Chin National Day 2007

Chin National Day 2007
Chin Elders at Chin National Day 2007

Chin National Day 2007 was held at U Wumthu Maung Stadium in Hakha, Chin State, on 20th of February, 2007. The origin of Chin National Day or Chin State Day dated back to 1948. On 20 February 1948, a people’s assembly was held in Falam, and decided unanimously to reject feudalism and in support of the Union. Since then, February 20 was marked as Chin Day, and ceremonies were held every year. This year’s ceremony was 59th.Starting from 19 February, show rooms and shops were open in U Wumthu Maung Stadium. Chin traditional wrestling competition was also held. At night, Chin fashion show and Chin traditional dances were held in the stadium.

On 20 February, winners were given awards, and groups from Hakha and Falam performed traditional dances. After that, “Khaung Kauk Pwe” was held. In ancient time, the sawbwa or local lord chose a girl as her minor wife. The wife to be was accompanied to the sawbwa with a ceremony. That ceremony was named “Khaung Kauk Pwe”. Nowadays, the descendants of former sawbwas do the ceremony just as an honor, to show their former glory.

First, the honored maiden was carried on a seat to the ceremony. The lady was allowed to get off near by, a carpet was laid (the lady was not allowed to touch the ground) and the lady stand on the carpet. At the chosen time, guns were fired to mark the start of the ceremony, and the lady was walked to the seat in a grand ceremony. Once seated, the seat was carried by the people who danced with the music. People formed a circle around the lady and danced with the music too. After a while, the ceremony was complete.

Chin girls in Chin traditional dress

Almost all the town, both old and young, came to the National Day ceremony. They wear colorful dresses made by beautiful Chin fabrics. Chin National flags were also proudly flied at every house.

At night, a pop band from Kalay performed at the stadium.

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