Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock) Travel Story – 1

26 October 2007, 10:15 PM

When we bought the ticket, they said the bus will leave at 9:30 PM. However, when they actually left, it was already 10:15 PM. The whole trip was uneventful – just watching video and listening to music.

27 October 2007
4:00 AM

We arrived at the base camp of Kyaikhtiyo, the Kinmon Base Camp. Our bus stopped at one restaurant so I took a nap on a wooden bench in front of the restaurant.

6:00 AM

I was woken from my sleep by the sounds of people and cars. Other people were ready read more

Chin National Day 2007

Chin National Day 2007
Chin Elders at Chin National Day 2007

Chin National Day 2007 was held at U Wumthu Maung Stadium in Hakha, Chin State, on 20th of February, 2007. The origin of Chin National Day or Chin State Day dated back to 1948. On 20 February 1948, a people’s assembly was held in Falam, and decided unanimously to reject feudalism and in support of the Union. Since then, February 20 was marked as Chin Day, and ceremonies were held every year. This year’s ceremony was 59th.Starting from 19 February, show rooms and shops were open in U Wumthu read more

A visit to Inle, Shan State

The following is the English translation of a traveler’s story to Inle. Original article was written in Burmese and can be read at To Inle Again.

This time when I went back to Taunggyi (the capital of Shan State), I visited Inle Lake. I didn’t have enough time this time so I could only visited Inle. Otherwise, I would have visited Pintaya and Kattu. Inle is my favorite: never feel bored how many times I visited. The most crowded time in Inle is during the Thadingyut festival (the candle read more

Kalay Falam Hakha Road

Construction workers on the way to Falam

Buses leave Kalay to Hakha everyday from Tarhan Bus Terminal. There are two bus lines, Chin Taung Tan and Shwe Chindit. One bus each leaves from each line everyday except Sunday. The buses leave the terminal at 5.00 AM in the morning.

I took Chin Taung Tan bus on early morning. The bus left the station at 5.15 AM but because it picked up passengers from the town, it was already 6:00 when the bus left Kalay. As soon as the bus left Kalay, the road suddenly went up and started to climb up the mountain. About 15 minutes after leaving Kalay, we stopped at on place on the road on the slope of a mountain, and prayed Lord for protection of the passengers. They prayed in Chin Language. It is customary, whenever somebody leaves for a trip, those left at home pray for the safety of the one. This is a very beautiful custom of Chin people.
Bridge on Manipur River
The road is quite wide and good, with good hard ground. At 8:00 AM we reached Thai Ngin village, 32 miles away from Kalay, where the road to Tiddim started. At 8:40 we reached Var Lone village, 42 miles away from Kalay. We had our lunch at Cherry Restaurant. It was still too early for me to have lunch so I didn’t have anything there. 50 miles away from Kalay is where road to Reed Village started. Reed is a village on the Indian border, where the famous heart shaped lake was. At Lone Taw village, 53 miles away from Kalay, I saw many stair case firms, alot of them and very beautiful. Economy here seemed to be good for a mountainous village. At Lone Ban village, about 59 miles from Kalay, I saw many more beautiful and fertile firms. There is also a station hospital and a high school. Lone Ban is quite a large village.
Memorial Stones from Chin Hills
After Lone Ban, the road started to went down again, and at 70 miles, we reached Bar Bridge, which crossed Manipur River. After crossing Manipur River, the road winded up again at reached Falam at 12:15 PM. Falam is about 80 miles from Kalay. Falam is quite a large town built on the slope of a mountain. Being the former capital of Chin State, it still maintain its past glory, with many two and three storied brick buildings, and a large Baptist church. Girls in Falam are famous for their beauty, claimed to be the most beautiful in all Chin State. Road near Falam was quite worn out. From Falam to Hakha, about half of the road on the side of Falam was quite good, but the other half on Hakha side was severely damaged. We reached Hakha at 4:30 PM. This article was originally posted at Kalay – Falam – Hakha Road | Bamarlay’s Diary.

To all the visitors who would travel by train to Bagan (Pagan)

The following is the translation from the Myanmar Popular Journal – a leading weekly journal from Myanmar (Burma). The original article is written in Burmese, in journal vol. 13/No. 1. It has some interesting facts about train travel in Myanmar which would be of interest to some of my visitors.

To all the visitors who would travel by train to Bagan (Pagan)

It has been quite a long time since I visited Bagan the last time. While I was visiting Mandalay this time, I think I should visit Bagan. read more

An interesting travel story from Myanmar

Yesterday, I stumble upon a travel blog named Oh, Matero. It is a personal blog of a person with many travel blog interies. Recently, he traveled to Myanmar, and stayed there during New Year’s Day. He wrote quite interesting account of his visit to Myanmar. He came to Myanmar from Thailand on 12 December, 2008 and arrived at the Yangon International Airport, he noticed this country is

“very low-key and quite pleasant. I don’t see crowds of people rushing read more