the best way is to come and hv a look here.
      You can discuss with some business/legal consultants as well as you can check the land hiring price with local agents are the rent rates are very diverse depending on the location.
      If you want continuous traffic, you better open at Yangon because tourism is still seasonal industry so far. If you open at Yangon you can expect to catch business tours that doesn’t have seasonal nature.
      Buying a property in yr partner name, well it depends on how much yr partner is reliable.
      Of course buying property has good advantages as if you do a business there, it is stable(not like rental place) and the property price is sure to be increased in the future, it is a kind of investment but you hv to think abt the reliability of yr partner.
      Following is a good consultancy firm if you happen to come here, you can pay a visit.

      Mr. Win Htut Aung
      Win Htut Aung & Associates
      No.158/168, Rm.19(1st Floor),
      Mahabandoola Garden Street,
      Kyauktada P.O,
      Yangon, Myanmar
      All sort of services relating to business/legal consulting, company formation/liquidation, Accounting & Auditing, Research,


  70. I am an American seriously considering a job based in Yangon for several years but have a lot of questions:
    1) Money – I have read that ATM’s are nonexistent in Burma, and its a USD cash based economy. I will get paid in USD so the next obvious question is, how do I get access to my money if there are no ATM’s ?
    2) Housing – The company will pay for housing and I will need an apartment with 24 hour reliable power and, hopefully, internet (preferably wifi if possible) – can I find these type of accomodations in Yangon and, if so, how much should the company expect to pay ?
    3) Basic necessities: once I move to Yangon, I will need to buy home furnishings, cleaning supplies, personal grooming/cleaning supplies, etc. Where can I find these in Yangon ?
    4) How large is the expat community in Yangon ? Any networking groups for expats ?
    5) Internet – will I need to use a VPN to access websites such as Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc.? I currently live in Shanghai, China and am very familiar with VPN’s.

    1. TCL,

      Below advice might help your questions;

      1) Money- Since it is cash base, you can ask your company to pay some portion of your salary in USD cash(I am sure you will take the rest portion at America) and no strange this is what all foreign companies doing in Myanmar.
      Most important thing is jst bring USD in cash when you first come to Myanmar.(May be 10-20k)

      2) Housing- There are service apartments run by Japanese companies and you can get all the service you mention. You may hv to pay abt 2000 to 3500usd/month.

      3) Basic Necessities- Dont’ worry, Myanmar is not in civil war. You can buy all the things you want from local private shops and supermarkets.

      4) Sorry, no idea but I guess not so many as yet.

      5) Internet- This is still problem thing. The internet speed is most of the time slow but when it is ok, it is ok.
      There is no VPN unless if yr company itself set it up but you can use yahoo, gmail, skype directly.

      In conclusion, infrastructure wise, Myanmar has still many rooms to develop but I am sure you will come to love Myanmar.


      1. HI MYO,


        THANK YOU .

  71. I am considering setting up a consulting business in Myanmar please advise what papers are required to get and how to apply.

    1. A work Permit
    2. A residence Permit (if they are different)
    3. A business Licence

    Thanks in Advance

    1. James
      I’m interested to hear what sort of consulting business you are looking to set up in Myanmar as I was thinking along the same lines. What country are you currently based in? I’m Australian.

  72. James,

    There are times consultants need a consultant.
    Pls check with below business consultant.

    Mr. Win Htut Aung
    Win Htut Aung & Associates
    No.158/168, Rm.19(1st Floor),
    Mahabandoola Garden Street,
    Kyauktada P.O,
    Yangon, Myanmar


  73. Hi Myo,

    I have accepted a job offer in Kyaukpyu and will be there from next month. I will be working on the China Oil/Gas Pipeline Pump Station.
    Do you have any information about this place?
    I would like to know about accommodation, internet, telephone, food, water, health care, public transport/taxi, supermarkets and life in general.
    Since one should not rely on credit cards or ATM’s how much money would a single guy need to live there for a month, if the accommodation is provided by the employer?
    I would appreciate your help.

  74. Hi Myo,

    I am planning to get admission in Yangon Technological University for my Degree in Civil Engineering… I have a question that if it is peace in yangoon? I am from Pakistan and currently working here in Dubai. And how much the monthly expenses I need to spend during my studies away from the university dues / expenses.


