Maymyo (Pyinoolwin)

Maymyo (Pyin Oo Lwin or Pyin U Lwin, also spelled Pyinoolwin)

An Introduction

Maymyo Purcell Tower
Maymyo Purcell Tower

Mandalay, the second capital of Myanmar, is in the hot region. The weather is usually dry and hot most time of the year. People from Mandalay usually take refuge in a nearby resort town which is quite famous among Myanmar people. The name is May Myo (or) Pyin Oo Lwin (also spelled Pyin U Lwin).

Maymyo  is originally a small Shan village. It was renamed Maymyo in 1887 by Colonel May, from 5th Bengal Infantry Regiment, who stationed here. From 1896, Maymyo (Pyinoolwin) became British read more

Mandalay – Indian Restaurants

Mandalay has a number of good Indian restaurants which sell delicious chapati, puri, dhals, roti, chicken curry, mutton curry, potato curry and various vegetable curries. Most of these Indian restaurants are clusttered around 27th Street, between 80th and 81st streets. Most Indian restaurants that sell delicious but cheap Indian food are either open air restaurants or opened in old buildings. But don’t judge the quality of the food by the appearance of the restaurant. They sell very nice read more

Restaurants in Mandalay – Burmese and Shan

Mandalay is well known for the variety and good quality of food in Myanmar. A number of good restaurants that sell nice dishes can be found in Mandalay at a cheaper price than in Yangon. Mandalay is especially well known for Burmese, Shan and Chinese food, as there are many Shan and Chinese people in Mandalay. The following is a list of well known restaurants in Mandalay that serve good food at a reasonable price.

Burmese Food

Aye Myit Tar Restaurant

This restaurant is in a lively and crowded place. It serves read more

Mandalay Royal Palace

Watch Tower - Mandalay Royal PalaceThe heart of Mandalay is the King Mindon’s Royal Palace. Situated just to the south of the Mandalay Hill, it is a magnificent palace complex inside the magnificent walled fortress city. The Royal Palace was the first structure to build in King Mindon’s new royal city. It is open for visitors at a fee.


In reality, the Royal Palace was not build by King Mindon. These were actually an old palace buildings dismantled, carried and reassembled from their original place at Amarapura, read more

Mandalay entertainment – Mandalay Marionette (Puppet) Theatre

Mandalay Marionette (Puppet) Theatre

One of the best well known Myanmar traditional theatre performances in Myanmar is the Mandalay Marionette Theatre (also known as Mandalay Puppet Theatre). First founded by two ladies in 1986, the troupe started their performance by performing for the tourists coming to Myanmar. The two founders were Ma Ma Naing, daughter of U Thein Naing, the writer of Burmese Puppet Theatre (1966) and Naing Ye Mar. The troupe is supervised by Dr. Tin Maugn Kyi, a researcher on Myanmar puppet, U Pan Aye and read more

Mandalay Entertainment – Moustache Brothers

If you want to have a glimpse of traditional Myanmar anyient (dance and comedy show), the best place to see is in Mandalay. The Moustache Brothers Troupe (Mustache Brothers) is a group of banned anyient comedians, once famous among the people of Myanmar but now banned from performing in front of general public for their political activities. They perform their show every evening at 8:30 PM at their home in Mandalay. Because of restrictions imposed on the troupe, the performence read more

Mandalay Swan Hotel – best midrange hotel in Mandalay

For those international travelers looking for a nice mid level accommodation in Mandalay, Mandalay Swan Hotel is the hotel for you. Located just close to the Mandalay Royal Palace Fort and the moat, the hotel is in a place where it is easy to travel in Mandalay. Especially in the evening, you can take a leisurely stroll along the moat just in front of the hotel. I always had a cup of sugar cane drink from a road side stall in front of the hotel on the side of the moat, with cool read more

Mandalay travel guide – Zaycho Market

Zaycho  Market (also spelled Zay Cho, Zeigyo, Zaygyo, Zegyo Market) is the largest and the most important market in Mandalay as well as in upper Burma. Built since the time of King Mindon, Zaycho market is one of the oldest markets in Myanmar. Zaycho in Burmese means “cheap price”. Whether the prices are really cheap or not is difficult to answer. However, this is the market that goods and products from all over Myanmar as well as goods from India, China and Thailand are sold in lots. Zaycho read more

Mandalay Travel Guide – pagodas and monasteries in the town

Shweinbin Monastery

This beautiful monastery is located in the south west corner of Mandalay City, on 89th street between 38th and 39th streets. Called simply by the locals as “Teak Monastery”, it was built in 1895 by a Chinese jade merchant U Set Shwin. It has very fine 19th century wood carvings and wood arts depicting the life of Gautama Buddha. These are carved in beautiful detailed carvings. The whole building is on a classical teak foundation with long read more

Mandalay Travel Guide – Shwenandaw Monastery

Just to the east of the Atumashi Kyaung near the base of Mandalay Hill is Shwenandaw Kyaung (Golden Palace Monastery). It is a wooden structure made of teak. This building was originally part of the royal palace complex of King Mindon. Originally, the whole palace complex was from Amarapura (near Mandalay) which was the former capital city of Upper Burma. This whole palace complex was dismantled and carried to the royal palace compound in Mandalay, to reassemble in its current place.

King Mindon, read more