News from local media about Yangon Bomb Blast

A number of local news journals have published the accounts of the bomb blast in Yangon during Thingyan New Year Water Festival. Excerpts from Eleven News local media are translated here for our visitors.

“My father is a hundred-household chief (local administrative council member). On that day, he was working as a security at the Myanmar Medical Association Pandal around Kandawgyi Lake. He went there since 7 AM, came back home at 12 for lunch and went back again at 2 PM. Around 3, I heard two loud explosions. A few seconds later, I heard another explosion. One of our friends told us that my father was hit in the bomb explosion. He fell down when the bomb exploded. He was still breathing at that time, but was not conscious anymore. His niece brought him to the nearby Worker’s Hospital immediately, but was dead by the time he arrived there. “

Recount from daughter of bomb victim U Khin Maung Lay

“My mother was sleeping in the morning. My niece wanted to go so at around 2 PM, my mother, my sister and my niece went out there. They were standing and watching at the end of 125th street opposite the Pandal. When the explosion occurred, my mother fell down over my niece. They brought her to the nearby Worker’s Hospital, and then were sent to Yangon General Hospital. My mother died instantly at the explosion. My sister was hit in the foot. My niece got fracture pelvic and also in the abdomen. She was operated at the Yangon Children’s Hospital and had to cut part of her intestine.”

Recount from daughter of bomb victim Daw Ni Ni Thein

Most death victims middle and old age

“Most bomb blast victims during Yangon Thingyan New Year Bomb blast were middle and old age people, according to official media. According to official figure, there were 8 dead and 170 injured. As of April 16, 39 male and 16 were discharged from the hospital and 86 male and 29 female still remained in the hospital. The oldest bomb death victim was 67 year old and youngest was 24 year old.”

Immediately after Yangon Bomb Blast

Photo: Nyi Lynn Seck reproduced with permission

Editor’s Note

X2O and other pandals near bomb blast site resumed water festival celebration the day after the bomb attack that killed eight and injured 170. However, there were very few people on the streets as many are afraid to go out. Many parents also do not allow their children to go out and play. Some bloggers and face book members expressed their anger and frustration at the people who still enjoyed water festival even after the sad event.

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