    Emran Albalushi

    1. I am not sure whether Yangon Technological University accepts foreign students. Yangon is very peaceful. You can even walk the streets at mid night without fearing for criminals. I have no idea how much it will cost for study though. And the quality of teaching has degraded at Yangon Technological University in recent years because of policy of previous military government towards engineering students (who started each and every student uprising).

  75. Dear Sir.
    I have search a couple of hours around the www, To get some information about long stay in Myanmar as a expatiate or retire. Nothing found.

    What could be the best way to obtain a visa fore long term residence?
    And what kind of visa?

    your truly,


    1. There is no long term visa in Myanmar at this moment. No retirement visa nor spouse visa. However, if you have social visit visa, you cam extend up to a year. The only option is to get a work permit now.

  76. Hi

    My Myamar maid contract is ending in August this year. She does not plan to continue working in Singapore. Her concern now is whehter she needs to pay Myanmar government any taxes when she goes home? She was also told that maids are not allowed to come back Singapore to work anymore. Is it true? renewal of passport in Singapore is S$850 whereas if she were to do it in Myanmar, it cost around S$2000?

    1. There will be no income tax since 2012 January though you still need to pay for tax up to the end of 2011. Myanmar women are not allowed to work as maids. Passport renewal in Myanmar will not cost $2000. It is very cheap. Don’t do with so called passport agents. They will charge (cheat) you a lot.

  77. eileenlui – 46, St 108, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Hi there…

    Going to move to Yangon mid-April and need some help with accommodation recommendations. I have no idea where to even begin and google has not turned anything up……

    Would really appreciate the help.

    Thank you!


  78. Thinking of moving to Yangon, need to rent a house for family, I have two young children and a wife. What can I expect to pay, and in what location.

  79. I am a Singaporean and I am in the process of getting myself on a job in Myanmar and will be residing in Yangon very soon. I have to look for my own apartment and hope to get some advice on some of the locations in Yangon where I can get a decent apartment with 24 hours electricity supply and fully furnished with the basic necessities such as fridge, washing machine, tv, microwave oven, cooker etc. Is there housing agent in Yangon that can make the hunting process easier.

  80. Eileen & John,

    Let me reply for both of you in one place.
    What about considering a service apartment rather than a house?
    There are several service apartments like Sakura residence, Golden Hill Tower, Micasa, Marina Residence.
    They have one/two/three room apartments which starting from around 2000usd/mnth which is about the same as a small house in middle class area.
    If you stay at service apartments, you will be free from hassle of taking care of the house and utilities.
    Please google those service apartments for more details.
    Ah, one more thing you really need to hurry up for the reservation!


  81. Hello,

    I am Canadian citizen wishing to work in Myanmar, I was born in Myanmar but left in 1964 at that time it use to be FRC is it still need to be obtained in order to stay in Myanmar? How to get work visa? I have worked in canada for 23 years and looking for job in Yangon I have worked as Sales Manager selling Electronis items like T.v and latter worked at company selling power tools I will appreciate if anybody can hire me.



  82. Hey,

    I am an INDIAN and My wife and I (both in our early 30s and we have 5 month baby girl) will be moving to Myanmar for a year to work for telecom company. Before we fully commit to moving, I have a few questions about the lifestyle there.

    #1) How are the accommodations? Are there houses to rent, or is it mainly apartment blocks?

    #2) What is approximately the price range to expect? Do you know any internet links of any residences to we can have an idea? ie: Sakura I have found… anyone know of any others?

    #3) Are the blocks the easiest way to go? Is there any sense of life in the blocks at all? We would ideally like to live near walking distance to the center… is that possible or no chance?

    #4) When choosing a house, what should we absolutely be looking for?

    #5) What will be costing of hospital and medical facility as i have 5 months baby.

    #6) I am pure vegetarian and where i will get the Indian food stuffs?

    #7) What will be transportation cost or what will be cost of used vehicle?

    #8) What will be cost of international calling and is there any other services from where we can buy cheap international calling cards?

    #9) How is the night life as i am crazy party animal.

    #10) Last one…what will be approx budget to leave in Myanmar.

  83. Hi,

    we are looking for a good production structure to develop a modern jewellery line, ladies apparel, accessories and home decoration. We are interested to develop new products, modern, eco friendly applying local techniques.

    Please send contacts.

