Get a mobile SIM card in Myanmar

Although call rates within country are quite cheap, data rate are quite expensive. 1 GB of data will usually cost you around 5 US dollars, and the speed is still quite slow, even if you are using 3G or 4G network. At evening times when a lot of people are using social media, speed can be painfully slow and unreliable. All incoming calls and SMS area free of charge.

Internet Cafe in Myanmar

Like all other nations in South East Asia, people in Myanmar are also enjoying the internet access to the world. Internet has become part of the daily life of some of the Burmese living in the large cities. However, the speed of the internet in Myanmar is usually quite slow, individual access is also quite expensive and mostly available to major cities. Apart from Yangon and Mandalay, most other cities in Myanmar have to rely on ipStar satellite link for internet access. Broadband is only available read more

Internet cafe in Hakha

The first time I traveled to Hakha was in 2004, December. It was cold, dark and wet. The city was constantly under blackout, and there was no internet connection. The next time I went there was in May 2005. The blackout was worse now, with no electricity for the whole city at all for the whole day. Internet was still unheard of for most people.

I traveled back to Hakha again in 2007. This time, things were changed. There was now one internet cafe opened in Hakha. The internet cafe was at Shine Store

Telecommunication in Myanmar

Ever traveled to Myanmar (Burma)? Ever traveled outside of major tourist destinations in Myanmar? Ever tried to call home from Myanmar? Ever got the feeling of total cut off from the rest of the world? Ever experience frustration for not being able to call home and know what is happening at home? Welcome to Myanmar.

Telecommunication in Myanmar is probably the lowest in South East Asia. Auto telephone exchange are available only in some towns. Many towns in Myanmar still don’t have auto telephone read more

Myanmar to introduce 40,000 GSM phones in Yangon

The following is the report from the Xinhua News Agency published in China People’s Daily.

“The Myanmar Telecommunication authorities will add 40,000 more new Global System for Mobile (GSM) phone lines in the city of Yangon to facilitate users as part of its bid to enhance the development of the telecommunication sectors, a local weekly reported Monday.

With the existing 81,000 GSM lines in operation, the number of them will be brought to over 120,000 after read more

New Prepaid GSM phone cards from Myanmar

This post is no longer relevant. For updated information about GSM SIM cards in Myanmar, please refer to our article Get GSM SIM card in Myanmar.

I have already written about the easy availability of prepaid GSM phone cards in Myanmar in recent weeks. The prepaid phone cards were not available in Myanmar until a few weeks ago, although they are easily and cheaply available in other South East Asian countries. GSM subscriber lines in Myanmar are quite expensive and difficult to get one. Officially read more

PCO – Public Phones in Myanmar

Myanmar public phone

This is what a PCO looks like in Myanmar. PCO stands for Public Call Outlet, a public telephone. Unlike those from other countries, there are no public phones using coins or card. Instead, at a PCO, there are one or two ordinary fixed land line telephones with an attendance to mark time and charge the user. Although not as convenient and as private as true public telephone booths, it is a popular and widely used public communication read more

Prepaid mobile phone SIM cards available in City Mart Supermarkets in Yangon

Newly introduced prepaid mobile phone SIM cards from Myanmar Telecoms and Telegraph are now available to general public in City Mart Supermarkets in Yangon, according to The Voice Weekly News Journal from Myanmar. According to The Voice, the phone cards are sold at the original price of US$ 20. Customers have to show their ID card, and there is a limit of three SIM cards per ID card per purchase. Since 1st January, the mobile phone read more