19 July, Martyr’s Day

Arzarni Day

Today is the 62nd years after General Aung San and the cabinet ministers were assassinated. On the morning of 19 July 1947, a group of gun men stormed into the cabinet meeting room at the Secretariat Office in Rangoon. Together with General Aung San, six other cabinet members were assassinated. Killed together with them were the secretary of the cabinet and his body guard.

In honour of the Burma’s martyrs, Myanmar Today has presented a video from youtube with the famous song about General Aung San.

3 thoughts on “19 July, Martyr’s Day”

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  2. Dear brothers and sisters who love the Dharma
    Let me tell you the history about SANNAK SAMBODHI, TAMAN DESA JAYA, KEPONG, KUALA LUMPUR. Last time we were members of the temple but now we are very far apart because now the committee members are very proud of the activities or duties of the temple.
    On the other hand, the current president of the temple is YIP KUM FOOK and son YIP JIUN HANN. His son always said to the devotees: THIS TEMPLE IS MY FATHER’S TEMPLE. Or is it my father’s property…we are silent because We know this temple very well where it came from…
    Now the members of the temple committees are their only group. Others cannot join as members and use Myanmar monks only for service and blessing. Only Myanmar monks are very smart (All monks from Myanmar have the rank of DR or PH. D), but the disciples(devotees) here are very confused because the disciples here have never heard of that name(titles).
    If we understand the teachings of Buddhism that creates BAD KARMA. will receive what has been done

    by the previous committee
    Samnak Sambodhi, Desa Jaya, Kepong, KL

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