  84. Hi My name is John from Australia living in Argentina,I want to come and live in Burma for an extended stay and would like some information on a long term hotel or apartment and meet up with someone that can show me the ropes Cheers.

  85. Dear BAMARLAY.
    Thank you very much for correct information provided by this site.I am staying in Kuwait more than 15 years and working ministry Job. I am Bangladeshi Hindu.But I respect all the religions. Now I want to do something commercial and charitable purpose in Burma, because my fore-fathers were living at the time of Second world war as a wood merchant. Any how I want to set up a modern Clinic and international school . So please give me some information regarding the following matters:-
    1. Land is available there or not how i will purchase or rent this land near the good infrustructure (Electricity-Road- Water supply Etc).
    2. How I will invest there and how cntact with them?
    3. Approximate cost of this two projects (Construction/ permission/ land purchase or rent etc.
    4. Project operating purpose the documents.
    Thanks advance
    Satya Ranjan Sarkar.

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      Land prices near good infrastructures are pretty expensive mainly because good infrastructures are rare to find in Myanmar. For investment , please wait until government submit the new foreign investment law to parliament and approved. Foreigners cannot buy or own land, they can only lease.

      1. Thank you Mr.Bamarlay. Really you are great. Please you keep in touch with this BlOG. Hoping lot of peoples are highly pleasant by your correct information. May lord bless upon you.
        Thanks and regards.

  86. Firstly I would like to say thanks to the website owners for helping so much and taking the time to answer peoples questions. I am currently in Australia, I am a Project Manager by trade looking after residential and commercial buildings, but I also have a lot of marketing and website experience. I would like to come to Myanmar and learn the language and make it a base for the next 10 years. I am 45 now, so pushing on. I dont have a company to sponsor me and was wondering if I came over what would the chances of me picking up some work be? I am not too concerned about the salary as long as my costs are covered as I see this as an opportunity for the future. I have a business brain and can undertake most things I put my mind to. Can anyone advise what I should do? Many thanks Ed

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      I think it is better to enquire at businesses that are planning to invest in Myanmar than to come and find opportunity here as international companies have not physically started their business in Myanmar yet.

  87. Firstly, what a wealth of information is here – may I say… Fantastic!
    I am an English teacher and my husband has just accepted a position being Teacher Trainer in Mandalay starting in September. My husband spent about 15yrs living in Thiland, 4 of those with me. However, I am due to give birth to our first child this July and will be joining my husband near Christmas time with our baby son. Hw will rent somewhere small until I arrive, but I will want a 3 bedroom house, ideally with air-con and a pool and was wondering how much this might be.
    I have searched online for estate agents and general long term rentals, but have found nothing. Also, I read that maids rarely last long, is that the same for nannies too?
    Will be very grateful for any info.
    Thanks, Katie

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      Thanks for the enquiry. I have asked one of my friends who knows well about home rental business to try to find out for you. Unfortunately, he is from Yangon so I am not sure he will be able to find prices from Mandalay. But he will try his best.

    2. Most teachers in Mandalay are living out of hotels but a few are renting houses and apartments. If you rent a house you should have the school arrange this because technically you are not allowed to live in a house without an FRC (Foreign Resident Certificate)but I know of some people who have rented even though they didn’t have an FRC. As for a house with pool, I don’t think it is possible because there are only a handful of houses here with private swimming pools. you can try though, I might be wrong. I don’t know of any agents online. Most agents work by word of mouth so your husband should just have one of the school staff ask around and help him meet and agent.
      The school should really be the ones helping you and your husband arrange all of this. Ask them to help, most schools do all of this planning for their teachers.

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      Yangon is more expensive for house rent. One thing to bear in mind is, in Mandalay, most of the properties do not have a compound. They are usually built close to each other without front yard or backyard. You might feel a little suffocated living in a house without a compound if you do not get used to. In Yangon, it is fairly easy to find a nice house with a compound.

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      You can buy a motorcycles in Myanmar. Most are made in China or Thailand. I don’t think it easy to find kawasaki or Harley style one in Myanmar. I very rarely see one in Myanmar.

      1. hi…may i ask around how much it cost for the china or thai motorbike?…is it new or secondhand?…do we need license to own motorbike?…
        thank you

  88. Dear Sir,
    I would like to make Myanmar Passport with Tourist visa.Can you estimate how costs to get passport and how long?I can spend only 1 week to get it.Can I get within a few days?

