Chin National Day 2009

Chin National Day 2009 will be held on 20th of February 2009 at U Wummathumaung Stadium in Hakha. As in previous years, there will be Chin traditional dances of various Chin ethnic races living in Chin Hills State, Chin traditional costume show, Chin traditional wrestling and other Chin traditional ceremonies. Visitors should prepare their trip in advanced and book the room at the only guest house in Hakha, the Zwe Guest House in advanced as rooms are very limited. Unfortunately, foreign tourists are not allowed in this part of Chin Hills, except from UN other NGOs. Local visitors can travel to Hakha and observe the Chin National Day ceremony, and the way of life of Chin people.

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    1. The origin of Chin National Day or Chin State Day dated back to 1948. On 20 February 1948, a people’s assembly was held in Falam, and decided unanimously to reject feudalism and in support of the Union. Since then, February 20 was marked as Chin Day, and ceremonies were held every year.
      However, I don’t know which year they started Chin National Day ceremony.

  1. Dear Sirs,
    I would like to request all the elderly ones who personally know and could write on the genesis of the Chin National Day, and what was the political context that created the genesis of it. It will be very helpful for the younger generation for any purpose. Most of the information I could find from this site are only the ceremonies. That is good, but will be more informative if accompanied with the detail of its geneses.
    Thank you.

    1. As far as i know, Chin National Day is to marked the day that Chin people approved Pinglong Agreement in Kalay. I might be wrong though so please correct me if anybody knows the origin of Chin National Day.

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