A Visit to a Pagoda – Dos and Don’ts

Worshippers at Shwedagon

When visiting Myanmar, visiting a pagoda will be an integral part of your visit as there are hundreds of ancient pagodas in Myanmar, including Shwedagon, and the best way to observe Myanmar arts. Here are a few tips for you.

  • Always wear proper clothes that are not revealing. Avoid wearing shorts, miniskirts, and sleeveless shirts/T-shirts. The clothes should cover your body properly.
  • Always remove both your Shoes & Socks, not only your shoes. You should walk on the pagoda with your bare foot. And take them off as soon as you enter the compound of the pagoda, usually before the first step of the stair.
  • When you sit, avoid pointing your feet towards the pagoda, or any Buddha’s statue.
  • Avoid talking loudly on the pagoda.
  • Don’t touch any Buddha’s statue, except when offering gold foil to the statue.
  • Avoid pointing your finger towards any Buddha’s statue. It is considered rude.
  • Always try to walk behind, not in front of, anybody sitting on the floor praying at the Lord Buddha.
  • Don’t litter and don’t make the floor dirty. This is a sacred ground.

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  1. can a person covering their head eg. a muslim lady wearing scarf, does she need to remove her scarf to enter the pagoda ground or building in any parts of myanmar ?

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