    Thank you!

    1. Normally, it takes one month to get a passport. Easy to get. However, if you want to get within one week, you will need a special channel.

  89. Any advice on what kind of VISA I should be going for? It is my husband who has the job and will get the contract and work visa, but I am solely his wife with a baby. His post is for 2 years, so ideally it wont be for a while that I want to begin teaching again I imagine. Preferably most of my sons first year I will spend entirely with him. Any advice would be grately appreciated.

  90. Hi,
    We’re about to move to Yangon in a few week time, for husband’s work. I’d love to get some info regarding visa for children. Husband’s office is now dealing with our visas, but not the children. Here comes the complication. Our Children are leaving in one of The ASEAN countries, they still need to get their passport renew. That’s why we couldn’t submit all the details all at once.Will they have to apply for business visas as their parents? Or is there any other solution to this?
    Thanks so much for your help.

  91. Hi,
    I want to set up a small new stall selling foods in Yangoon, where is the best location to set up? I have never been to Yangoon before.
    How much to rent for a small stall? What is the minimum salary if I employ a staff there? Please let me know what are the procedures yr government need for foreign to set up a small stall. I need yr help…..

    Thanks and Regards,
    Tan H K

  92. To anyone… in Myanmar
    I’m Malaysian, already working in Myanmar for 4 years in manufacturing industry , can speak Myanmar frequently and would like to work and live in Myanmar. Any job I’m capable of will be ok ……

    Please reply to
    Thanks and Regards,
    Tan CS

  93. Hi all,

    I am a farang living and working in Thailand and married with a Thai woman(Teacher) with a baby 1 monht, i may get a good job offer from international school, my concern is if we plan to move Yangon , how will my wife get visa to live with me in Yangon. and for mid size-life expenses for my family structure, how much USD is necessary to live in Yangon.


  94. Hi…im indonesian working in cambodia right now
    I have a job opportunity in Yangon soon, but im just worried about the situation…is it save?..coz on the news that they killed the muslims (im also muslim)…
    and how about apartment/place to stay? it expensive?…i just need a decent (not to fancy) place to stay…1 room with bathroom inside..clean and safe….
    and how about public transportation? it 24 hours?…can i buy/own a motorbike?….
    and is it dangerous to go at night?…

    thank you (maybe i will ask more questions later on)

    1. Hello, it’s safe for a muslim to work at yangon. U can’t buy mortorbike in yangon as it’s banned. However, u can easily travel by taxi which might cost around $3 average for one trip.

  95. hi i am married to a burmese and working in oman an indian national i would like to apply for a long term visa or any visa through which i can stay in myanmar or can i buy a house there to get the visa please advise

  96. lay2sweety – singapore

    How come bamarlay gave wrong informations? Is it soooo cheap for schooling only Singapore 100 is enough for till 10th standard? Do u think Singapore $1 = Myanmar K100000? Very funny information. If u wanted to answer like this kind of question u better find out d truth. I really doubt that r u really bamar or not?

    1. Please read the question and answer carefully. The question is how much PER MONTH.100 Singapore dollar PER MONTH is enough to cover school expenses as well as basic food in a rural Myanmar village, at least at the time of the answer which was two years ago.

  97. Hi, Bamarlay.
    Do you have any idea which real websites would be the best ones to check for jobs in Myanmar? I’m an American, but don’t want to work for anything U.N.-related or similar. Also, could I get a business visa to OPEN a business, or would that only be for people with a job awaiting them in Myanmar?

  98. Hi there,

    I am a Singaporean and will be working in Yangon in less then a month’s time. Is it possible to get a studio flat near Traders Hotel and at the rate of 250-300 USD a month? There isn’t much information online.. (Maybe I am confused)Please help~!



  99. Hi Wally,

    I’m richard, you can email me:
    I’m a malaysian currently in Yangon and can share u my experience of living here.

    I was in Phnom Penh for 4 years. you can also email me personally. I can share u my experience here in Yangon 🙂

  100. Hi,

    I am currently in Yangon working in an NGO (it is my fourth day here), but have trouble finding a good place to stay.. Most places are either very expensive 3000-5000 USD /month or around 600-800 USD for something quite depressing (or at least far from western standards) and not in nice areas…

    Does anyone know of places in the price range from 1500-2500 USD /month?

