News: Myanmar visa on arrival

According to a news report from Xinhua News Agency, Myanmar (Burma) is planning to issue visa on arrival service to foreign visitors in order to promote the country’s tourism industry. Diamond Palace and Travel and Tour Co. Ltd has got permmission to apply online visa on arrival for its customers. According to the Foreign Office of Myanmar, it takes two to five days for the foreign visitors to get their visa to enter Myanmar currently. The introduction of the visa on arrival system will, read more

Mandalay Travel Guide – Location & climate

Mandalay is in the dry zone of Myanmar. Most of the time of the year, weather in Mandalay is hot, dry and dusty. The only exception is during cold seasons where the weather can be very cold at night time. Fortunately for tourists, the tourist season falls during the winter months of the city. Visitors to Mandalay during this time should bring some warm clothes as nights can be very cold. Other essential things for tourists are good quality sun glasses, a large hat and plenty of sun screens.

Road Transport in Myanmar (Burma) – Highway


Like most other countries in the world, road transportation is the most important communication in Myanmar. Most towns and cities are accessible only by land route. Only a few towns and cities are connected by railway lines. Even if they are connected by rail link, the condition of train services in Myanmar make it too difficult for most ordinary people to use railway as the major means of travel in Myanmar. Some towns are also reachable by rivers but river travel is very slow compared to read more

Myanmar currency – kyat and pya

Myanmar currency is based on kyat and pya. The basic unit is kyat, with one kyat divided into 100 pyas.

There are a number of different Myanmar currency notes and coins circulating in Myanmar. Myanmar kyat currency notes currently in used are one kyat, five kyat, ten kyat, 20 kyat, 50 kyat, 100 kyat, 200 kyat, 500 kyat and 1,000 kyat notes. For coins, officially there are one pya, five pya, ten pya, 25 pya (one mat), 50 pya (ngar mu), one kyat, five kyat, ten kyat, 50 kyat and 100 kyat coins. Although read more

Internet cafe in Hakha

The first time I traveled to Hakha was in 2004, December. It was cold, dark and wet. The city was constantly under blackout, and there was no internet connection. The next time I went there was in May 2005. The blackout was worse now, with no electricity for the whole city at all for the whole day. Internet was still unheard of for most people.

I traveled back to Hakha again in 2007. This time, things were changed. There was now one internet cafe opened in Hakha. The internet cafe was at Shine Store

Myanmar Currency Exchange Rate

As of 1 April 2012, Central Bank of Myanmar has officially float the kyat in the market. Currently, there is not much difference between the official rate and black market. Official rate now reflects the actual market rate.

Be very careful of using unofficial money exchanges. There are several incidents where customers are cheated by these unofficial money exchangers. If possible, use only official licensed money exchanges. You can find them at the airport, read more