Kanpetlet, Chin State (Part-2)

Kanpetlet Hospital

The town is very poor. There is not much business to do. People are also generally poorer than other towns of Chin Hills. Population is also very small compared to other towns. However, this is a very good place to observe the Chin traditional way of life. Kanpetlet is still unspoiled by the modern world. People are still living in the same way hundreds of years ago, even in nearby villages which are not difficult to go. This is also a very nice place to do trekking. Moreover, there is one major tourist attraction in near Kanpetlet. This is Mount Victoria and the Wild Life Reserved.

Situated in the area of Kanpetlet Township, Mount Victoria is the highest mountain in Chin Hills. With the height of over 10,000 feet, it is also among the highest in this part of Myanmar. In addition to being the highest mountain in Chin Hills, it is also where hundreds of species of flowers, plants insects and animals live.

There are two resorts or guest houses near Kanpetlet, just a few miles away from the town. One is the Mountain Oasis Resort. The other is Pine Tree Resort. Both of them are nice little resorts but price is quite expensive. They charge around 20 US dollar per person, irrespective of whether you live alone or sharing the room with another person. (I don’t know why they don’t charge per room. I asked the owners but they cannot give a satisfactory explanation). The places where the resorts are built are higher than the town, and thus colder, especially during the winter when it is extremely cold down to freezing point. Unfortunately, none of them provide hot water. Breakfast is included with the room fee, but if you want lunch or dinner, you have to order in advanced, so that the chefs could find necessary ingredients in time. The restaurant at Mountain Oasis is better in my opinion.

To come to Kanpetlet, you need a special permission. The area is restricted to foreigners and permission to come here can be arranged through tour companies. It might take weeks or even months to get the permission, so you will need to arrange with the tour agent months in advanced before you come to Myanmar.

The road to Kanpetlet is very rough compared to the road to Mindat. In many places, the road is muddy and if not, it is dusty. Only after Saw the road becomes better, but this is only 12 miles. The road trip starts from Chauk, on the bank of Irrawaddy River, and from Chauk, it is an 80 miles trip. However, it may take half the day, or even more depending on the condition of the road. The trip is very tiring. However, once you reach Kanpetlet, all your tiredness fly away as you are greeted by the most beautiful town in the whole Chin State.

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  1. Nice to see your imformation and i appreciate it. Who live in Mindat, Kanpelet, Matupi and Paletwa township people we call oursalve Cho people. We need more development help from International and develop countries. We are very behind from the world.

    Thang Ning Kee

  2. Thang Ning Kee – do you speak Tiddim? We are awaiting the arrival of a refugee mom and her 11 year old daughter who speak only Tiddim. They will be living with us in our Vancouver home and we need help with translation.
    Any chance??

    1. Hello Susan:

      so sorry aboaut that, i found your message only today it is too late for you. I donot speak Tiddim but i understand and i can comunicate a little. Our Chin people have alot of different dialect. Tiddim is Nothern Chin and i myself from Southern Chin. Thanks alot for your helping Chin refuggee. God please you.

      T. Ning Kee

  3. I’m proud to have a person like u who love his native land & people; congratulation for the good works that you had undergone with sweats and toil for the development of your community. I’m grateful to you for your ability that made access the world to see and know the condition and situation of the place, people at large. You are the sailor of your own community the safty reach of your ship’s destiny depend on you today….
    All the best.

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