    Also, does anyone know of a nice restaurant/bar/gym where one can meet other foreigners staying here? I do love the Burmese people, but I would say I am experiencing somewhat of a culture chock and would find it nice to talk to and meet other westerners..


    1. Hi Sofie, I’m a local studying abroad and now i’m here in yangon during holidays. I could recommend some good restaurants, bars and gyms if u wish but for finding an apartment, i can ask my friends if u wish. U could contact me at

  101. What innoculations are given as standard in Burma for children at 1 years old?
    My son will be about 6mths when we arrive and will have had his first set of jabs but will need more at age 1. Any advixe will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Routine immunization in Myanmar include BCG, DPT, Oral Polio vaccine, hepatitis B and Measles. Measles is given at 9 month but you can get MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) at a private hospital. Other vaccines I would recommend are Influenza, invasive pneumococcal and Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine (Hib janan or PRP vaccine), all of which you can get at private hospitals. Consult with his pediatrician before leaving for Myanmar for other recommendations.
      Dengue is a particular problem in this part of the world but there is no vaccine for dengue. There is no risk for malaria if you only stay in cities.

      1. Do you know if there is anything that he should have before we get to Burma?
        Obviously I will ask my nurse here but if there is something specific that you know of, that would be great.
        When it comes to baby milk and nappies, is it easy to find in Myanmar? I will be in Mandalay, but could stock up from shops in the capital if need be.
        Is there anything that i should be buying in bulk from the UK , like medicine for him?
        Once again, thank you for all the info.
        Katie x

        1. Baby nappies and milk are readily available from City Mart but might not be the one he is taking. Dumex and Nestle are the common brands here. No need to take any extra medicine unless he has specific medical condition. Japanese encephalitis vaccine might be a good idea although it is not common in the cities. Be very careful of mosquito bites and make sure you have mosquito nets installed on Windows and doors, and.always sleep in the mosquito nets. Dengue mosquito bite during daytime and indoor, so even when he sleeps during daytime, sleeps under the mosquito net. If posdible,.bring enough mosquito repellent lotion for babies.

  102. Hi,

    I am a maid agency in singapore.

    do you know of any maid agency in yangon or you have anyone who want to work in Singapore as a maid?


  103. hi bamarlay,at last i found this helpful site.i want to ask u some question i came from philippines and i have a bf from myanmar can we get married in philippines?or we can get married in myanmar now?please help me

    1. In Myanmar, no. In Philippine, you need to ask your Philippine marriage registry for specific answer. But you can get married easily in Singapore.

  104. hi again bamarlay,i ask the philipppine marriage registry that we need the certification of residence that he is a single,birth certificate and baptismal certificate.can my bf get that in myanmar.

    thanks a lot Bamarlay;

  105. Hello guys,
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  106. HI – I am being approached by an oil and gas company. I am 8 years experienced. Can you please tell me, how much would it cost me living in yangon, as a single.

    Any safety issues, nowadays?
    Can i transfer money from any yangon bank to international, anywhere?
    Or any legal mean?

    1. Currently you cannot transfer money legally in or out of Myanmar easily. However, some private banks are now planning to do this service in the near future. It might be possible within next year.

  107. HI
    I am from india (maharashtra state)I have been offered job in yangon where Bachelor expenses of 1 bedroom/kit./hall/bathroom + car with fuel is offered by company and apart from this salary offered is US$1500 TO 1800 ,is it worth to accept offer ?

    1. Hi Ravi, Yangon is a nice place. In case you are married, kindly negotiate with the company for family status. Even, I’ll be moving there next month. Contact me @ +919500035451

      1. Hi Sudhakar i will appreciate if you let me know that I am offered job in yangon with usd 1500 but no accomodation is provided do you think is it worth to accept this job? how much will it cost me to have moderate bachlor’s accomodation?



  108. Hello,

    I’m currently considering a long-term internship opportunity in Yangon. I’m extremely tempted but it is completely unpaid and I will need to finance everything myself. Do you think it’s possible to make money part-time or on weekends by teaching English or something similar?

