Mandalay Map

The following is a map of Mandalay. It was originally produced by Myanmar Travel Information website, and reproduced here for the sole purpose of promoting tourism in Myanmar.

Mandalay Map
Mandalay Map

The large Mandalay map can be downloaded at Myanmar Travel Information website.


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We at Myanmar Today are always striving to provide information about Myanmar which you would like to know. We would like to know which places in Myanmar are your favorite places, or which places you would love to visit in Myanmar. The following is a short poll. If you would take a little bit of time to vote, we would really appreciate it. Voting on the poll would not leave this page.

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Myanmar2day team would like to know about your idea on Myanmar. We will be running visitor polls about Myanmar and Myanmar2day website so that we could improve our site design, content and scope. The first question we would like to ask our valued visitors is whether you are interested in coming to Myanmar. We have already been running this poll for a while at our site bar, but we have decided that it is more visible for our visitors if we put the poll on the front page. Please provide us with read more

Yangon (Rangoon) International Airport

I still remember the first time I brought my girlfriend to Burma. As soon as she saw the Rangoon International Airport, she suddenly exclaimed “Oh, it is a temple in the airport”. It makes the Burmese passengers sitting in front of our seat into uncontrollable laughter.

Well, she was partly right. The Yangoon International Airport is a strange airport building. Its design and structure is the result of repeated, poorly planned renovations and constructions, mixed with poor maintenance. read more

Road Transport in Myanmar (Burma) – Highway


Like most other countries in the world, road transportation is the most important communication in Myanmar. Most towns and cities are accessible only by land route. Only a few towns and cities are connected by railway lines. Even if they are connected by rail link, the condition of train services in Myanmar make it too difficult for most ordinary people to use railway as the major means of travel in Myanmar. Some towns are also reachable by rivers but river travel is very slow compared to read more

Living in Yangon (Rangoon) as an expatriate

Karaweik, Yangon

Jeff B left a guest book entry in our guest book asking about living in Yangon (Rangoon) as a foreigner. We believe this is a question many foreigners coming and living to work in Yangon want to know. The following is a brief advice for living in Yangon as an expatriate.


This will usually be provided by your organization so there is no need to worry. However, if you need to hire a serviced apartment, there are only a few options. It is better to ask your organization to arrange the accommodation, read more

Myanmar currency – kyat and pya

Myanmar currency is based on kyat and pya. The basic unit is kyat, with one kyat divided into 100 pyas.

There are a number of different Myanmar currency notes and coins circulating in Myanmar. Myanmar kyat currency notes currently in used are one kyat, five kyat, ten kyat, 20 kyat, 50 kyat, 100 kyat, 200 kyat, 500 kyat and 1,000 kyat notes. For coins, officially there are one pya, five pya, ten pya, 25 pya (one mat), 50 pya (ngar mu), one kyat, five kyat, ten kyat, 50 kyat and 100 kyat coins. Although read more