New Myanmar Visa on Arrival

Myanmar visa arrivalNew system of visa on arrival was started in both Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay. Start from 1st May, visitors to Myanmar can apply for the new arrival visa at Yangon (Rangoon) International Airport and Mandalay International Airport.

Myanmar has previously issued arrival visa in the past. However, these were not real arrival visa. Visitors had to apply through travel agents a few days in advanced before coming to Myanmar (Burma). The visitor needed to bring the approval letter together with read more

Update on Myanmar arrival visa

The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism has informed the travel and tour companies in Myanmar of the new regulations concerning Myanmar visa on arrival. Those tour and travel companies taking care of the Myanmar arrival visa were instructed to report to the Ministry of hotel and tourism as well as Ministry of immigration. The announcement, dated July 30, from the Ministry of hotel and tourism stated that tour companies must inform the two ministries at least six days in advanced before the arrival of read more

Travel to Burma by land

A number of people have shown interest in travelling to Myanmar (Burma) by land. Many people have asked questions in comments about travelling by land, mainly driving their own car, to Myanmar. I will sum up these questions and will try to give detailed answers here.

We want to travel to Burma (Myanmar) by road. Is it possible?

It is possible to travel to Myanmar (Burma) by road from India. The easiest way is to use Moray-Tamu border check point. However, you cannot travel more than Tamu. The furthest you can travel is up to the immigration check point outside read more

News: Myanmar visa on arrival

According to a news report from Xinhua News Agency, Myanmar (Burma) is planning to issue visa on arrival service to foreign visitors in order to promote the country’s tourism industry. Diamond Palace and Travel and Tour Co. Ltd has got permmission to apply online visa on arrival for its customers. According to the Foreign Office of Myanmar, it takes two to five days for the foreign visitors to get their visa to enter Myanmar currently. The introduction of the visa on arrival system will, read more