  109. I am considering an opportunity to move to Yangon for work with an International Organization. I have 2 kids currently attending British curriculum high and middle school. Can anyone tell me what are the best schools for internationals in Yangon; we would prefer British over American school system.
    Also what are the best areas to live for internationals and the best way to rent a house. As well as what is the best and easier way to get a car in Yangon.

    Thank you very much.

  110. Hi I am considering a job offer in Yangon and this is a great forum. However, as I am reading, I realised that some of the posts & answers are from 2 years ago, so would appreciate some updated info on the following:

    1) Mobile phone usage. Is there 3G network in Yangon? Is it possible to get a mini-SIM card to use for an iPhone?

    2) I know that Internet speed were slow 2 years back. Has it improved? Is broadband available? How about wi-fi?

    3) The company would be providing housing allowance, but I’m not sure how much. Would you be able to advise on a range of rental prices for a serviced apartment that has all the amenities like 24-hr electricity, internet, housekeeping & utilities in a safe area that has a nearby shopping mall or supermarket?

    4) Are there are sports amenities like a club or something where one can go for exercise? Like tennis courts, swimming pool, gym? Or would a serviced apartment have such facilities?

    Appreciate your kind answers to the above queries.


    1. Hi
      1) No 3G yet. You can use GPRS/EDGE with your mobile phone, but the speed is painfully slow and cost is quite expensive. Loading time of 2-3 minutes to load a single page of Facebook is not unusual.
      2) Internet speed is faster now than in the past, but no where near that in neighbouring countries. You might be able to watch Youtube at low quality at some times of the day. You can get access to wifi at some of the cafes in Yangon.
      3) My friend will answer that for you
      4)There are swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms in Yangon, but the service level is not up to international standard. Usually, a service apartment have gym, some have swimming pool (but not all).

    2. Hi,
      Let me add some more to Myat’s comments.

      1) Mobile phone usage. Is there 3G network in Yangon? Is it possible to get a mini-SIM card to use for an iPhone?

      Now there is 3G network in Yangon area but it is slower than most countries.
      MPT(only service provider for the moment) is planning to issue mini SIM and micro SIM but not now.
      In any case you can cut regular SIM at mobile phone shops but you will have small risk and destroying the card.

      2) I know that Internet speed were slow 2 years back. Has it improved? Is broadband available? How about wi-fi?

      The speed is much improved from the past and now you have more choice to get internet like 3G phones, Wimax wireless, Fiber cable, ADSL.
      Free wifi is only available at some restaurants and shopping malls.

      3) The company would be providing housing allowance, but I’m not sure how much. Would you be able to advise on a range of rental prices for a serviced apartment that has all the amenities like 24-hr electricity, internet, housekeeping & utilities in a safe area that has a nearby shopping mall or supermarket?

      You will have to pay around 4,000usd/month for 3 bedroom service apartments with the facilities you mention.
      But you will spend less about 600usd/month for local condos (not international standard condos)

      4) Are there are sports amenities like a club or something where one can go for exercise? Like tennis courts, swimming pool, gym? Or would a serviced apartment have such facilities?

      Most service apartments have such facilities and you can be a member at health clubs offer from Hotels as well.


  111. Dear I am Looking for a ANgel Partner to start Up a recycle SHop in Myanmar . anything can be exported from japan to Myanmar
    I can get free in japan many goods and Furniture
    like washing machines
    various eletronics,
    irons etc…
    let us talk
    dont neeed large amount of money to put in just resonable one to start Up

  112. hey mate thanks for the post. I am looking into expanding my business in Thailand to Myanmar but I wonder if foreigners are allowed to buy a land there. here in Thailand I am restricted to acquring land ownership according to the Thailand land code. foeigners are only allowed to own a condominuim unit here.

    1. Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Myanmar. Condominium law is also still drafting so a foreigner cannot legally own a condominium also.

      1. I am Qui, and come from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am 24 years old and graduated Banking University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
        I want living in Burma along times but I don’t know Burmese. I have some information from your website, and I want to improve my English and learn Brumese in Rangoon i want to live in Rangoon about 2-3 year. i think i do everthing for living, and i want contact with Burmese-Vietnamese in Rangoon for help me this problem !
        You can send me some information about that problem, I am very grateful to you for your help.

        1. Dear Qui,

          Vietnamese population in Myanmar is getting increased recently.
          Vietnamese government and businesses are starting to invest in our country.
          Recently a state own bank and a property developer came into Myanmar.
          I suggest you to contact your Chamber of Commerce Association to look for opportunity.


