Miss Rosy Myanmar dance – 500 kyat per song

This is not Bollywood studio. This is not live show of Madonna. This is the downtown Yangon, in the street of Pansoedan. One lady was dancing with a lively tune. Around her were a number of onlookers, some smiling, some laughing, a few gazing at her with curiosity. However, she seemed to ignore all of them and keep on dancing with her tune.

Sweats were flowing down like rain water on her face, over a thick layer of make up. However, she her hands and feet were moving non-stop. She was wearing old, read more

A sad tale from Chin Hills

Chin family
Chin family

Chin Hills State is probably the poorest region in Myanmar. It is also the most difficult region to live and survive. Almost all places in Chin State are mountains and hills, with no flat land; all the towns and villages are built on the mountains where it is very cold or in valleys where malaria is a serious problem. Land for cultivation is so few that the state cannot produce enough rice or food for its entire population. There is not enough jobs for the people, and thousands of Chin youths read more

Shwedagon donation box rumour

The following is the translation from the blog by Ma Ma written in Burmese. The original article can be found at On Shwedagon.

“…… I was quite inquisitive about everything. One day while I was going to Shwedagon as usual, I happened to know about the donation boxes in Shwedagon Pagoda. I was at Chanthargyi Shrine when I saw a young short thin guy  carrying the locked donation boxes every night at around 9 PM. He carried all the donation boxes on Shwedagon, not a single night, read more