Hotels and Guest Houses in Bagan Nyaung U – Cheap Budget Accommodation

Although Bagan is the major tourist place in Myanmar, and most visited place in Myanmar by foreign and local tourists, cheap hotels and guest house are still plentiful in Bagan. All of them serve both local and foreign tourists. Below are a few in Nyaung U that are usually recommended by visitors. Please be mindful that most of them have standard or limited facility and might not serve breakfast. During peak tourist season, they may be readily full, so book in advance.

May Khalar Guest House

My favorite! I stay here read more

High end luxury hotels and resorts in Inle

Hotels and resorts in Inle Lake tend to be high-end and expensive. Most of them are in the range of US$ 30 – 60 while a few are as expensive as US$ 150 or more. All hotels are built on stilts like floating villages over Inle Lake. They are in the quiet isolated places and quite far away from Nyaungshwe, thus best suited to the travelers who like a tranquil life far away from busy town life. All the hotels have their own web pages and can be booked online. Reservation is recommended especially read more

Inle Nyaungshwe mid-range hotels

Inle – Nyaungshwe region has a few midrange hotels which offer more comfort than budget hotels with much better facility. All these hotels have private bathrooms with hot-shower, satellite TV, air-con and fridge. The following are the midrange hotels in Inle – Nyaungshwe region.

Nanda Wunn Hotel

Nandawunn Hotel Inle Nyaungshwe
Nandawunn Hotel Inle Nyaungshwe

This hotel situated in a large quiet compound a few blocks east of the Nyaungshwe Market is only a few bucks more expensive than other budget hotels but the larger, superior bungalows with high ceiling, individual read more

Where to stay in Inle – Budget hotels & guesthouses

Cheap and budget as well as mid range hotels and guesthouses can be found in Nyaungshwe, the entrance town to Inle. Hotels and resorts on Inle Lake tend to be high end and quite expensive.


Most budget and midrange guesthouses and hotels in Nyaungshwe are family owned and operated. Most of them offer friendly home like warmth to the customers. Most guest houses and hotels will offer off-season discount, but you might be able to negotiate room rate even at peak tourist season. They also act as travel read more

Maymyo budget hotels and guest houses

Budget hotels and Inns

April Inn

A little outside the downtown Maymyo, April inn is located in a quiet and tranquil place. It has six bungalows, each with private bathroom, TV, twin beds and a porch for breakfast. Beware of insects and mosquitoes. Price is US$ 8 per person, US$ 16 for double room. Address is 51F, Eindaw Street, Maymyo, phone 085-21918.

Dahlia Motel

This friendly hotel run by an outgoing Muslim is located a little off downtown. This is a popular low budget motel in a peaceful residential neighborhood. All rooms have TV and read more

Maymyo Pyinoolwin Hotels

Private hotels and Guesthouses

For those who want to avoid government run hotels for any reason, Maymyo (Pyinoolwin) has a number of nice hotels. A number of new private owned hotels open after 1988. Some of these are listed below.

Midrange Hotels

Kandawgyi Lodge

Kandawgyi Lodge Hotel Maymyo (Pyinoolwin)
Kandawgyi Lodge Hotel Maymyo (Pyinoolwin)

read more

This one was open in 2002 as a Singapore joint venture hotel. It was a converted 1921 English Warden’s lodge near Kandawgyi lake, with new bungalows in the garden outside. All rooms are facing the Kandawgyi Lake. There is no TV or phone in the rooms – this is a read more

Maymyo – Where to stay

Maymyo accommodation

Maymyo (Pyinoolwin) has a number of cheap budget hotels as well as mid range to high end hotels. Usually, all hotels inside the town are budget hotels while those higher end hotels are usually found in the residential areas around the ring road. Some of the hotels in Maymyo, especially government run hotels have long standing history running back to British colonial time. Hotel staffs are usually very friendly and helpful; typical of hotels in Myanmar. They can usually speak English and will provide read more