Mandalay Travel Guide – People, culture and religion

Mandalay is the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural city. Located in the heart of Myanmar, Mandalay is the home to a large number of different ethnic people of Myanmar. Although traditionally home to Burmese, Mandalay saw recent mass migration of non Burmese ethnic people from all over Myanmar, especially from upper Burma and Shan plateau. Now a days, Shan, Chinese, Kokant, Wa and Kachins make up the richest people of Mandalay, replacing the original Burmese inhabitants from the city center to the new towns at the outskirt of Mandalay.

With the mass migration of Chinese people in recent years, Mandalay sees the rise of Chinese culture. Some part of the city is already turned into small china towns, with predominantly Chinese architecture. However, majority of Mandalay remains essentially Burmese.

Girl from Mandalay

Mandalay used to be the cultural center of Myanmar. Even though it is still true, cultural values of Mandalay is declining slowly and steadily in recent years. Still, Mandalay remains the city with the richest Burmese culture, arts, artisans and architecture, as well as the most important center of Buddhist teaching and learning in Myanmar.

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