Karen Bamboo Dance

The above is the Karen (Kayin) bamboo dance. It is quite similar to Chin bamboo dance. Dancers dance quick steps among the striking bamboos. This need high level of practice, skills and timing. One wrong move and your foot will be struck by the bamboo poles.

In Karen state and among Karen people, Karen bamboo dance is played whenever there is a ceremony: Christmas, Karen New Year, Church functions, Pagoda festivals. The Karen bamboo dance is also quite well known and popular among other races in Myanmar, while Chin dance is relatively unknown in Myanmar. (The first time I saw Chin bamboo dance was while I was in Hakha during Chin National Day in 2007.

Another well known Karen dance is Karen Done Yaine, a group dancing by Karen people. It is so well known that when I was in HIgh School, girls from our school form a Karen done yaine dance group to perform in school functions.

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