5 thoughts on “Another Chin traditional Bamboo dance”

  1. your information is great help, could you also kindly guide us more specific ( Add ) from where we can get exchange US$ to Myanmar in yangon?.

  2. Hi Bamarlay,

    Thank u all for running this site, it is easy for us, I wanna know if there is any chance that the US Dollar exchage rate will be up again and if, when it may be up in this year. wishing u all out there have good luck!

    1. Cuddle Me to Read

      Not so sure. Usually, if the import market is relaxed, US dollar rises. It all depends on the import policy of the new government.

  3. Hi Bamalay,

    Could you kindly tell me the reason why is your update on US Dallar exchange rate and the actual exchange rate in Rangon is always different? Is there anywhere in yangon from where we can get actual exchange rate as your update we read here. I’ll greatly appreciate!

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