    1. Dear max,

      You can use Skype, Viber and Gtalk over here.
      Internet cafes, WiMAX service are good enough but in case of fiber, better but more expensive.
      But there are times these services slow down or interrupt .


  113. Is it possible to get reasonable accommodation (12 month lease)in Yangon for around 700USD a month? Or is that really going to be impossible?

    If you know of any links to good sites to look at available accommodation that would also be appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Dear Sam,

      With 700 usd, you can get 3 bed room apartments so called condos in local standards.
      But you have to get over here to find for it.
      There is so far no websites but once you get here, there are agents you can contact.


  114. Hii, I am trying to understand expat demand for housing. What is the typical budget for singles, families and what kind of residential unit is required for each family type? For example who and what budget your companies allocate for housing. 1 bedroom for singles? Two and three bedroom? How far can one travel to work? Appreciate your feedback as I am studying the expat housing needs in yangon.

  115. Hello! I was being offered a position as Academic Assistant Head of a Private School in Myanmar….and I’m being offered a USD 1700 monthly salary. Accommodation is being provided to me by the School for free. I am single and a homebuddy. Do you think this would be fine?

    Thank you very much for any help.

  116. An income opportunity is now being offered to anyone interested in Yangon and to expand Myanmar-wide. It is a global-wide business deals on health food supplements. Just keep in touch with me if interested.

  117. sjmnorth – London, UK – Place branding and international communications specialist

    I’m considering a job in marketing and communication strategy with an international company and I’d like to know more about average expat salary ranges for Yangon in 2013.

    Is USD 4000 a reasonable monthly salary if accommodation is paid for by the employer?

    Thanks, this is a great website.

    1. Dear halfpatbxl,
      Well it is difficult to judge 4000 usd is reasonable or not.
      Since Myanmar has just opened up, expat job market is still at very initial stage.
      But at least you can compare with Cambodia and Laos, we will be a bit over that but can be lower than Vietnam.
      But what I can tell you is you can have a good life here with 4k.


  118. Dear Bamarlay and Mup,
    I’ve been offered a position as a Program Coordinator in a local ngo for 900-1000 USD a month. I’m a solo western woman, so I need to stay in a safe place. Do you think can I live decently with that amount of money?
    E.g.: they won’t offer me the housing, that I need to find on my own. Would it be possible to find a 1bedroom/kitchen/toilette appartment with forniture for no more than 300$ in the city center?

    1. Dear Sandruccia,
      You can find an apartment with 300 USD mixing with local people.
      But as for the furniture you need to negotiate with the owner as without furniture is usual practice.
      It can be city area or may be off center.
      But for sure it will be 5-6 floor (possibly without elevator)
      To have a safe place, you need to find a good environment rather than city center.
      Because of sudden changes in Myanmar, property and rent price is increasing rapidly.
      It would be better if you can negotiate with your employer to provide accommodation.


  119. Can anybody advise if it is possible – and how – for 2 foreigners (British/Swedish) to get married in Yangon? Just a simple civil/legal ceremony, not necessarily a religious ceremony. We visit Yangon often but are not resident in Myanmar. Thanks.

  120. Hi,
    I am an Indian and got an offer to work in Myanmar (Yangon). I wanted to move along with my family (Wife and son of 12 yrs). Can some body guide me on following queries ?
    1) How is the Banking facility there ? Does NET banking is available there ?
    2) Does Indian ATM (VISA or Master) cards works there ? Is there any ATM available there or not?
    3) What Schooling facilities (International) are there for Standard 8 kid ? How easy / Difficult it to get admission there ?
    4) Does Indian TV channels are accessible there ?
    5) How is the Healthcare Facility (Availability of Hospital as well as Quality Doctors) ? Does Indian Medical Insurance works there ? If not how about local medical Insurance ?
    6) How sound is Internet facilities ? Does personal data card (Broad band ) works there and is available ?
    7) What is the tax implications for foreigner ?
    8) What would be the rent of furnished 2 BHK apartment ?
    9) What are the family entertainment facilities available there ?
    10) Does it have Indian community as social group (like social club, get to gether, Temples etc)

    1. Hi

      Please see my answers to some of the questions.

