Visitor Survey

We at Myanmar Today are always striving to fulfil the requirements of our visitors. We are always trying to answer questions that our visitors are asking for or want to know. Our Myanmar Today team would like to do a short visitor survey to know more about our visitors. The survey result will be of great help in improving the quality of our website as well as to answer specific questions and information that our visitors are looking for. We hope our valued visitors would give us a few read more

Opinion on visiting Burma

We at Myanmar Today run a small poll a few months ago to our visitors asking about their idea of travelling or visiting to Myanmar (Burma). Under all those bad news coverage about Myanmar, and call for travel ban to Myanmar, we would like to know the idea of our visitors about this issue. Therefore, we run a small poll whether they have ever visited Myanmar in the past and whther they plan to visit Myanmar. The poll was conducted over two months period. A total of 132 visitors cast their vote. read more


Dear valued visitors,

We at Myanmar Today are always striving to provide information about Myanmar which you would like to know. We would like to know which places in Myanmar are your favorite places, or which places you would love to visit in Myanmar. The following is a short poll. If you would take a little bit of time to vote, we would really appreciate it. Voting on the poll would not leave this page.

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