Shwedagon donation box rumour

The following is the translation from the blog by Ma Ma written in Burmese. The original article can be found at On Shwedagon.

“…… I was quite inquisitive about everything. One day while I was going to Shwedagon as usual, I happened to know about the donation boxes in Shwedagon Pagoda. I was at Chanthargyi Shrine when I saw a young short thin guy  carrying the locked donation boxes every night at around 9 PM. He carried all the donation boxes on Shwedagon, not a single night, read more

An interesting travel story from Myanmar

Yesterday, I stumble upon a travel blog named Oh, Matero. It is a personal blog of a person with many travel blog interies. Recently, he traveled to Myanmar, and stayed there during New Year’s Day. He wrote quite interesting account of his visit to Myanmar. He came to Myanmar from Thailand on 12 December, 2008 and arrived at the Yangon International Airport, he noticed this country is

“very low-key and quite pleasant. I don’t see crowds of people rushing read more