      1) How is the Banking facility there ? Does NET banking is available there ?

      There are ATM at several public places for local banks. Many of them will accept Master and Visa cards (debit or credit card) from foreign banks. No internet banking available at present.

      2) Does Indian ATM (VISA or Master) cards works there ? Is there any ATM available there or not?

      See answer above.

      3) What Schooling facilities (International) are there for Standard 8 kid ? How easy / Difficult it to get admission there ?

      There is American International School, but entrance is very competitive. Diplomatic school is another international school and entry is not as competitive as the former one. Recently, there are a number of private international schools, but not sure about accreditation.

      4) Does Indian TV channels are accessible there ?
      You can install satellite TV at your home. The price is reasonable.

      5) How is the Healthcare Facility (Availability of Hospital as well as Quality Doctors) ? Does Indian Medical Insurance works there ? If not how about local medical Insurance ?
      You will have to ask your insurance company whether they will cover the oversea health care cost. No local health insurance available at present. There are a number of private hospitals with qualified doctors, but doctor patient ratio even at the private hospital is high and it may sometimes be difficult to get appointment with specialists.

      6) How sound is Internet facilities ? Does personal data card (Broad band ) works there and is available ?
      Internet speed is painfully slow, even for broadband.

      7) What is the tax implications for foreigner ?
      10% of your salary will be deducted for government tax. In addition, you may have to pay tax to your government.

      8) What would be the rent of furnished 2 BHK apartment ?
      Most apartments in Yangon are studio types. For 2 BD apartment, you will have to look for a condominium. Price varies with location and facility available. Rent are very high in Yangon at present. See this website to get an idea of rental fees:

      9) What are the family entertainment facilities available there ?
      Very limited. A few sub-standard cinemas. Small theme parks and gardens. You should better install a satellite TV.

      10) Does it have Indian community as social group (like social club, get to gether, Temples etc)
      Yangon has a large community of indians, although I do not know of any functioning social group like Indian club. You may want to find your social network at the Indian temples (there are a lot in Yangon).

  121. Im doing some research for a report on businesses entering Myanmar, and i am having difficulties finding out How Many Expats are Living in Myanmar (specifically Yangon). Could anyone help me with this data?
    thanks 🙂

  122. Hello, just been reading all the info here… very useful. Considering moving here, does anyone know anything about Pride International School? Also, is it easy ti have a social life, make friends etc… Nightlife any good?


  123. This website is so helpful for someone like me who will be moving to Myanmar soon.

    And I read in previous article that the service apartment is usually booked and so hard to find one. So I am thinking about getting a 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms house with a petite garden. And One thing I really want to know is whether I should bring all my furnitures (from home furnitures like beds, tables to home and kitchen electricity stuff..) with me nor not.

    How is the overall price and quality of furnitures in Yangon? Also how is the car market in there? Should I bring the one that I am using now?

    Thank you once again for your informtion.

  124. This is a great site. I just confirmed my subscription. My family will be soon moving to Yangon, and I don’t know whether I should bring all my furniture to the new place or not. If the furnitures are not so expensive there, I actually want to get rid of some of my stuffs (like my old sofa and heavy desks.) I would appriciate your reply. Thanks in advance.

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  126. Hi ,

    I am a Singaporean and interesting to know about starting a small business in Myanmar or take up a fanchise fast food chain Lotteria.

    Is it good to do investment in Yangon? I went there few times and I think there are lot of potential of new businesses.

    I am also looking for any job opportunity and I am major in telecommunications and training…

    Please advise.
    Thank you.


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  128. Hi,

    This site is very helpful indeed, however, replies I have read was over a year ago. There might be some changes in the cost of living in Myanmar now – things might become more expensive.
    Just want to ask, I have been offered a job in Wipro for only 1200 US dollars/ month by an agency. The agency will not provide me any accomodation so I have to shoulder it on my own from my salary. Is USD 1200 enough for me to be able to survive living in Myanmar nowadays? Any advise is appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi, cost of living and accommodation is very high in Myanmar right now, especially in Yangon. Accommodation alone will set you back at least USD 150-200 for a simple studio room in the suburb, and likely cost USD 300-400 in downtown location. USD 1,200 will be enough if you are single, but if you have a family, it would be quite difficult to live with that amount. If you are provided with accommodation, that would likely save you quite a lot.

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