New Myanmar Visa on Arrival

Myanmar visa arrivalNew system of visa on arrival was started in both Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay. Start from 1st May, visitors to Myanmar can apply for the new arrival visa at Yangon (Rangoon) International Airport and Mandalay International Airport.

Myanmar has previously issued arrival visa in the past. However, these were not real arrival visa. Visitors had to apply through travel agents a few days in advanced before coming to Myanmar (Burma). The visitor needed to bring the approval letter together with read more

Muslim (Islamic) Halal food in Myanmar

One of our visitors to our site asked whether it is easy to find a Muslim Halal food stall or restaurant in Myanmar. Although Myanmar is not a Muslim majority country, it is a multi cultural, multi religious country. Thus it is fairly easy, especially in large cities and towns, to find a Muslim Halal restaurant or food stall that caters not only the Muslim population, but also caters for the local non-Muslim population. Actually, contrary to outsiders’ believe, Muslim food is quite popular read more

Supermarkets in Yangon

City Mart Supermarket YangonIf you are coming from neighboring countries of Myanmar, like Thailand, you would be really disappointed with the available supermarkets in Yangon (Rangoon). There are very few supermarkets in Yangon, compared to other Asian capitals. Moreover, most of these supermarkets in Myanmar quite small, and the available items are also very much limited.

The largest supermarket chain in Yangon and in Myanmar is the City Mart Supermarkets. It has more than ten centers in Yangon, read more

To Shan State

Travel to the east of Mandalay and you will reach Shan State. Shan State is a very large state in Myanmar, the largest actually. It is quite a hilly state with many beautiful places to visit. Great River Thanlwin (Salween) is flowing in the east part of Shan State, dividing it into east and west part.

Not all areas of Shan State are currently open for tourism. The following is a list of tourist destinations in Shan State.

  • Nothern Shan State – Nothern Shan State is not a popular tourist destination in Myanmar, except for May Myo (Pyinoolwin, Pyin Oo Lwin or Pyin U Lwin) which actually is in Mandalay Division. However, Maymyo is an entrance to Northern Shan State region. From Myamyo, you can reach towns in Nothern Shan State such as Kyaukme, Hsipaw, Namhsan and Lashio.
  • Southern Shan State – a number of popular tourist destinations are in Southern Shan State. Most notable of all is the Inle Lake where Inthas (inhabitants of Inle Lake) row boats with their feet. Near by tourist attractions and destinations include Nyaungshwe and Taunggyi. Other popular destinations such as Kalaw, Aungban and Pindaya are also not far away.
Inle Lake Sunset
Inle Lake Sunset
Source: Photo taken by Ralf-André Lettau
  • Eastern Shan State – a relatively unknown destination in Shan State. Kengtun (Kyaingtong) is the capital of this region. Another place to visit is Tachileik on the border with Thailand, opposite the Thai border town of Mae Sai.

There are other towns in Shan State where foreign tourists can travel freely read more

Travel to Burma by land

A number of people have shown interest in travelling to Myanmar (Burma) by land. Many people have asked questions in comments about travelling by land, mainly driving their own car, to Myanmar. I will sum up these questions and will try to give detailed answers here.

We want to travel to Burma (Myanmar) by road. Is it possible?

It is possible to travel to Myanmar (Burma) by road from India. The easiest way is to use Moray-Tamu border check point. However, you cannot travel more than Tamu. The furthest you can travel is up to the immigration check point outside read more

Myanmar lottery

There are a number of lotteries in Myanmar (Burma), both legal and illegal ones. The legal lottery in Myanmar is the famous, nearly century old Aung-bar-lay Government lottery. The Aung-bar-lay lottery is open once every month. Tickets are priced at 100 kyats each. The grand prize is thirty million kyats while there are a number of first prizes, each awarding five million kyat. Apart from the first prizes, there are a number of second prizes, third prizes and smaller prizes. Total amount paid read more