Drought causes water shortage in Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is hit by a drought this year, which is the most severe in several decades. Temperature has been higher this year than previous years in Myanmar (Burma) and rain fall is late, causing severe shortage of water in many parts of Myanmar. In April, temperature has risen as high as 40 degree Celsius, according to government meteorological department. In some parts of Myanmar, temperature is as high as 43 degree Celsius. As a result, many streams and water reservoirs were dried up all read more

News: Start of Taung Pyone spirit festival

Taung Pyone natTens of thousands are gathering in Taung Pyone (Taung Byone) near Mandalay to celebrate the annual nat pwe (festival for spirits). The week-long festival starts this week with as many as 100,000 believers gathering to celebrate in the grand festival for the nats (spirits).

There are a number of nat pwes (spirit festivals) in Myanmar. Of these, Taung Pyone is the largest and the most important festival of all. This festival is to commemorate the fable of the two nat brothers Min Gyi and Min read more

Mandalay – Myitkyina Train Trip – 4

On the way at one station near Shwebo, one man climbed up through the window beside my friend. My friend pushed him back, telling not to climb. He kept on climbing, pushing my friend back. Once he was inside the carriage, he scolded at my friend yelling he could be arrested for breaking the law. I looked at him and found he was wearing the uniform of the State Railway Department. I was very angry by then. I yelled him back, telling how he could talk about laws and rules when he himself read more

Mandalay – Myitkyina Train Trip – 3

Inside a train from Myanmar

For you Grandpa, you always traveled by plane, or by luxury cars, so you would not know about these. That is why I was thinking of you all the time. You have never experienced such kind of things, so you would not know what we, your grandchildren, had to experience. You have a very fortunate life. Grandpa is so rich that you don’t need to experience these things. Even if you ever had to encounter such a condition, other people would make sure you never see these things. I think, if you were read more

Mandalay – Myitkyina Train Trip – 2

The ticket that the station manager said “Gone” is still available from the black market! Isn’t it surprising? However, you had to pay two times the actual price. I was really angry. Well, what could I do? Too bad for us, as we, grandchildren of Grandpa, got only ordinary class tickets. I used to travel this train trip in the past, and I knew how bad the ordinary class was. However, what could we do? If there were any cancellation of ticket from one of the VIPs, we might be able to get one read more

Mandalay – Myitkyina Train Trip

Translated from Burmese. Original article posted on Nyi Lynn Seck’s Blog.

Wish Grandpa to take a train trip


This month, I traveled for more than 5,000 miles total. When I was young, I used to be very happy whenever I traveled long trips like this. However, more recently, whenever I traveled, it makes me very tired. The last trip was from Myitkyina. (Translator’s note: Myitkyina is the capital of Kachin State, which is situated in the north of Myanmar). read more

Miss Rosy Myanmar dance – 500 kyat per song

This is not Bollywood studio. This is not live show of Madonna. This is the downtown Yangon, in the street of Pansoedan. One lady was dancing with a lively tune. Around her were a number of onlookers, some smiling, some laughing, a few gazing at her with curiosity. However, she seemed to ignore all of them and keep on dancing with her tune.

Sweats were flowing down like rain water on her face, over a thick layer of make up. However, she her hands and feet were moving non-stop. She was wearing old, read more

A sad tale from Chin Hills

Chin family
Chin family

Chin Hills State is probably the poorest region in Myanmar. It is also the most difficult region to live and survive. Almost all places in Chin State are mountains and hills, with no flat land; all the towns and villages are built on the mountains where it is very cold or in valleys where malaria is a serious problem. Land for cultivation is so few that the state cannot produce enough rice or food for its entire population. There is not enough jobs for the people, and thousands of Chin youths read more

Internet Cafe in Myanmar

Like all other nations in South East Asia, people in Myanmar are also enjoying the internet access to the world. Internet has become part of the daily life of some of the Burmese living in the large cities. However, the speed of the internet in Myanmar is usually quite slow, individual access is also quite expensive and mostly available to major cities. Apart from Yangon and Mandalay, most other cities in Myanmar have to rely on ipStar satellite link for internet access. Broadband is only available read more

Myanmar Tuk Tuk

Myanmar Tuk Tuk

Everybody knows the famous tuk-tuk from Thailand. You must have seen that TV ads from VISA with James Bond riding a tuk-tuk in the streets of Bangkok. Tuk-tuk is synonymous with Thailand. However, does anybody know that Myanmar also has tuk-tuk running the streets of towns and cities in Myanmar? Just introduced a few years ago, it has become a popular and cheap form of public transport in Myanmar. Myanmar tuk-tuk is different from Thai tuk-tuk. In Thai tuk-tuk, the passengers sit facing the front read more