Myanmar Thingyan 2010

Celebrating Myanmar Thingyan
Celebrating Myanmar Thingyan

People all over Myanmar (Burma) will be celebrating New Year Thingyan water festival next week. The traditional Myanmar Thingyan water festival is a similar event to a much well known Thai Songkran. However, it is more widely and fiercely participated by all class of Myanmar (Burmese) society all over the country. This year’s 2010 Myanmar New Year Thingyan water festival will take place from 14 April to 16 April all over the country. Myanmar (Burmese) people all over the world will also participate Thingyan water festival within Myanmar communities.

Officially, Myanmar Thingyan will starts from 14 April, but many people, especially younger people and children will start throwing water at each other since 13 April, which is Pre-Thingyan Day.

Every year, Thingyan water festival is the biggest event of the year in Myanmar. Tens of thousands of people from all classes in Myanmar (Burma) come out onto the street and joyfully participate in the festival. However, due to various reasons, this year’s Thingyan water festival is expected to be not as much crowded as previous years.

If you want to know more about Myanmar Thingyan New Year Water Festival, here is an article in Myanmar Today about Myanmar Thingyan Water Festival.

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